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#GlamCrush: A sneak peek into my May #GlamBox

Bonjour Glamistas!

This month’s GlamBox was well, fabulous as expected!!

My little pink treasure box landed on my door step a week ago and I opened it to find another lot of beauty treats for me to try!!

Wanna know what was in the box?

Well here it:

May GlamBox

May GlamBox


Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser 

The claim: Developed by dermatologists, it contains 100% naturally derived grapefruit extract plus Vitamin C for clear, fresh and healthy looking skin every day.

The crush: I am currently using the Neutrogena Deep Cleanser but I’ve almost finished it so will be sure to start using & review the Grapefruit Facial Cleanser properly very soon 😉

Bioderma ‘Fluide Solaire’ SPF100

The claim: Non-oily freshness effect which is fragrance-free, water-resistant and with high SPF protection; guarantees double protection by combining powerful direct anti-UVA-UVB photoprotectors and the exclusive Cellular Bioprotection patent.

The crush: SPF100 is a little high for my ‘darker’ skin BUT I did try it out a couple of times and loved it’s ‘fresh’ feel! I’ll be using it during my Summer holidays for sure.

Thierry Mugler ‘Alien Essence Absolue

The claim: A mystical and sensual fragrance.  An Eau de Parfum with an intense fragrant trail like a sensory treasure, a fusion of three revelations: Floral, Mystic and finally Amber Vanilla.

The crush: I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This perfume smells GORGEOUS! Sweet, deep, & all mystical. Will certainly get you noticed! I actually got a few compliments over the weekend…

Vipera Cosmetics ‘Photo Model Make Up’

The claim: Photochromic make up foundation with natural UV filter.  Colour tone adapt for every skin type.  A light liquid foundation that blends seamlessly to give a smooth, refined finish.

The crush: I’ve not tried it yet BUT I do have an event on Monday evening and will make sure to use it then! Will report back to you all ;)!

Bourjois ‘Khol Precision’ Eye Pencil in Vert Foret

The claim: An array of different colour eye pencils.  Kohl precision to highlight your eyes.

The crush: Mine was ‘Vert Foret‘ a darker shade of green which I never would have thought to purchase! I actually used it a couple of times and loved the (very subtle) pop of colour! The texture is good, stayed put all day but removed very easily with my regular eye-make up remover from Nivea so I guess it is now officially part of my ‘make-up bag’!

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Neutrogena_ Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF 30

#Beauty Crush: Product Review

We all know how important wearing a good SPF is, especially in the Middle East!!

Remember that UV radiations cause skin aging, wrinkles and brown spots!

So I went on the hunt for the perfect one and after trying out a few, I decided that the Neutrogena® Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 30 was officially my favorite!

Not only is it available at all major drugstores and therefore affordable (AED69), but it is oil free (bonus), has a matte finish (double-bonus), leaves a dry-touch feel on your skin AND is both PABA free and non-comedogenic! This one has it all!

Oh and you can apply it under your make-up! I find it makes quite a nice primer although in this heat and with the humidity, I would still wear my Benefit POREfessional on top of it….

Remember to apply your SPF everyday!! You’ll be grateful you did in 20 years’ time!

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#BeautyCrush: Dream BB Creams

The question here isn’t “Have you heard of BB Creams?” but rather “Why aren’t you using them yet??”!!

BB Creams have now been around for a while, yet, some of my Glam Friends aren’t using them? OMG! You NEED to OK? They are the next best thing after hair straighteners & the Ipad!

BB Creams moisturize the skin, even out skin tone, fight wrinkles, imperfections & dullness, they even have an SPF! ALL in 1 single (albeit pretty) tube! They simply ROCK!

Not sure which one to buy or use? Well here is a review of my 3 absolute favorites! (There are thousands out there and I haven’t obviously tried them all BUT if you want more info on BB Creams check out this article from ‘Dailymakeover.com‘ and this review fromhudabeauty.com’)



Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector

This is actually the first one I ever bought and used it for a few weeks. The texture is fab and smooth on very easily. The shade (medium) is a good match to my natural skin tone and evens out the skin very well. It is however a little too ‘greasy’ for my liking but if your skin is normal to dry, this one is perfect for you!  This one also contains an SPF15.



Loreal nude magicL’Oreal Bare Skin Beautifier

I got this one a year ago at the Doha Airport Duty Free as it hadn’t launched over here in the UAE yet. I liked it immediately  The texture is a little different here… it feels a little ‘rough’ and the ‘grey-ish’ colour is can be off-putting at first BUT when applied, it transforms to match your skin colour, evens out your skin tone and give it a matte finish which I loved! It has an SPF12 which is a little light for the Middle Eastern sun so I would usually wear sunblock on top of it (Min. SPF20). Best for oily skins.


Dior Dior Hydra Life BB Cream

And there is my STAR BB Cream! This one is AMAZING! Albeit it is a little more expensive (AED290) BUT it is worth every single dirhams, trust me!

The texture offers more of a ‘full coverage’ than the others. It feels definitely more ‘luxurious’ and just blends perfectly. I am using the medium shade which works well with my skin tone! The best thing is, this BB cream has an SPF30!

A lot of the beauty bloggers have favored this one :)

Now, I can’t wait to try the new CC Creams!!! Will do a post/review of those soon I promise.


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