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#TreatmentCrush: Guinot Hydrating Facial at Glow Spa & Salon

Another month, another treatment! This time I tried out the Guinot Hydradermie Hydration Treatment at Glow Spa & Salon in Jumeirah (Opposite Sunset Mall).

Being French I am of course familiar with Guinot‘s skincare products but gotta admit I had never tried their actual treatments so was glad to a. renew with the brand and b. try out one of their facial.

I can tell you, I was not disappointed!

_36A2014First of all, the spa. WOW! I loved the decor, loved the atmosphere and the team was super duper lovely & welcoming. It’s the little thing I know!!

My therapist, Ellen, took me on a tour of the facilities. They really have it all covered from the hair stations, nail room & treatment cabins, this is truly a one-stop shop for all your beauty requirements! You could actually spend a whole in there easy!!

The facial treatment itself was your usual (but super efficient) formula: double cleanse/exfoliation/extraction/cleanse/mask/conditioning.

But what I felt was different it the extraction… now I know this isn’t the most glamorous part of the treatment however I’m afraid to say it is the most efficient! And my therapist was amazing, removed all of those nasty little black-heard and my skin has now been super clear ever since!

The Guinot products are pretty amazing too. Smelled and felt great AND my skin didn’t turn all red for hours. Bonus!

For more info on the actual treatment and products used click here.

Make sure you visit Glow Salon & Spa, I promise you a super warm and relaxed environment and of course, all of your beauty needs cared for under one single roof!!


Spa Zen

#TreatmentCrush: Slimming and Firming Massage at SpaZen

Another week, another treatment review! That’s how I’m rolling lately ya know!

The team at Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai invited me to visit their Spa and try one of their massages. I had attended the launch event a couple of months ago and was super impressed with the facilities and the types of treatments on offer so of course I said yes!

Spa Zen (2)

I chose the Slimming & Firming 1hr Massage. Super appropriate ahead of the dreaded bikini season!

When I got to the spa, I was warmly welcomed by the team, offered a loverly copy of tea whilst filling up the usual consolation form and then led into a beautiful & tranquil treatment room with the lovely Pearl, my therapist for the day.

I loved the fact that each treatment room is equipped with an adjacent changing room. Nice little bonus!

Spa Zen (4)

Pearl used a blend of coffee oil to deeply massage into the body and thus kick all those fat cells’ butt a little! The whole thing felt super relaxing, a bit like a sports massage after a long work out. At one point I even drifted off a little I was so getting into a zone!

Now other than smelling delicious, coffee oil has detoxifying, draining & re-energising properties. My skin was left smooth & soft. Pearl advised me to not shower until the morning to allow for the nourishing ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin….

It certainly was an enjoyable experience. I did feel my muscles relax, and those wobbly bits being worked hard but I guess to see any real difference i.e: actual inch loss, you’d have to complete a course of 8 to 10 sessions.

I would still recommend this massage just because you’ll feel so much lighter afterwards and that coffee oil is just gorge!

Spa Zen - Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai

Price for the treatment: 1hr – AED425 or 1hr30 – AED550

To book, call +971 (0) 4 308 0531 ext 5531

Let me know if you try it out!

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De la mer_Picture 2_Fotor_Collage

#HairTreatmentCrush: Sebastian Cellophane Treatment at De La Mer Spa

So last week I was invited to try out the new Sebastian Cellophane Treatment at one of my favourite beauty spot in Dubai, De La Mer Spa.

‘Cello-what?’ I hear you ask! Let me break it down for you right now!  Your hair can be put under a lot of pressure at times what with regular colouring and blow-drying, heat & sun exposure and well, this results is your locks looking a little worse for wear.

The Sebastian Cellophane Treatment is basically THE treatment which will put life back into your tresses, give your colour a boost and adding shine & glossiness to them!

Now, see this one as a semi-permanent colour treatment. There are different shades although it washes off in a couple of weeks, so the first step is to find one that’s the closest to your current colour OR, you can choose to opt for the ‘clear’ one which is great and fits everyone!

The lovely hairdresser, Gulya (PS: She is just AMAZING!!), chose to actually mix 2 shades to get as close to my current hair colour as poss. The mixture is then applied similarly to any other colour treatment.

Off your head goes under the heater for 20 mins et voila! Hair is rinsed and blow-dried to reveal a shiny, silky-smooth, colour-boosted texture!

What a great treatment! Check out the photo above where I tried to capture how shiny they were in the sun… are you sold?! Well if you are, below are some more info on prices and how to book:

Short Hair: 200dhs
Medium Hair: 250 dhs
Long Hair: 300 dhs

Duration: 45 minutes / 1 hour

For more information contact: 04 328 2775 or info@delamerspa.com

Let me know if you try it and if you do, please say Hi to the fabulous Gulya for me :)!

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dermalogica logo

#TreatmentCrush: Dermalogica Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment

I don’t know how often you guys get a facial but I hadn’t had a proper one in absolutely ages!!

When the opportunity to check out the Dermalogica store in the Dubai Mall presented itself, I jumped on the occasion to treat myself (and my skin) to some much needed pampering!

Baring in mind I am a HUGE fan of their products and have been using them for year I was super excited to try out their treatments.

As you walk into the store, you are first asked to fill in a profile form where you describe your skin type, products you currently use, concerns you may have etc… this in turn helps the therapist tailor the treatment to your skins requirements!

Mine was a lovely lady called Gosia! She took me to one of the very relaxing and comfy treatment rooms where she proceeded to remove my make-up and examine my skin a little further. She explained my skin looked a little de-hydrated on the forehead and a little ‘congested’ on the cheeks & T-zone. Now she did also mentioned my skin looked ‘very well groomed’ which is re-assuring since I spend an insane amount of time AND money on magic potions!!

She therefore opted for the 60 minutes Deep Cleansing Facial!


The treatment was UNBELIEVABLEGosia, was just amazingly gentle and described each steps and products used during the treatment and believe me, there was quite a few, as you can see below:

– Soothing additive

– Soothing eye make-up remover

– Pre-cleanse

– Special Cleansing gel + Dermal clay cleanser

– Daily microfolients – exfolient accelerator 35

– Scalling fluid

– Post extraction solution

– Ultracalming complex

– Oil free massage oil + soothing additive

– Oatmeal mask

– Ultracalming mist

– Medibac complex + Ultracalming complex

– Active Moist + barrier repair + pure light SPF30

As I looked at my skin after the treatment, I was very surprised to see it was all plumped up, re-energized and just so glowy!!

Gosia, then proceeded to put together my personal ‘face mapping® skin analysis’ which is a Dermalogica exclusive technique where the skin is divided in 14 different zones and products are recommended for your very personal needs.

This is what mine looks like!



I did pick up a few good tips and Gosia very kindly gifted a few samples so that I could try some of her recommended products at home and I must say, I will definitively be back to purchase their Pre-Cleanse Oil and Barrier Repair protective moisturiser! 

This treatment costs AED475 (a little pricey I know BUT it is so well worth it!!). To book, simply call +971 4 339 8250.

The Dermalogica store at the Dubai Mall is on Level 1.

A HUGE thank you to the Dermalogica team & Asha at Healthcare LLC !! I can’t wait to come by & visit again soon!

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