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#AccessoriesCrush: The ‘Bling’ Edit

2 things about me you didn’t know (or maybe you did actually but hey I’ll say it anyway!). A. I am all for the ‘chic & classy’ look. B. I do love a bit of bling too.

And these are my favourite pieces. They only come out at the weekend since I work in a fairly corporate environment but when the bling comes out, you know there’s going to be partying & dancing involved!

OK so these aren’t expensive pieces at all. In fact, investing in jewellery isn’t my thing at all and I would much rather have loads of options so my favourite points of call in the bling department are H&M, New Look and River Island!

Love hoop earrings (the bigger, the better), love the whole rapper – gold chain thing and I do also like the more girlie/flowery look.

Wanna show me your bling?! (did that sound a bit dodgy?) Tag me in your post!

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#FashionCrush: The GAP knit that made my Winter hols all the more warmer

Of course in Dubai, Winter really means, Summer, only just a little chillier. But in Europe, in France in particular it means Winter. I spent a couple of weeks home in the South of France over the Christmas Holidays and because I hadn’t had a proper Winter in 2 years, I made sure I was prepared to face the minus temperatures.

A quick look around the shops and I ended up in Gap where I found this beautiful grey wholly jumper which felt warm and cosy! And it did not disappoint! I probably wore it every day (or almost!) and, paired with a little thermal vest top, it kept me warm throughout!

I also picked up a couple of pair of winter socks in Gap which, again, I wore to death as they really kept my feet snug inside my boots.

I still managed to catch a terrible cold and a bit of a bronchitis BUT all looking stylish!



#FashionCrush: Mix it up with Nayomi PJ’s

I must confess to a weird habit! I never keep my clothe on when I am at home! OK, that sounded a bit… dodgy I get it. What I mean is, I don’t keep my daytime clothes on but instead slip into a comfy outfit instead: track pants and a t-shirt, leggings, pyjamas… but then these aren’t the most stylish are they?

Well, I stumbled upon Nayomi‘s new range of pjs which I thought looked both comfy & snug but also stylish! Now proud owner of 2 pairs which I can, again, mix and match so effectively I now have 4 different fashionable yet super cosy ‘at-home’ outfits!!

Perfect for those nights in!

Check out the collection below: really cool, young, funky pieces…








In stores now. Check out their website (here), they have a whole load of lovely lingerie 😉