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#NailCrush: Formula X is (finally) hitting our shores!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would have heard about Sephora‘s latest launch in the nail care department!

I’m of course talking about the new Formula X polishes!!! And guess what? They are now launching in our neck of the wood! YES you’ve heard me right, Formula X products will land in our UAE stores this very month!

I recently attended the press launch and got to try the products first hand… the colour selection is pretty amazing with over 140 different shades & effects!

The actual texture of the polishes is gel-like and just stays on forever (mine lasted 4 days which is a miracle since I can’t seem to even keep a mani intact for more than 24hrs!)

V3_systeme x

What I was most impressed with is the new Formula X ‘The System’. A 3-step nail care pack which includes a nail cleanser, a base coat and a shine top coat. Throw in  your favourite polish and you’re on your way to a professional looking, long-lasting manicure in the comfort of your own home! The kit retails for AED120.


I’m actually pretty impressed with the packaging and choice of colours! I mean they have them all, the nudes, the neons, the sparky ones, metallics, the special effects ones… you name it, I bet you they have it! The brush is also pretty easy to use.

And from about AEd50 a pop, they’re super inexpensive too! All the more reason to stock up for the Summer.

I promise you’ll love them! Now be sure to tune in to my Twitter account @theglamcrusher as I will be sure to let you all know the exact date these will be in Sephora at The Dubai Mall.

Can’t wait xo!

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#BeautyCrush: October GlamBox Review

Another month, another box of beauty treats!! And the October GlamBox didn’t disappoint with it’s Nail Care edition!

I never used to be a massive mani-pedi fan but since really getting into it (this kind of happened when I moved here and was suddenly able to actually afford a monthly mani-pedi!) I now have about 2 shoe boxes FULL of nail polishes, tools etc… One brand I’ve been eying up is KoKo Nails though and what a great surprise it was to find not one but two of their polishes in my GlamBox!!

I was also very impressed with the full size, Salon Nail Dryer Spray! Great value!

Here is what I thought of all the different products in last month’s GlamBox

Onyx Professional – Salon Nail Dryer Spray – What an amazing product this is! I hate it when I’ve just spend half an hour applying my nail polish then I have to wait for another 10 mins until it dries and that’s when the phone rings or you grab the remote control and then bam! Your polish smudges!! Well, NO MORE I say! All you’ve gotta do now is use the spray on each of your nail after you’ve applied your polish and voila!! I usually repeat the process just to be sure but it really works!!

B Pedi Peel – I had heard of this foot peel and remember thinking I should try it out as my feet get very dry from all the soccer playing so again, excellent surprise to find it in the box. I haven’t used it yet because it does warn you that your feet will be peeling for about 2 weeks after you’ve used the peeler socks. I therefore thought it was best to wait until the Winter when I am less likely to be wearing sandals and flip flops. Another one I will report back on soon….

KoKo Nail Polishes – I LOVE THESE!! I received 2 different pastel shades: a baby blue one and a baby pink one. Tried both and was quite impressed at how long it lasted! This could also be thank to using it in combination with the dryer spray but I got about a week’s wear out of it and with no chipping!

2013-10-28 14.32.38

KoKo Nail Soak Off Gel Polish – This is one I have not used yet just because you’ve gotta take it to your local salon and it requires the UV Light to dry. Next time I do go for a gel manicure I will be sure to bring it along!

Nail File – Also in the box and to complete the perfect manicure set, was a nail file with different surfaces for filing, polishing & smoothing which I’ve used a couple of times and was fairly happy with!

Writing this review I realised I didn’t get the little KoKo Nail Quick Soak Off pot which features in the image so can’t quite give you any feedback on this one also I have a feeling it goes along with the Gel Polish and can only be used by a professional nail therapist….

Another lovely GlamBox I would say! I can’t wait now to receive my November one and will be sure to share my feedback with you all very soon!

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