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Modern Glam Noir Rouge

#LingerieCrush: Passionata ‘Play with Me’ Fall/Winter 14 Collection Top Picks

Ouh la la! Have you guys checked out Passionata’s A/W14 Collection?! Well let me tell you it is one hot hot hot one!

French lingerie brand Passionata is definitely raising that heat up with a sexy yet sophisticated range of lingerie & loungewear sets.

I went through their look-book and had the urge to share my top picks with you guys!

This one below is called ‘Crush on You‘ (love the name!!). Super feminine. Love the lacey details…. Total crush indeed!

Passionata_CrushOnYou_Peche Melba_Half Cup Bra_AED210_Tanga_AED110


This one is the ‘Fairy Night‘….  Again, that colour?! On a tanned skin?! Do I need to say more?

Passionata_FairyNight FushiaFlamme_Bra_AED 220_Thong_AED 125_BTQ

And easier, day to day set is the ‘Love Mood‘. I never worn anything so… blue but this one just converted me!

Passionata_LoveMood Blue Bird_Bra_AED 220_Brief_AED 110

And for those very special occasions, the sexiest of them all, the ‘Miss Coquette‘. Mega hot.

Passionata_MissCoquette_Noir_Bra_AED 250_Thong_AED 115Passionata is available in department stores across the Middle East and in Passionata Boutiques in Dubai Mall, Dubai and Ezdan Mall, Qatar. Visit www.passionata.com or https://www.facebook.com/PassionataMiddleEast for more information.

Check out them out on Instagram too!

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Little White Jacket

#FashionCrush: The ‘Little White Jacket’

Definitely a classic, essential items fashionistas MUST have in their wardrobe, the Little White Jacket or LWJ, will take you from the office to lunch with the girls and onto a romantic night out with a date!

Versatile, easy to dress up or down, the LWJ works on EVERYONE! No matter you size, shape, style or skin tone. No matter the season, trends, weather etc… etc… you just have to find one that works for you!

I actually managed to do just that in the form of this lovely little number from Promod! I got it in France this Summer but spotted it again in their MoE store when I got back. I just loved the ‘Chanel’ – like shape and the cut is perfect for me!

I wear it ALL the time! With jeans for a smart/casual look:

Promod jacket, Koton T-shirt, Promod jeans, See by Chloe clutch & New Look ballerinas

Promod jacket, Koton T-shirt, Promod jeans, See by Chloe clutch & New Look ballerinas


With a pencil skirt and a nice necklace for a more sophisticated affair or over a cute dress for a chic evening out outfit:

Promod jacket, New Look top, Marks & Spencer pencil skirt, Splash Fashion clutch & Guess shoes

Promod jacket, New Look top, Marks & Spencer pencil skirt, Splash Fashion clutch & Guess shoes

Did I talk to you about the LBJ? And LPJ?! Right, I better get writing then!!

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#MakeUpCrush: The Spring/Summer 14 Trends by Kathryn

It had been a while since my lovely (& talented) make-up artist friend Kathryn Pardoe had shared any of her industry’s insights! I am therefore super duper excited that she agreed to giving us all the low-down on next season’s Make Up Trends!

Read on to find out more about what you make-up look you (and I) will be rocking this Summer!


Last season the make-up trends were dark and haunting; celebrating imperfections. This season, you still wear your face but the focus is on perfected skin. Pigmentation is completely wiped from the canvas with the help of CC Creams and we’re looking at really beautiful, glowing skin and gorgeous, feminine looks.

The key to this season’s trend is to moisturise and hydrate, letting your natural radiance take centre stage. Nutrition, exercise and a good skincare routine is essential to great skin and there are no short-cuts!

Here’s a look at the trends for SS14 as presented at the MAC biannual Trend Talk:

Trend 1: “Day Glow”

etro-2037-ss14-pw_high         chloe-2059-ss14-pw_high

Feminine, healthy and sporty; this trend embraces the way natural skin is affected by the elements. Whether coming in from rain or shine, wear the elements on your skin with a dewy finish. Blushes replace bronzers this SS14, and highlighters will be your greatest asset.

Mix moisturiser with lightweight foundation to sheer it out and create a dewy finish, mimicking the way light falls on healthy young skin.  Build up layers in light veils of coverage – less is more: this trend is totally natural.


 Trend 2: “CC-Thru Colour”


Inspired by Instagram filters, this is all about hazy blending and warm peaches and oranges, or cooler lilacs and lavenders. This is a sensitive look, embracing femininity with a soft retro twist. The concept behind this trend is using colours that look soft against your skin tone.

With the upcoming launch of MAC Cosmetic’s CC Creams, this trend is set to take off. CC Creams neutralise pigmentation in the skin by harnessing the science of colour theory. It is a technique used by makeup artists; using the colour wheel, you essentially counteract the colour you are trying to hide by covering it with its total opposite. MAC’s CC Creams will therefore give you more power over your makeup than ever.

