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Filorga Skin Absolute Anti-ageing Night Cream

#BeautyCrush: Filorga Skin Absolute Anti-ageing Night Cream

I think I may have just found THE ultimate night cream!! And believe I’ve tried quite a few…. but this one is something else.

The Filorga Skin Absolute Anti-ageing Night Cream was developed by French skin ageing specialist, Filorga,  a leading provider of anti-ageing solutions for medical practices and general consumers. They must know their drill so sounds good to me!

The claim:

Skin Absolute in an elegant packaging is powered by the brown seaweed and the meteorite extract which gives the night cream a unique black lacquered texture and is clinically proven to deliver remarkable results after 45 nights. To facilitate the anti-ageing process, the botox-like active ingredient penetrates beneath the skin surface and work continuously through the night to relax facial muscles that results in smoother and tighter skin overtime.

Well listen, I’m no expert BUT, to have tried it for now about 2 months, I can tell you that I love it! I apply it directly after washing and drying my skin (no serum) and usually wake up to a very smooth, relaxed canvas. I don’t really suffer from deep wrinkles (yet!) but it does even out the little dehydration lines I usually get on my forehead.

Plus the packing is super luxurious and the cream smells delicious! Oh and yes, it is black! Not that you’d see it once it’s applied but I just think it’s so cool 😉

Filigree skin care products can be found online at basharacare.com.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Beach Holiday Essentials

#BeautyCrush: Pool/Beach Essentials

Summer’s here! Yay! Well for those of us lucky enough to live in the UAE it’s kind of been Summer since… well… October really. But still, Summer Holidays are fast approaching and your truly is going to … wait for it… BALI!!! YAY! OMG I cannot tell you how excited I am!

I’ve been preparing for this for weeks (yeah I’m psycho like that) and so as I laid out my beach essentials, I thought I’d share what I will be packing!

Here we go:

1. A beach bag. Sparkly of course. This one’s from Accessories

2. A beach towel. This one is from Kiwi St Tropez and is huge. Perfect

3. Bikini! I’m packing 2 or them. Both from New Look. I’ve packed them in this cute little pouch from New Look too

4. Sunscreen. 1 x SPF 100 from Bioderma, 1 x SPF 30 from Superdrug, 1 x SPF50 from Bioderma (Eyes) and another SPF30 from Bioderma (face)

5. Anti-bacterial hand gel from Bath & Body Works

6. A pocket mirror. Got this cute little one from a boutique in France.

All these stored in a plastic pouch from Aldo.

Voila!  White sandy beach here I come.

New Skincare Bits!

#BeautyCrush: New skin care bits!

Hey lovelies!

In my last post I mentioned that I picked a few bits & pieces of skin care and make-up whilst in the UK right? Well here are the skin care/hair care/sun care bits I purchased:

New Hair Care Products

New Hair Care Products

Colab Dry Shampoo Sheer Invisible in Monaco (here)

Elnett Volume Excess Hair Spray (here)

Elnett Precious Oil Hair Spray (here)

New Soap & Glory Skin Care Products

New Soap & Glory Skin Care Products

Soap & Glory Instant Radiance Foaming Face Polish (here)

Soap & Glory For Daily Youth (here)

Soap & Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator (here)

I also picked one of the Superdrug‘s own brand of sunscreen, the Solait Clear Spray, SPF 30 (here).

Once I’ve tried all these beauties out, I will be sure to share my feedback 😉

Zoella 2

#GlamNews: Zoella Beauty NOW in the UAE!!

Yep, my first #GlamNews post. I wanted to bring in a few new things this year and one of them is news on make-up releases, new brands launching in the UAE, new stores opening etc…

So for this first post, I bring you ZOELLA Beauty! You all know her as a beauty blogger & youtube (she’s amazing! Check her channel here). Well she launched her own beauty products line last year and, finally, we too can now purchase these right here in the UAE!!!

Her collection includes:

* Fizz Bar – Fragranced Bath Fizzer (AED 45)

8 little cubes to make your bath time fizz! This super cute bar will transform your bath into a fresh and fragrant soak for some much needed ‘wash your cares away’ me-time.

* Creamy Madly Dreamy – Body Lotion (AED 45)

Totally tempting dream cream for a smooth and silky body. Fresh and girly, this indulgent body lotion will pamper your skin like a gorgeously scented creamy cuddle. Enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter to soften and condition the body – because your skin needs a bit of love too!

*Soak Opera – Bath Soak & Shower Cream (AED 49)

Keep calm with this ‘beauty in a bottle’ bath soak. Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Aloe extracts soften and condition the skin while the delicate fragrance calms the senses with soothing floral notes. Say hello to your new bubbly bestie!

*Beauty Bag/Pencil Case Collection (AED 69)

Everyone needs a place to keep their precious things close to hand, this adorable little bag can store anything you need it to, to make life super easy and organised and unbelievably cute.

Zoella 1

*Blissful Mistful – Fragranced Body Mist (AED 69)

Surround yourself with serene scent and let the relaxation begin. Spray this super light and feminine spritz to scent your body with fresh and floral notes. Enriched with Vitamin E and fruit extracts – its bliss in a bottle. With fresh & fruity top notes of Wild Strawberry & Grapefruit, a beautiful floral heart of Violet, Jasmine and Gardenia and a softly sensual Vanilla infused musky base. (this is also a room mist too!)

Zoella 3

Zoella products are available from Virgin Megastore. For more information please visit her Facebook page!


#SkinCareCrush: The Summer Edit – Cleansers

As promised I am back with an updated Skin Care Routine post and I am super excited because this is the very routine with has helped me get rid of my hormonal breakouts and one that is here to stay (well for a while at least!).

And it’s not as ‘fancy’ as you may thing. It’s actually pretty basic, with a new discovery, and old buddy and a staple. Oh and a new toy!

If you remember I mentioned I was experiencing some breakouts (hormonal ones – the most annoying kind!), especially on my right cheek & chin area, and I therefore decided to literally stop all of the products I was using and go back to a more basic routine, using products I knew weren’t going to make things worse.


A cleanser that always kind of did the trick for me is the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel. I mean, you just cannot go wrong with this one, especially if you have oily/acne prone skin that’s also sensitive. I started by using this twice a day. A few weeks later I felt my skin was ready to try something different. I contemplated my Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse Oil, which I love, but before I reached for the bottle, I spotted my Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm which I’d kind of forgotten about and thought ‘Why not?!’. I started using it as my 1st cleanser, every evening, massaging it into my skin then adding some water and just rinsing it off with warm water… (sorry I can’t be bothered with the whole hot cloth thing!). I follow it up with my 2nd cleanser (the La Roche-Posay one) and voila! Super squeaky clean skin!).


In the morning, I started using the Diptyque Radiance Boosting Powder which, as mentioned in my recent review (here) is so gentle yet cleanse your skin perfectly. You just pour a little of the powder in your hand, run the little sponge under water and work the powder into a creamy foam which you then use as a regular cleanser.

But there’s a twist! I recently attended an event where I was given a chance to try out the new Foreo Luna Mini. Well I now use it every single morning to work my cleaner deeply into my skin and it has made such a huge difference it’s unreal! I’ll do a separate review of it soon – don’t worry!

So there you have it, my new & improved skin cleansing routine! I do have to mention that I have been taking Evening Primerose Oil twice a day for a month now and I am convinced this has also helped clear out my skin A LOT! I owe a HUGE massive thank you to my mate Bonnie from Bonnie-Garner.com who recommended that I try! MERCI BEAUCOUP!!

I will be back with the toners & moisturisers in the next few days….

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