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Sally Hansen Manicure Kit

#beautytipscrush: Salon-perfect manicure… at home, by Sally Hansen

Exclusively for y’all Glam Crushers, I share Sally Hansen‘s best tips,  to achieve a perfect at-home salon manicure, following these three steps:

  1. Shape your nails neatly with our fine-grade beauty tools.
  2. Treat your nails to an expert solution from Sally Hansen.
  3. Choose from an extensive range of trend-setting shades to make your color statement


Nails should be shaped once a week to support healthy and nice-looking nail growth. Sally Hansen offers the finest in beauty tools to help you achieve salon-quality results safely.

  • Trim nails:
  1. Soak fingertips in warm water to soften nails before trimming. This will achieve the exact nail shape you are looking for.
  2. For thin or weak nails, use the nail scissors with a curve that follows the natural nail contour.
  3. For thick or strong nails, prefer the nail clip catcher with one-cut technology.
  •  Groom Cuticles:

Grooming cuticles neatly makes manicure look more perfect!

My golden rule for healthy cuticles: only remove what is torn, cracked and loose. Never groom what is attached and intact.

  • Smooth Nails:
  1. Buffing nails before applying polish helps provide a smoother nail finish and helps resist chipping!
  2. Use your buffer from the cuticle to the free edge, which is the direction of nail growth. This way, you respect the nature of the nail.
  • Seven Steps Buffer:
  1. Shaping mails prevents them from peeling and gives them a well-finished look!
  2. Sawing back and forth with a rough file can fray nails, making them more prone to shredding. Instead, file in one direction with a gentle, side-to-corner sweeping motion.


Nourishing Cuticle Treatments:

Obtaining healthy, non-overgrown cuticles is all about nutrition! Moisturizing your cuticles daily will soften dry skin around the nail plate and increase nail flexibility. In addition, pampering and massaging softly will help improve circulation and stimulate healthy new nail growth.

  •  For Healthy Cuticles

Pamper them with a variety of care choices

  • For Dry & Rough Cuticles

Nourish them with a rich emollient massage oil

  • For Overgrown Cuticles

Gently remove them with a cuticle remover

Strengthening & Growth Treatments:

The nail plate actually contains up to 25% water! Since it is a very porous surface, water passes through it easier than through skin.  Using a strengthening & growth treatment is the best way to properly moisturize your nails and keep them from becoming dry, weak or short.

  • For Soft, Weak Nails that Chip and Bend easily

Strengthen them with a nail-hardening protective coat.

  • For Short Nails that just won’t grow

Condition them with a nutritional coat to promote healthy nail growth.

  • For Peeling, Dry, Brittle Nails that split and break easily

Moisturize and strengthen them with a sealing coat to instantly stop peeling and fill in cracks. (Will send you relevant products details shortly)

Beautifying base & top coats:

Base & top coats are nail colors best friend! Use a base coat as an anchor to fasten nail color and extend wear. Use a top coat as a shield and protector of nail color. Apply every three days to reinforce the seal. That’s THE secret for a long-lasting manicure!


How to color nails like a professional manicurist? First, wipe any excess polish from the brush onto the inner rim of the bottle. Then hold the brush midcap, not at the top: you’ll have more control. Now paint a stripe down the center of your nail, followed by one on either side. Finish with a thin strip across the very tip.

  • Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear for healthy nails with an exclusive Micro-Shine complex for a nail-hardening manicure.

Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Nail Enamels

Xtreme shine & wear will last you up to 7 days! Here is to a salon worthy manicure :)

Don’t forget to check out Sally Hansen Facebook page here.

Oh and here are a few SH products I, myself picked up from Carrefour at Mall of the Emirates! Love the pastel & bold Summer shades!! 

Sally Hansen Manicure Kit

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GlamBox April With Bliss (

#GlamCrush: It feels a lot like Christmas… #GlamBoxME

I signed up to Glam Box a couple of months ago,from meeting the girls at Tish Tash, the PR team behind the brand, at an event and since I did, I’ve never been so excited to see the Aramex motorbike pull outside my apartment building!! He comes once a month, and once a month, he brings me a box of beautifully wrapped beauty treasures!

It really is like unwrapping your Xmas pressies all over again! (YES, I am that obsessed with it! So much so that I start tweeting @glamboxME every day for a week before they start shipping them out!!).

So this month was no different! I got my glossy pink box through on Sunday last week, unwrapped it and discovered 5 glam treasures which I’ve reviewed below!

If you are not a Glamista yet, you’re missing out!! Sign up now, you won’t regret it!!

