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#AccessoriesCrush: My top 10 make-up brushes

Before I begin, let me re-iterate the fact that I am NO professional make-up artist or anything! I just LOVE make-up and have managed to master a few key looks by researching my favorite blogs and watching tons & tons of Youtube tutorials!

The one thing they all have in common? Brushes. All of them recommend different ones from professional sets to drugstore cheaper options and after speaking to a few make-up artists I recently met, I’ve built myself a little ‘tool kit‘!

Here are my top 10 make-up brushes which I have used and trusted everyday for the past few months!

Eye Make-Up Brushes


1. MAC Brow Brush (FREE sample) – I got given this little eyebrow brush when I purchased a MAC Eyebrow pen! I use it to blend the colour into my brows for a very natural look

2. Sephora Pro Blending Brush (27) – I know ALL of the bloggers rave about the MAC 217 BUT these brushes are a little too pricey for my liking and since I am not that good of a make-up applier (does that make sense?) I opted for a cheaper yet good option. This one by the Sephora Pro range is great to apply and blend eye shadows!  I do however keep it for special occasion or when attempting to create a ‘smokey eye’ look.

3. Sephora All over Shadow Small Brush (23) – This little brush I use to apply a light shadow in the inner corner of my eyes to give it a brighter look. The small size of the brush makes it very easy to use

4. Sephora Pro Crease Brush (10)  ($20) –  This one was kind of a treat! I noticed a lot of the bloggers used a crease brush to create their smokey eye look and even though I don’t do that everyday I thought I’d treat myself to a special crease brush. Well, now that I’ve used it a few times, I must admit it does help a LOT! It somehow applies the shadow in the right spot and just make blending the pigments into the crease a lot easier so very very pleased with myself here!

5. Sephora All Over Shadow Brush (22) – I do have a few of these in case I’m using different colours.  They are just perfect to apply your everyday eye shadow all over the eye lid.

6. Sephora Smudge Brush (14) – Again, this is another one that was strongly recommended by the expert make-up bloggers & artists! When you line your eye pen over your lash line, you simply run the brush over and it smudges the colour for a more natural blended effect. I use this one most days actually and really like it.


Face Make-Up Brushes


1. The Body Shop Face & Body Brush – This one I recently got from The Body Shop when I bought a Bronzer there. I really like it actually, it just deposits your bronzer or face powder very lightly on the skin, allows you to build up the colour and is just super soft!

2. Sephora Pro Stippling Brush (44) – Look at me with all my Pro brushes?! Hehe! I picked up this one when I bought my eye shadow and crease brushes from Sephora. I kept on seeing a couple of my favourite bloggers using a Stippling brush to apply their foundations or BB creams and thought I’d do the same. Not saying I don’t like it BUT somehow I still find it easier to apply these with my fingers… I must give it another go this week and really learn how to use that one properly because it is said to give you a much lighter, even & natural coverage so….!

3. Yves Rocher Blusher Brush – I think this may have been one of the very first brush I bought! I’ve had it for years and got it from my local Yves Rocher store in France. They have these everywhere though so you can get yours from Sephora or any other make-up stores. The angled brush makes it easy to apply your blush and/or bronzer to contour your face.


Tip: Don’t forget to clean your brushes on a weekly basis to avoid bacteria build-up! You can either use a proper brush cleaning product (MAC and Sephora offer very good ones) or, like me, use water and a little hand-wash soap. Pat dry with a tissue, re-shape and leave them to dry out properly overnight.

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