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#VLOGFIT Challenge Update

Welcome to my #VLOGFIT Challenge Update which, I have to admit is long long due! Oh I hear someone (little sparkly bird called Clare Elise) saying an unconvinced ‘huh huh’!!).

Alright alright, I know I have not really focussed as much as I should have and for that, I owe all of my #VLOGFIT sisters out there a huge apology!!

Considering I started this whole thing at the beginning of February, 3 months later, where am I at?! Well, I did loose a couple of kilos and I’ve not put them back on but I’ve not persevered and lost any more either…

I do go out for a run or 2 each week and I do try to not go overboard with the eating but really, I have not made much of an effort.

Anyways, no point in dwelling on what I haven’t done. I now need to just get back on track and move forwards with the plan!

SO, as of this weekend, it is #VLOGFIT Challenge – the Return! And I mean it, I really do!!

Oh and I will commit to posting an update weekly. I won’t promise a video just because I don’t always have the time, but a blog post FOR SURE!


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#VideoCrush: The #VLOGFIT Challenge – week 3 update

Hey you lot!

How was your weekends? I had a great time attending a 2-day photography workshop! I hope that you will notice an improvement in the quality of my pics as a result… I do have to purchase a new SLR so bare with me…

Now, I have got to apologise for the lack of video posting in the past 2 weeks. My laptop died on me and I was unable to film & edit with the temporary one I was using… I now how another one on loan which does have Windows Movie Maker, hence this video today!

I also have to admit that I have not been very good these last 2 weeks on the #VLOGFIT Challenge front BUT I am now back on track and ready to roll! Check out the below video:

Besides, Mr M has given me a bit of an incentive…. If I look 10kgs, I’ll get some shopping money! Whoo-hooo!

Will update you again next weekend :)

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#VideoCrush: The #VLOGFIT Challenge – week 1 update

Hey there you guys!

You can now check out my update on the #VLOGFIT Challenge in my new video:

Since the Champions League was on, I got ‘relegated’ to filming in my bedroom so forgive the lighting & framing!

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