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask

Now this one I adoooore! You wash your face, massage the gel in whilst your skin is still damp, wait a few minutes and you will see this delicious frothy foam form all over. Rinse after 5 minutes for a refreshed, radiant & smooth skin!

Lancaster Sun and Sport SPF 20

Calling ALL glam sportistas! This one is perfect for you! The Lancaster Sun & Sport sun lotion smooth on nicely and best of all, is water and sweat resistant! Like I said, perfect for the more ‘sporty’ of glam babes!

Lancaster Tan Maximiser After Sun

I heart a lovely & glowy tanned skin but what I really like is an after sun which’ll help me keep that bronzed glow for days after a weekend at the beach. Well the Lancaster Tan Maximiser promises just that, thanks to its unique ingredient that intensifies melanin production to prolong your natural tan!

Lancaster Cellular Elixir 365

Launched in 2003 Lancaster’s Cellular Elixir 365, is a serum that boosts the DNA repair of damages caused by UV rays,  slowing the skin’s aging process. I’ve not tried this one yet but you can watch their promo video here.

Complimentary manicure PLUS 15% off any other treatment when you spend AED200 at Sugar Urban Nails

Fancy a little pampering?! Head down to Sugar Urban Nails in JLT or MoE. They offer a whole range of different treatments, from waxing to eyelash extensions, facials, even hair treatments and of course nail treatments! I know where I’ll be this weekend ;)…

This month’s BONUS Sample: Lancome Teint Visionnaire

I lurve trying on new make-up products and been meaning to try out Lancome’s latest foundation/concealer make-up duo for a while so the cute little bonus sample came at the right time!

Le Teint Visionnaire offers 2 beauty steps in 1 foundation to combine perfect coverage and natural finish:

High Coverage Corrector:
The High Coverage Corrector is enriched with Vitamin CG. Its creamy texture immediately reduces the appearance of dark spots, dark circles and imperfections.

Flawless Perfecting Foundation:
The perfecting foundation flawlessly evens out the complexion and visibly improves the appearance of pores and wrinkles every day.

Results? An even and flawless looking complexion!

How to apply Teint Visionnaire:
Step 1: High Coverage Corrector
Using your fingertips, apply the High Coverage Corrector before the foundation on targeted imperfections for optimal coverage of dark spots, dark circles, any redness or blemishes.
Step 2: Flawless Perfecting Foundation
Apply the fluid using a foundation
brush in a circular buffing motion to create a natural and flawless-looking finish to your complexion.

So if you, like me, love to try out new products in the comfort of your own home and in your own time, subscribe to GlamBox NOW!!!

You can choose from different packages:

3 months subscription for only AED239

6 months subscription for only AED449

or a 1 year subscription for only AED849


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Benefit Poreprofessional Image

#Make-Up Crush: Where have you been all my life!

I was very lucky to be offered to try the new POREfessional by Benefit Cosmetics over the weekend and OH MY GOD, it was a revelation! Where the hell has this one been all of my life!!

I have suffered from shiny T-zone for as long as I can remember and believe you me, I have tried every single primer & mattifier you can think of!

This one however is absolutely AMAZING! It quickly minimizes the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin finish! Because it is translucent, its oil-free formula complements all skin tones and helps your makeup stay put. Best of all, it contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals.

How to apply?!

To use under makeup: Apply to clean, lightly moisturized skin. Pat on problem areas & blend with fingertips. Wait a few seconds before applying the rest of your make-up.

To use over makeup
: Pat on lightly over makeup whenever the ‘Shine’ shows up & blend. I say, this one should be in every glam girls’ bags this Summer!

The POREfessional retails at AED120 in Sephora. While you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up one of their new Loyalty Cards!

Benefit Image

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Featured Image

#Make-UpCrush: ‘Dubai Summer Heat’-Proof your make-up!

Hey Glam Gals!

The Desert-Kissed look has taken over catwalks worldwide; even strutting its way onto runways in the Arab countries which have up until now have preferred the paler looks.The concept is a woman who has walked through the desert for days and been subjected to sun and heat with little food or water. We see strong contouring to bring out the cheekbones, giving a gaunt impression, along with dewy to shiny finishes on bronzed skin.

In the mainstream, this makeup look is natural and lightweight; appropriate for the beach, out about town, and of course – rendezvousing in the desert itself! Not only is it a huge global trend this season, it’s also easy to apply!

Healthy skin is very important with this look so eat healthily, exercise well and take care of your skin with a good skin care routine!



To get started with this look, smooth a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15+ over both face and neck. BB Cream is also a brilliant option; basically, you want a very lightweight feel to the base but with a dewy finish – not matte!

Blemishes can always be touched up with a bit of concealer if you’re after more coverage, and if you don’t own a tinted moisturiser, try mixing a dab of foundation with your regular moisturizer.

