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#BeautyCrush: Here’s the BEST skin care brand EVER!

Now let’s talk about beauty & skin care a little!

Another one of my (many) beauty crushes is skin care brand Dermalogica, which I’ve now been using for almost 6 years!

Rewind back to my early 20’s: all remember our 20’s? Shiny, spotty skin, bad (terrible) make-up (what were we thinking??), no money for facials or branded products? Remember now? Well, we’ve ALL been there! I still remember using Vitamine E cream from Superdrug!! Like who does that?!

And then one day, I decided to treat myself to a deep-cleaning facial! And so I go to my local beauty salon in East London and this is where I discovered Dermalogica! I remember thinking that the products smelled very ‘natural’, it didn’t irritate my skin at all and I left with a glow in my step, and a trial-size pack of Dermalogica goodies in my bag!

I’ve never looked back and have used this stuff ever since! The products are a little expensive although still reasonable compare to other brands, but most importantly they will last you for months.

Here is what my daytime skin care routine looks like:



Step 1: Cleanse your face with Special Cleansing Gel, suitable for ALL skin types (AED150)

Now this one I absolutely ADORE! Melts away all of your make-up, even waterproof mascara, gets rid of all that yuk to leave a perfect, cleaned canvas. Another one which is great is the Bioderma Sebium Foaming gel 200 (see).

Step 2: Spritz on the Multi-Active Toner (AED150)

I’ve tried many many different toners including the Clinique n2 and this one has to be the best. It doesn’t irritate the skin, lasts for EVER and really hydrate the skin allowing the follow up products to really penetrate.

Step 3: Smooth on Hydrating Booster (AED280)

You don’t have to use a ‘booster’ or ‘serum’. My skin gets very dehydrated and as a results tends to break out. THIS is the only thing that has given me results! Just spread a thin layer over your skin, followed by your moisturizer.

Step 4: Apply Active Moist all over (AED230)

I looooove that moisturizer. Massive CRUSH on this one. Non-greasy but still rich enough to properly moisturize the skin. Feels gorgeous on and really prepare your skin for make-up. Only downside is that it doesn’t not have an SPF so I would usually make sure my BB creams or foundation has one. We will talk about SPF in another post.

So there you have it, the Glam Crush Girl‘s everyday skin care routine! I hear you asking ‘But what about eye cream??’! Well, I can’t give up all my glam secrets at once now can I? 😉

What are your favorite products!! Want me to review a particular one for you?

Now spread the glamour! 


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Hair Products Crush!

My ‘can’t live without’ hair products

Following one of my previous post on the Dubai Hair Doctor’s tips to keep your locks healthy & shiny during the summer heat, here are my 3 absolute favorite hair products of ALL times!

I have very long hair which tend to dry at the ends. They can also get frizzy with humidity. I have tried tons of different products from drugstore brands to very expensive salon-exclusive brands and have finally found MY dream hair care regime!!


Elseve Etraordinary Oil

Elseve Extraordinary Oil

I discovered Elseve Extraordinay Oil last Summer in France. I had seen the ads for the Kerastase Elixir Ultime and thought I should give it a go… but then I saw this little beauty in my local HyperU Supermarket and obviously being much cheaper I decided to get a couple of bottles!

I started using the oil every night before bedtime, mainly on the length of my hair to hydrate and smooth them. The oil has a luxurious texture which absorbs immediately and smells delicious!

It is made up of 6 x precious Flower oils including Lotus, Camomille, Tiare flower, Matricaria and Flax oils which work together to intensively nourish the hair, boot shine and radiance but also protect them from dryness & heat.,

This product also makes for a super protective oil which I apply all over when I’m on the beach or before a blow-dry.

Kinks-free & smooth, shiny, healthy hair guaranteed!




ElviveElvive Total Repair (5): 1-minute Instant Miracle Cream  

Now this is 1 product I CANNOT live without!

When I wash my hair, now matter how much conditioner I put on, my hair always gets very tangled and feel ‘coarse’ when towel-dried.

This cream really is a miracle! I apply it on the lengths, leave it for a minute, run a wide-toothed comb, rinse and my hair is tangle-free and feels smooth!

For an extra nourishing boost, I wrap my hair in a warm towel,  leave it on for 15-20 mins and rinse.







Serious Beauty Crush!!


Initialiste Kerastase Kerastase Initialiste Scalp Serum

And my ‘Serious Beauty Crush’ goes to the new Kerastase Initialiste Scalp Serum!

This stuff is AMAZING! Now, this one is what I consider a ‘long-term investment’ buy! The tube costs around AED290 so a little on the expensive side BUT it will last you for ever! About 2-3 months depending on how thick your hair is.

I first heard of Initialiste on Huda Beauty‘s website (here) and thought it all sounded pretty good so decided to have a go. The product only launched in Dubai a few months ago and so I had to wait until I could get my hands on it.

You simply need to apply it directly onto your scalp after washing your hair, massage it through and wait for the magic to work!

Kerastase claims that after 4 weeks of using it:

Hair thickness feels boosted and is lusciously soft

Hair has a lustrous-looking shine

Hair is more resistant – up to 93% less breakage*

I’ve only used it for a couple of weeks now so will be sure to report again on results! So far, I can see a little less breakage and my hair definitively feels smoother! I’ll keep on using it and see what happens! Watch this space…

As for shampoo & conditioner, I use Dove for colour-treated hair although thinking of investing in some good Kerastase stuff (I’m a fan!). Will have to review these soon!

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