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#NailCrush: The Polish Edit

I am a firm believer of the whole ‘show me your hands, I’ll tell you who you are‘ thing.

I mean, the way you look after your hands just tells a lot about how you care about the rest of you/your life/etc….

PLUS, when you work in a business environment and have lots of meetings etc… it is super important to ensure your hands always are in pristine conditions as it is after all the first ‘thing’ you extend when meeting someone for the first time, and trust me, people DO notice!

So this post won’t come as a surprise! I always make sure to give my hands a weekly manicure (at home) and then once a month, treat them to a professional one.

I also always make sure my polish always looks good and because I love to wear different colours depending on my moods, outfits etc… I tend to change it every few days.

This past few weeks, I’ve been sporting an array of colours that could not be more diverse!

So here are the brands & polishes I’ve been rocking lately :)

1. Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints in Greenberry and Papaya – at AED25 a pot, these were a real bargain and they lasts you quite a while. Although these colours are a bit more ‘Summery’, they just make me happy!


2. Rimmel London Salon Pro in Barmy Blue – I absolutely love this shade of blue which just goes so well with denim or darker outfits! The Salon Pro polishes are quite amazing when it comes to lasting ages!


3.  Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Golden Rule – no, glitter isn’t just for Christmas! It can (and should) be worn all year round! Just because it looks pretty! Do I need to say more? I wear this one on its own OR over a coloured polish for an added sparkling effect…


4. Picture Polish goodies in Peaches & Cream and Orbit – I attended the launch of aussie brand Picture Polish the other day and felt madly in love with these fabulous gems. The range of colours is just amazing! I particularly love this peach pink colour and this beautiful sparkly dark blue number which you can wear on its own or over the other one to create a ‘sparkly french mani’ effect!


5. NStyle Polish in Fashion Dome – this one is more of classic red colour which everyone should have in their polish stash! I had never tried NStyle‘s own brand of polish and so was super excited to be receiving this one in my January GlamBox! I love the way it applies so easily and lasts you for a few days without chipping!! Again, a classy classic!


I will be updating my colour selection in preparing for Spring & Summer, so will be sure to keep you gals posted on any new finds! I hear next season will be all about pastels and nudes ….

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#BeautyCrush: Bourjois So Laque Nail Polishes

Show me your nails and I’ll tell you who you are. Quite a bold statement isn’t it? Well, it’s totally true! You can tell a lot about a gal by just looking at her hands, more specifically her nails!

Well maintained, manicured nails are elegant, chic and show that one cares about their appearance. Your nails can transform a look completely and have become an actual ‘accessory’, an extension of our own personal style. Some like them natural, others prefer bold flashy colours.

I personally am addicted to getting my nails done religiously every 3 weeks. I usually opt for the long-lasting, low maintenance gel manicure, at least on my hands.

For feet, I do like to change colours according to what I’m wearing so I usually do it at home.   I’ve tried many different polishes over the years. Expensive ones, cheaper ones… any major brands you can think of until I tried the Bourjois So Laque polishes

! I had read an excellent review on one of the many blogs & sites I follow and thought I’d give it a go & I did AND I felt in love!! These polishes are just simply the most resistant I have tried. Says they last for 10 days on the bottle and I have had my pedi on for about 2 weeks now. And I only applied 2 coats! They even resisted through a couple of soccer training sessions!

These HAVE to be the best ‘bargain beauty’ buy I’ve ever found!! At AED39 each, they’re a steal! I actually bought all 8 shades!

Check out Bourjois’ Facebook page for easy, do-it-yourself nail art inspirations! Thought this one was quite cute!

I’ve been sharing these on my Page too so don’t forget to check it out AND like it!!


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