MAC BB Creams


The catwalk trends are chiseled and gaunt but you can smooth out the contouring for everyday wear, so carefully apply a darker shade of tinted moisturiser or foundation along the base of your cheekbones, and blend it up onto your cheeks. If you want to look more bronzed, you can also blend that same shade into the areas of your face you would naturally tan. Start off light and build up the colour gradually.

The key is to keep the skin glowing so I recommend using a couple of drops of my products of the moment: Benefit’s High Beam, Moon Beam or Sun Beam to highlight brow bones, cheekbones, and slide down the centre of your nose.

 Benefit Highlighters


If you’re planning to take a dip in the water, go for cream eye shadows as they are waterproof. Work quickly when using them as they tend to dry fast. Make Up For Ever offers a great “Aqua” waterproof makeup range.

Curl your eyelashes and apply waterproof mascara. Although, if you’re a sun & sand girl, I’d recommend getting your eyelashes tinted in a salon so you can skip on the mascara altogether!



Define your eyebrows with your choice product. I recommend a MAC eyebrow pencil or Benefit’s BrowZings. Structured eyebrows make such a difference to your appearance and furthermore, this season brows are strong and defined!

Brow Kit


Well hydrated lips are a must! Exfoliate them with a toothbrush and apply a lip stain such as Benefit’s BeneTint (use sparingly). Rub a rich lip balm with SPF over that and you’re all set. Sheer lipsticks are also an option but keep it natural.



 Finish your look with a lovely body moisturizer  you might like to go for a tinted body moisturizer that will match your face. You can also apply Benefit’s highlighter to the tops of your collar bones to make them stand out.

I hope you found this useful; feel free to send in your feedback and requests for tips, tutorials and reviews of anything makeup and skincare related!

Thanks to the fab gal Kathryn Pardoe, our Glam Crush Make-Up Artist for her tips & tricks!! (see her website here!)

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Tips from the Dubai Hair Doctor: Keep your hair healthy in the Dubai heat!

Dubai Hair Doctor

Morning Glam Dolls!

I don’t know you but my hair has never been so dry than since I’ve moved here! Exposure to the sun, extreme heat, air-conditioning all resulting in my hair being very very de-hydrated!

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to keep your hair healthy, shiny & strong during the Summer months. Hair Expert & dear Friend, the Dubai Hair Doctor (check out his website) recommends the following:

HAIR ACCESSORIES: Try not to use uncovered elastic bands. Instead, use ones with a fabric covering. Uncovered elastic can cut into your hair shaft resulting in breakage & can also pull your hair out when removed.

NUTRITION: The energy to form hair cells drops 4 hours after eating a meal. Have a healthy snack, such as fruit, raw vegetables or wholegrain bread/crackers, between meals to boost energy levels to your follicles. Carbohydrates are a good between-meal snack as the energy they produce is quickly & easily absorbed by your body.

HYDRATION: Make sure to keep hydrated throughout the day. Not only can dehydration dry out your skin, but it can dry your scalp. Water is best, but decaffeinated beverages, such as herbal teas and fresh juices, are also good options.

BLEACHING/HIGHLIGHTING: Bleached/highlighted hair is more prone to problems such as split ends, breakage and dullness. But it can look wonderful when it’s healthy and hydrated. To improve the condition of bleached hair and to keep it looking its best, use a weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatment. This will help prevent & repair damage, strengthen your hair and add shine.

SHAMPOOING: Before shampooing, gently run a wide tooth comb through your hair from tip to root. If you start off with tangles, you’ll end up with more tangles! Hair is most vulnerable when wet, so you certainly don’t want large knots to contend with after washing, as this can cause damage and breakage.

BLOWDRYING: Correct blow-drying doesn’t damage your hair.  It’s blow-drying and applying heat to already dried hair that causes damage – so turn the power off when your hair is just dry! If you use straighteners on already dried hair, apply a heat protective serum, to help minimize damage.

STRESS: Stress is sometimes blamed for extra hair fall and also dandruff. This is not a myth. Stress, through a convoluted route, can produce more androgens, the male hormones that can be responsible for hair thinning. Stress can also exacerbate dandruff. You can help lower your stress levels by meditation, yoga, or an afternoon nap. If you are experiencing dandruff, you can use products such as those from the Clear Shampoo range  to sooth your scalp and clear up irritation/flaking. It’s extremely important to wash your hair regularly if you have a flaky/itchy scalp to keep the flakes from building up!

In the next few days, I’ll be reviewing MY ‘can’t leave without’ hair products so watch out for this one!

What are YOUR secrets/tips to healthy & shiny locks?

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