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The Spa 20101124

#TreatmentCrush: Shiffa Arabian Gold Ritual at The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall

If you’re in serious need (and I mean serious!) of de-connecting from your everyday stresses and escape to the land of dreams, then THIS is the treatment you need to try!

I had the immense pleasure of experiencing the 2-hour long Shiffa Arabian Gold Ritual at the beautiful Spa at the Address Dubai Mall over the weekend and I cannot express how amazing the whole thing was! I came in after a few weeks of craziness at work and let me tell you, I was not at all relaxed. By the end of it, I felt completely rid of all of my worries! Really. I kid you not! And for those of you who know me a little, I very very rarely relax!

My therapist (her name is Cindy – she’s amazing!!) took me to this lovely and peaceful treatment room and proceeded with the treatment.

First off, a full body scrub. On dry skin. Cos it works better at getting rid of dry skin AND detoxing/improving blood flow. She used a mix of lavender and refreshing spearmint… smelt delicious!

I then washed it all of in the shower cabin… which, by the way, was the size of my living room! A real treat!

We moved on to a full body mask! A mix of detoxing clay was applied all-over and I was then wrapped into plastic (weird but in a cool way!), and lots of fluffy towels to keep me warm.

Once the mask was over, I went back in the shower to rinse it all off… (never felt so clean!)

She followed with the most relaxing full body massage ever. Yep, even got rid of those nasty knots on my shoulders & neck! Total bliss.

I was then treated to a mini-facial which instantly gave me the glow I had lost many moons (and long working days) ago!

Whilst waiting for the face mask to work its magic into my skin, she gave me a well needed scalp and hair massage using the Shiffa Dubai Invigorating Hair Oil which includes grape seed, jojoba oil, wild mint blend, rosemary and calendula to moisturise, stimulate, revive and invigorate the scalp as well as nourish the hair. What a luxurious treat!

Photo 10-30-14, 11 16 46 AM

Once we were done with the treatment, Cindy took me to the relaxation room where I sipped on green tea and laid on a super comfy rest chair until I was ready to get dressed and step back out into the real world!

The Spa 20101125

These were the most amazing 2hrs of my week…hell of my month!!!

I really do recommend this treatment and I will certainly do it again in a few week’s time! More details on the Hotel, the Spa and their various treatments etc… can be found here.

Let me know if you try it out!! xo

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#BeautyCrush: Eyelash Extensions

You may have read a couple of tweets when I got my Eyelash Extensions done a couple of weeks ago…. I got a little Groupon vouchers and thought it’d be the prefect opportunity to try them out… I liked the idea of not having to wear any mascara during my holidays!

So off I went to the Senses Salon in JLT, armed with my vouchers and the hope of fuller, more dramatic, glamorous lashes.

I was very warmly welcomed and the process was explained clearly. The technician then took me into a cabin and proceed to apply the lashes, one by one. The whole thing took about 1h30. Went I first looked into the mirror I just went WOW!! I wanted dramatic, well I got dramatic! Must admit it took me a couple of days to get used to it but once I did I absolutely LOVED it!!

2 and half weeks in, I love them even more (they are supposed to last about 3-4 weeks). I did loose a few here & there, but that’s fine cos it actually give me a more natural look. I actually think I’ll ask them to only apply a few here and there next time to keep it a bit more ‘natural’.

I’ve not worn mascara on my top lashes since then which is cool. I only apply a little to my bottom lashes to balance things out. I do sometimes take an old mascara brush and apply a little hairspray to keep them separated and in place but that’s about it.

The only downside? You can’t quite wet your eyes so I’ve had to wash my hair separately, make sure I don’t apply water to my eyes when cleansing my face… but other than that, they are super duper easy to maintain and I got LOADS of compliments!

Check out this great article on the ‘Do’s & Don’ts of Eyelash Extensions’ for more info: http://www.glamour.com/lipstick/blogs/girls-in-the-beauty-department/2012/07/the-dos-and-donts-of-eyelash-e

You’ve gotta forgive me for the lack of ‘proper’ photos!

I took a little selfie on my way to the salon and another afterwards and I admit they are not the best ones. It’ll still give you an idea of the before and after results though….

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 11.43.29 AM

I highly recommend Senses Salon! The girls there are so lovely. The Groupon I got was for AED99 for a full set and I’m pretty sure they’ll do more offers so keep an eye out! If you have any questions let me know in the comments section….


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Spa Zen

#TreatmentCrush: Slimming and Firming Massage at SpaZen

Another week, another treatment review! That’s how I’m rolling lately ya know!

