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#BeautyCrush: Today’s Boots Haul

Hey guys!

So I went for a little beauty shopping trip to The Dubai Mall this afternoon with one of my fellow Blogger, Maryam… I really wanted to check out the new Bobby Brown Rich Chocolate Eye Palette, but sadly, we will have to wait another 2 weeks until it hits our shores!

I then popped into Boots and got a couple of things:

Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub – a yummy smelling body scrubs

Bourjois Paris Happy Light Base Serum

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipstick in 01

The Original Tangle Teaser

I also popped into the book store and picked up ‘The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets‘ by Kym Douglas & Cindy Pearlman!

I’ll be posting a proper review of all these items on the blog over the coming days.

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#ProductCrush: This is THE best thing ever to fight a spot!

I love it when I find a product which is a) efficient and b) available in my local drugstore!

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Soap & Glory. Well, their Dr Spot Super Strength Breakout Clearing Gel is AMAZING!!

If you have a pimple, you just dab a bit of the gel on it (on clean skin) in the evening, go to sleep and voila! It’s gone (or at least visibly reduced if it is a large one – I know, gross…)!

Dr Spot has pore-refining salicylic and lactic acids, plus a highly efficacious blend of irritation soothers, redness reducers, and oil-secretion slowers. It’s powerful stuff – and it’s invisible, so you can reapply discreetly as often as you need.

It only costs around AED50 and I’ve had mine for a year so that’s what I call a bargain! 

They’re recently changed the packaging and this is what the new one looks like:




Try it out!

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#AugustMakeUpCrush (the French Edit): Dans ma trousse #Aout13

Glamistas Bonsoir,

Pour le 2eme volet de mon French Edit du mois d’Aout, parlons maquillage, de facon a terminer l’ete sur une note …coloree!!

Pendant les vacances je suis passee en mode ‘chaud & brilliant’! Pourquoi pas? L’ete est une bonne occasion d’essayer de nouveaux looks.

Pour commencer, le teint. On lisse et prepare la peau avec un ‘primer’. Mon prefere c’est le Benefit POREfessional qui masque les ridules, reduit visiblement les pores et mattifie le tient.

Pour ce qui est de la couleur, ce mois-ci et pour gagner un peu de temps le matin, j’ai opte pour la Creme CC de l’Oreal – voir le produit.

Sur les joues, un peu de blush, rose ou peche selon les jours! Mes 2 preferes ce mois – ci sont


Sur les yeux, j’ai SUPER kiffee les nouveaux sticks longue tenue de KIKO (y’a un magazin KIKO dans la galerie d’Auchan a Beziers!). Mega facile a appliquer au pinceau ou directement, leur formule est bien pigmentee et dure vraiment toute une journee (et soiree)!


Mon mascara phare du moment c’est le Outrageous Volume de Sephora (voir). Absolutment genial pour donner du volume aux cils longs.

Pour camouffler ses cernes on utilise le Bourjois Paris Stick Anticernes Correcteur en 73 – Beige Dore (Conseil: choisissez toujours une couleur plus claire que votre fond de teint!)

On sublime le tout en passant un peu de poudre ‘highlighting’ sur le haut des joues, le front, le nez et le menton pour un effet sublime! La ‘Glow All Out de Soap & Glory‘ est extraordinaire! Voir ici pour la commander en ligne (livraison en France disponible a partir du mois de Decembre – ENFIN!).


Et pour finir, une touche de Bourjois Paris Colour Boost en 02-Fuchsia Libre   !

Je vous dis a dans un mois pour un nouvel episode! Si vous avez des questions, des suggestions etc… n’hesitez-pas a commenter!

En attendnat, restez GLAM 😉

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#BeautyCrush: WOMF #1

In case you were wondering, WOMF stands for What’s On My Face!!

Every month I shall blog about my skin care routine, the products I am using, what I love about them and what I don’t! In doing so, I hope to inspire you to try out new things!

As always, please feel free to share your favourite products, recommend some I should try out etc…! I LOVE to hear your feedback :).

WOMF #1 (July 2013)

What's on my face - July 2013


This month I’m using:

  • Bioderma Sebium Purifying & Foaming Cleansing Gel

I’ve used the Neutrogena Deep Clean for a few weeks and absolutely loved it (see my review here) but when I ran out, I went back to using my good ol’ Bioderma cleaner. I had forgotten how I use to love this one too! It just gets rid of all the make-up and dirt that can accumulate on your face after a long & hard day of labour! It doesn’t dry out your skin and leaves it all refreshed, cleaned & polished!

  • Soap & Glory ‘Scrub your nose in it’ 

Twice a week I make sure to give my skin a little exfoliation to make sure I get rid all dead cells, clean out my clogged pores (in the weather your skin can build up a lot of oil!) and just give it a good polish. One drugstore brand I discovered back when I lived in the UK is Soap & Glory! I just loved the packaging, the quirky product names and gave it a try! I’ve now used their scrub for a few years and still love it.

Bonus beauty tip: Layer the scrub all over your face and leave it on for a few minutes for a quick deep cleansing mask

  • Dermalogica UltraCalming Serum Concentrate

When the weather gets this hot, my skin gets ubber sensitive and just goes red in the T-zone. I recently started using the Dermalogica UltraCalming Serum which came highly recommended by one of my “beautista” friend. So far, it has given me great results. The redness has gone down dramatically and it seems my skin has adopted it so I shall carry on using it twice a day, throughout the Summer.

  • Yves Rocher ‘Cure Solutions’ Eye Cream 

Right this one you can’t actually get it here sorry! Yves Rocher is a French brand, very similar to the Body Shop whereby they sell natural products. I get my YR fix every time I go home and have been loving their eye cream for years! PLUS it’s super cheap! Like 2-3 euros so bargain I say! The cream is green which (apparently) cancels out any dark shadows under the eye… I don’t really get dark circles so certainly won’t recommend using this particular product if you suffer from it but with me, it does the ticket!

I’m almost at the end of the tube and intend of switching to a new one over the next week or so… watch this space!

  • Dior HydraLife Skin Perfect Pore Refining Moisturizer

This is my latest ‘lux’ beauty buy! I was on the look out for a new moisturizer and thought I would treat myself to a little Dior! Why not?! I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and am not unhappy with it! It does claim to soothe & uniform your skin tone, buff out your pores and smooth out small lines… I’m not saying this isn’t a great product but I am missing the WOW factor here… haven’t seen any difference to my previous (MUCH cheaper) day cream from Dermalogica.

I’ll give it another few weeks and see what happens!

  • Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF30

I said it and I’ll say it again, you MUST wear an SPF, every single day! No exceptions and NO excuses! And because I actually do walk the talk (or is it talk the walk… mmmm…) I do wear one which I apply liberally over my entire face & neck (oh and ears! We always forget about the ears but they do catch the sun too!!!).

I discovered the Neutrogena UltraShee Dry-Touch SPF a couple of months ago and haven’t looked back! (Read my full review here). I use the SPF30 but if your skin is a light or very pale, they have SPF50 and evern SPF100!


There you have it! I’ve already selected a few bits & bobs I’m gonna be using next month during my holidays and cannot wait to report on these!

Until then, stay glam and WEAR YOUR SPF EVERYDAY!

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