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New Skincare Bits!

#BeautyCrush: New skin care bits!

Hey lovelies!

In my last post I mentioned that I picked a few bits & pieces of skin care and make-up whilst in the UK right? Well here are the skin care/hair care/sun care bits I purchased:

New Hair Care Products

New Hair Care Products

Colab Dry Shampoo Sheer Invisible in Monaco (here)

Elnett Volume Excess Hair Spray (here)

Elnett Precious Oil Hair Spray (here)

New Soap & Glory Skin Care Products

New Soap & Glory Skin Care Products

Soap & Glory Instant Radiance Foaming Face Polish (here)

Soap & Glory For Daily Youth (here)

Soap & Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator (here)

I also picked one of the Superdrug‘s own brand of sunscreen, the Solait Clear Spray, SPF 30 (here).

Once I’ve tried all these beauties out, I will be sure to share my feedback 😉

#MakeUpCrush: It’s all about that base!

As you will have guessed from this post’s title, today we’re talking ‘bases’! A subject I’ve never blogged about actually…. I do love make up and wear quite a bit (most days) BUT up until recently, I never really found MY perfect base + foundation combo! Yep, took me a while and a lot of trial & errors but I finally got not one, but two combos I really really enjoy wearing! One for a more daytime/light coverage look and another for evening/medium coverage one.

Let me remind you a little bit about my skin. I do have a pretty even tone although I have a few little acne scars so don’t really go for anything that’s heavy as I can get away with light to medium coverage. My skin is also on the combinations/oily side and can get a little dehydrated when I’m tired or stressed out.

With that in mind, I look for something that’s kind of matte but not too matte and a base that’ll keep my T-zone from going all disco ball shine by mid-day. And I did!

Daytime Look

2014-12-02 11.15.37


I absolutely love love love the new Sephora Pore & Fine Line Filler as a base! It does blur all of my larger pores (around the nose & cheeks areas) and fill up those little dehydration lines I have on my forehead… I don’t really have any other lines or wrinkles so this one’s perfect.

It also adds a bit of a mattifying effect and allows for my beloved DiorSkin Nude BB Cream to glide on and seat perfectly for a whole day! I use the shade ‘medium’.

I usually apply my BB cream with the Inglot Pro Blending Sponge (here) which is fab!

Evening Look

2014-12-02 11.16.05

On those occasions when I need a little more coverage or I’m attending/hosting an event and need to look my best, I reach for the amazing Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet which I discovered this year and have loved ever since! I use shade 40-beige. The application is so so easy with a blender or a buffing brush and it lasts and lasts and lasts, especially when applied over a thin layer of this amazing oil-free primer: Smashbox Photo Finish. I got a sample of it when I last visited Sephora in France and I’m so glad I did cos it’s dope!! Keeps ‘the’ T-zone shine free for hours and creates a smooth canvas… the perfect pair!

So there you have it! What are your perfect primer + foundation/BB combos?! Let me know!


#VideoCrushes: Hot New Stuff!

Hey hey!

I am back with a new video yay! And in this one I’m taking you thought my ‘New In‘ products. The ones I will be trying and testing to give you guys my feedback on them.

Watch on!


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#MakeUpCrush: Oh Palette, sweet Palette…!

I know what you’re thinking! Two make-up posts in a row? What is going on?!! I’ve been sorting out my make-up and so got inspired to write about all of the different pieces and I own and use. This is another one of them…

I don’t know about you but I’ve kind of developed a bit of an obsession with palettes! I just find them so pretty and gorgeous and I WANT THEM ALL!

In today’s post, I wanted to share my palette collection (which is expending a little each month) and what I think of each of them. They might not be the latest ones to hit the market but ones I love never the less!


Pixi Perfection Palette in Lit-Up Lovely (here) – This was my very first Pixi purchase. There has been several ones since! I really liked the way this palette looked on my computer screen and so I thought ‘why the hell no?’. I was very excited to trying it out and was not disappointed at all! The colour selection is just fabulous, their are just buttery, easy to apply & blend, there’s a good mix of matt and shimmery shades… the blush colours are also really lovely and apart from the contouring colour which is a little ‘orange’ for me, I absolutely love this palette!!


Urban Decay Naked 2 (here) – Probably one of the most talked about palette on the blog sphere, the ‘Naked 2′ does not disappoint. An amazing selection of creamy, highly pigmented shadow shades offering endless combining possibilities to create tons of different looks! I absolutely love this palette and it would probably be the one I would take if I was to spend a year on a deserted island!


Urban Decay Naked 3 (here) – The ‘pinkest’ of all 3 Naked palettes is as beautiful as it looks! The perfect combination of golden pink matt and shimmery shades to create a more ‘romantic’ version of smokey looks. Naked2 and 3 are the perfect duo and probably the only ones I will be taking with me on holidays this summer!



Kardashian Beauty Khloe Kardazzle (here) – this one is my least favourite of all my palettes… I wanted to get a slice of the whole ‘Kardashian Beauty’ cake and really, I will not go for seconds. The texture of the shadows isn’t very good at all, the pigmentation a huge let down and the packaging feels ‘cheap’… still, this one will make my 12 years old nice happy :)

Mykiyaji Palette Checker Image

Mikyajy Jungle Fever (here) – Another brand I had never tried before. I selected this compact palette because the colours looked fun and fierce and I thought it’d be perfect to create more ‘adventurous’ looks during my Summer holidays! I quite like this one actually although it is probably more suited to the ‘younger’ gals BUT I do use some of the shades and really like one of the lip gloss (as you can see from the photo ;)! ).


Laura Mercier Colour-to-Go in Natural Nudes (here) – My perfect travel companion! This super compact, super sleek-looking palette is just so adorable! It comes with 4 gorgeous eye shadow shades including a lovely highlighter, one contour/bronzer shade, which, by the way, is fab, and the sweetest pink blush colour! What’s more, it also includes the cutest of mini lip gloss…. again, THE perfect travel partner.


Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Palette (here) – Oh how I lusted over this palette! I had to wait for about 1 month and half for it to hit our shores from when it first launched in the UK and boy it was worth every single moment I waited! I absolutely love these shades of delicious, chocolatey brown which work so well with each other and allow me to create lots of different smokey looks! The only downer here is the shimmery shade which I find isn’t as pigmented as the others….


Sephora Pro Lesson Palette for Brown Eyes (no longer available online but check similar ones here) – This one is actually one of my very first palettes ever AND the one I learned how to master the infamous smokey eye with! And so it is no surprise that this number would hold a very special place both in my hear and in my make-up stash. I will forever treasure this beauty with which you can create a day-time/natural golden smokey look and a more ‘sultry’ glamorous purple/grey version.


Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Dolce Vita  (here) – the latest addition to an already full collection and perhaps the most ‘luxurious’ of all. I fell in love with this shadow quad after one of my favourite blogger reviewed it. In 3 clicks of a mouse I had ordered it from Selfridges.co.uk and a few days later it landed, as beautiful and posh as expected on my door step! I’ve only used a few times and keep it for those extra special occasions but really really love it!

Alright my loves, this WAS my palette collection as it currently stands! As you can imagine my ‘wish-list’ is pretty long and I will for sure be back with another load of palettes to review & blog about!

I promise the next post will NOT be about make-up ;).. although….

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