The team at Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai invited me to visit their Spa and try one of their massages. I had attended the launch event a couple of months ago and was super impressed with the facilities and the types of treatments on offer so of course I said yes!

Spa Zen (2)

I chose the Slimming & Firming 1hr Massage. Super appropriate ahead of the dreaded bikini season!

When I got to the spa, I was warmly welcomed by the team, offered a loverly copy of tea whilst filling up the usual consolation form and then led into a beautiful & tranquil treatment room with the lovely Pearl, my therapist for the day.

I loved the fact that each treatment room is equipped with an adjacent changing room. Nice little bonus!

Spa Zen (4)

Pearl used a blend of coffee oil to deeply massage into the body and thus kick all those fat cells’ butt a little! The whole thing felt super relaxing, a bit like a sports massage after a long work out. At one point I even drifted off a little I was so getting into a zone!

Now other than smelling delicious, coffee oil has detoxifying, draining & re-energising properties. My skin was left smooth & soft. Pearl advised me to not shower until the morning to allow for the nourishing ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin….

It certainly was an enjoyable experience. I did feel my muscles relax, and those wobbly bits being worked hard but I guess to see any real difference i.e: actual inch loss, you’d have to complete a course of 8 to 10 sessions.

I would still recommend this massage just because you’ll feel so much lighter afterwards and that coffee oil is just gorge!

Spa Zen - Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai

Price for the treatment: 1hr – AED425 or 1hr30 – AED550

To book, call +971 (0) 4 308 0531 ext 5531

Let me know if you try it out!

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#SpaCrush: Luxury all-natural beauty at De La Mer Day Spa!

The De La Mer Day Spa is such a hidden gem! Located on Jumeirah Beach Road (opposite the Jumeirah Beach Hotel), and with a 14,000 square foot garden it really is a haven in a busy city.

Whether clients are nipping in for a quick manicure or spending a day by the pool with friends, the spa’s priority is that everyone feels at home.

De La Mer Day Spa offers a wide range of massages, scrubs, face and body treatments using  natural & organic products.  The ground floor hosts a hair salon and a well-equipped gym. A hammam and a VIP room are also available on the second floor.  Guest and members can hire the VIP room for group of friends or a party and enjoy treatments, the Jacuzzi and relaxation with total privacy.

The walled garden offers privacy with more space. A pool, Jacuzzi and seating areas encourage members to enjoy the outdoors.  Weekly yoga classes also take place in the garden.


I was recently invited to a media event hosted by the De La Mer Spa and was offered to try out 2 of their treatments! I chose their Papaya Body Wrap and their Coconut Foot Scrub.

Upon arriving, my therapist, the lovely Rose (she’s AMAZING!) led me to the most beautiful & relaxing treatment room on the 1st floor. The spa is so well decorated with shades of browns and earthy tones, it really inspires you to let go of all your worries!

Now comfortably lying on a very soft massage bed, Rose proceeded with the foot scrub. She uses pure dried coconut, mixed in with warm coconut oil and organic brown sugar! What a delight! All the ingredients are 100% natural and prepared a few minutes before our treatment! She rubbed the mixture into my feet, ankles and lower legs which was very nice and invigorating. The results? My skin was SOOOO smooth! Baby feet soft! Seriously amazing!

We then moved on to the body wrap! Again, using natural papaya fruit mashed up and mixed with a little almond oil, she smoothed the mixtured onto my whole body, wrapped me in cling film and towel to warm my skin up and allow the treatment to work deep into the skin and after 10 mins we proceeded to rinse it all off!

Papaya enzymes are said to even out skin tones, clear out any imperfections and smooth out the skin. I was amazed to feel a much smoother and hydrated skin after rinsing it all off. Rose then applied the creamiest body moisturiser from their Charme D’Orient range,  in a massaging motion which was just the most relaxing experience ever and half an hour later, a new me emerged from the cabin!

The Papaya Body Wrap is a 60-mins treatment and retails at AED290 which is really great value!

I went back down to the main reception area where I was offered a warm ginger tea and greeted by the Spa owner, the lovely Moira Pirzad. One of the nicest woman I’ve ever met. Her & her husband gave us a tour of the property and took us around the beautiful garden area where we enjoyed some healthy snacks & organic beauty talk!



I still cannot believe that a day pass to use the facilities is only AED80 or AED300 for a monthly membership! I don’t think I have ever been made to feel so ‘at home’ in a spa before and will certainly be back in a few weeks to try out more of their all organic treatments! I’m certainly intrigued by their new VOYA treatments which uses organic seaweed based products….  I shall keep you posted!!

Check out their Facebook page for more info on De La Mer Day Spa treatments & promotions. I highly recommend it!

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