 Trend 3: “Light FX”


By playing with highlights, this trend brings a stunning glow to the complexion. Look at where the sun hits your face and highlight that area; all the lights will then follow your highlight wherever you are, creating an alluring dimension to the face and bringing attention to the most beautiful parts of your bone structure.

White is a winner this season; white eyeshadow is back in and if you’re feeling adventurous, try pulling shapes with a white liquid eyeliner. (Tip: a drop of Inglot’s DuraLine can be mixed with any colour eyeshadow to create customised liquid eyeliner.)

 Trend 4: “The New Eye-Deal”




Broken down into three sub-trends, this is all about the eyes. The point that encompasses all of these sub-trends, however, is the flick: it no longer curves. The new liner flick is dead straight.

50’s reboot: dark, thick black flicks are pulled dramatically outward. Always straight, these dark flicks are then garnished with glitter.

60’s lash: coat your lashes well because we want to see them all. MAC’s 33 and 40 false lashes will provide the perfect look. Push lip colours into the lips to bring out their texture. The liner flick is smaller and straight – don’t curve it!

90’s slept-in eye: the messy smoky eye is back, but in anything but black. We start to use plums, maroons, forest greens and emerald blues to make that dirty, sexy eye more modern.

Well there you have it, next season’s hottest make-up trends, served!

Check Kathryn Pardoes‘ website at www.kathrynpardoe.com. She’s amazingly talented and so so lovely so if you need your make-up done for an event, wedding, party or else, she’s the girl to go to!

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*Images were supplied by MAC


#FashionCrush: Poupee Couture has the ‘IT’ Factor’!

Dubai based handbag brand Poupée Couture first received its ‘IT’ status when Vogue magazine recently named the bag as one of its “top 100 bags in the world”!

The brand has upped its ‘IT’ factor yet further after being featured on the hit television show, The Carrie Diaries! Check out these on-set pics:

Poupee Couture Pics


Designer Roula Ghalayini has been creating exciting handbags which have become a huge hit with fashion folks, and this latest celebration of her work is set to propel her further into the fashion stratosphere. Her designs are ubber cool and unique!

Here are some of the one I absolutely LOVE!!

Already receiving calls for the bags featured on the show, the brand has had to start a waitlist for the covetable arm candy!

Get on the list NOW at info@poupeecouture.com and www.poupeecouture.com.

Don’t forget to give their Facebook page a like to keep up to date with Poupee Couture news etc… I know I’ll be getting a couple of these very soon!!

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#Make-UpCrush: a Bling Bling Summer by Sephora

It looks like everything Sephora touches turns into gold this Summer!! Their newest accessories & make-up items are insanely BLING!

Hence the name: Bling Bling!

Even beauty tools go gold with 2 cult ones  now available in gold versions.

Treat yourself to this eyelash curler, the must-have lash accessory available in a gold collector’s version.

Eyelash curler

 You know what? I’ve actually never used an eyelash curler… I know I know… I will get one over the weekend!

The universal atomizer allows us to tote our favorite scents with us wherever we go. Now we can enjoy this all-gold version, a real gem that will make us feel fabulously golden!

Universal Atomizer

Really need to get a few of these babies to take my favorite fragrances on holidays with me :)!


Inspired by the sexy, electric atmosphere of Las Vegas, Sephora is revealing an ultimately feminine, glamorous and bright look this season. It is playful, innovative and showcases gold in all its forms.

I reckon they’ll look super glam during my holidays in the South France!


Introducing four new metallic finish eyeshadows for fiercely captivating eyes. Their easy-to-apply texture blends flawlessly into eyelids and leaves behind a gorgeous film of long-lasting color. Apply it dry for a sparkling look or wet for a totally “bling-bling” look!


This small jar contains a 2-in-1 ultra-pigmented, long-wearing waterproof mousse texture that can be used as both eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner.
We love its gliding texture that blends easily and flawlessly onto eyelids and offers endlessly buildable results.


The very first Sephora bronzer that adapts to the skin’s pH to create a natural-looking, custom sunkissed glow is here. Its action comes from mineral pigments that react with the skin’s pH. With this new summer hit, we can say bye-bye to the fake bake look and hello to a perfect tan!

Color Adapt bronzer_Open



New Precious Gold Luminizer contains gold light-reflecting shimmer particles to create an ultra-trendy glowing effect and enhance tanned skin like never before.Its gel texture is easy to apply and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and light-feeling. Apply it to the neckline or the tops of cheekbones to enhance the complexion with gold shimmer particles.

Precious Gold Luminizer


These three new lip stains do much more than just tint and line the lips: in one step they create an exquisite, natural-looking pout. A must-have purse item for an instant dose of seduction.
We are simply mad about its stain formula that enhances the natural color of lips for hours and leaves lips subtly tinted with a light, bare lip sensation.



Looking to release the rock ‘n’ roll chick within? Sephora is now offering an amazing temporary tattoo marker that delivers long-lasting results for both face and body. With skull, anchor and star designs, this summer will be dangerously hot. Washes off with waterproof makeup remover.

So there you have it! Get your BLING on this Summer!

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