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#NailCrush: CND Shellac’s Forbidden Collection Launch

Loving the campaign’s tag line: “Unravel the mystery of innate desires and express glamour with CND’s Shellac Forbidden Collection!” 

Looking at the new CND Shellac’s collection, I can totally relate! You may remember a previous post on CND Vinylux new collection for Fall/Winter? See here if you haven’t. Well, I am SO very pleased to say, the same sultry, deep & sexy colours are now available in Shellac form!! YAY!

I recently attended the CND Shellac Forbidden Collection launch at the beautiful JW Marriott Marquis and was treated to my very first CND Shellac manicure!


First of, I had to chose a colour… gosh that was hard! With 6 different ones to chose from, all featured on the runways during New York and London Fashion Weeks, I took me a while to pick not 1 but 3 colours – Dark DhaliaTinted Love andNight Glimmer (the first one as the main colour on 4 out 5 fingers, the second for the ring finger on each hands and Night Glimmer as a French-manicure style tip).


In terms of manicures, I probably tried out everything and, up until a few months ago, I was a huge Gelish advocate! A manicure that lasts for 3 weeks? Yes please! However, it kind of took its toll on my nails, rendering them very brittle and fragile.

Chatting to the lovely CDN Vice Presitent, Denise Dente, I was assured the CNC Shellac was different! It does not damage your nails, is easy to remove and lasts as long as a Gelish  manicure does.

Chatting to CDN Vice Presitent, Denise Dente

Chatting to CDN Vice Presitent, Denise Dente

The whole process only took 35 mins which is amazing! The first coat takes about 10 seconds to dry and then the next 2 coats take 2 minutes each and you’re done!


2 weeks later, my Shellac manicure is still going strong with very minor chipping and the colour is still very shiny. How amazing!!


The CND Shellac manicures & pedicures are available across all leading spas and salons in the UAE including my favorite De La Mer Day Spa for AED120 or AED230 for a mani-pedi combo)!

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#NailCrush: Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with The Nail Spa ‘Pink TLC Package’

This package has been created exclusively to recognise and support Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the UAE, 25% of each package will be donated to Breast Cancer Arabia

 There has never been a better month to look pretty in pink than October and this year, The Nail Spa is helping you to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness month in style, with the help of their Pink TLC Package.

Combining beautiful pink ombre manicures with a limited edition pink shower cap and topped off with a refreshing pink Grapefruit, Fennel and Apple juice from Essentially, this package will leave you feeling great inside and out.

Not only will this pampering package leave you feeling fab but it is also a great way to treat your friends and family and pass on the Breast Cancer Awareness message to your nearest and dearest, safe in the knowledge that 25% of the total cost of each package will be donated to Breast Cancer Arabia.

The Nail Spa 029 (1)

The Nail Spa Pink TLC Package includes:

  • The Pretty in Pink Manicure (60mins): Choose from a classic pink manicure or go for something more daring with a range of pink ombre shades
  • The TLC Shower Cap: A limited edition TLC (Touch, Look, Check) shower cap with a helpful guide to shower time self- checking
  • Essentially Pink Juice: 250ml freshly made juice, brought to The Nail Spa especially for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This 100% organic juice has been cold-pressed using grapefruit, fennel and apple. Fennel is the key ingredient as it has been proved to have strong anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect juice to compliment the Pink TLC Package www.essentially.ae

The Pink TLC Package is available for Dhs 170 for an ombre manicure and Dhs 150 for classic pink manicure, available from 1st October – 31st October 2013. Prior booking is essential.




  • Mercato (04 349 7766)
  • IBN Battuta Mall (04 368 5070)
  • Jumeirah Creekside Hotel (The Aviation Club) (04 282 1617)
  • Dubai Mall (04 339 9078)
  • Meadows Town Centre (04 447 0744)
  • Arabian Ranches Golf Club (04 452 2262)


  • Al Wahda Mall (02 642 3444)

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Sally Hansen Manicure Kit

#beautytipscrush: Salon-perfect manicure… at home, by Sally Hansen

Exclusively for y’all Glam Crushers, I share Sally Hansen‘s best tips,  to achieve a perfect at-home salon manicure, following these three steps:

  1. Shape your nails neatly with our fine-grade beauty tools.
  2. Treat your nails to an expert solution from Sally Hansen.
  3. Choose from an extensive range of trend-setting shades to make your color statement


Nails should be shaped once a week to support healthy and nice-looking nail growth. Sally Hansen offers the finest in beauty tools to help you achieve salon-quality results safely.

  • Trim nails:
  1. Soak fingertips in warm water to soften nails before trimming. This will achieve the exact nail shape you are looking for.
  2. For thin or weak nails, use the nail scissors with a curve that follows the natural nail contour.
  3. For thick or strong nails, prefer the nail clip catcher with one-cut technology.
  •  Groom Cuticles:

Grooming cuticles neatly makes manicure look more perfect!

My golden rule for healthy cuticles: only remove what is torn, cracked and loose. Never groom what is attached and intact.

  • Smooth Nails:
  1. Buffing nails before applying polish helps provide a smoother nail finish and helps resist chipping!
  2. Use your buffer from the cuticle to the free edge, which is the direction of nail growth. This way, you respect the nature of the nail.
  • Seven Steps Buffer:
  1. Shaping mails prevents them from peeling and gives them a well-finished look!
  2. Sawing back and forth with a rough file can fray nails, making them more prone to shredding. Instead, file in one direction with a gentle, side-to-corner sweeping motion.


Nourishing Cuticle Treatments:

Obtaining healthy, non-overgrown cuticles is all about nutrition! Moisturizing your cuticles daily will soften dry skin around the nail plate and increase nail flexibility. In addition, pampering and massaging softly will help improve circulation and stimulate healthy new nail growth.

  •  For Healthy Cuticles

Pamper them with a variety of care choices

  • For Dry & Rough Cuticles

Nourish them with a rich emollient massage oil

  • For Overgrown Cuticles

Gently remove them with a cuticle remover

Strengthening & Growth Treatments:

The nail plate actually contains up to 25% water! Since it is a very porous surface, water passes through it easier than through skin.  Using a strengthening & growth treatment is the best way to properly moisturize your nails and keep them from becoming dry, weak or short.

  • For Soft, Weak Nails that Chip and Bend easily

Strengthen them with a nail-hardening protective coat.

  • For Short Nails that just won’t grow

Condition them with a nutritional coat to promote healthy nail growth.

  • For Peeling, Dry, Brittle Nails that split and break easily

Moisturize and strengthen them with a sealing coat to instantly stop peeling and fill in cracks. (Will send you relevant products details shortly)

Beautifying base & top coats:

Base & top coats are nail colors best friend! Use a base coat as an anchor to fasten nail color and extend wear. Use a top coat as a shield and protector of nail color. Apply every three days to reinforce the seal. That’s THE secret for a long-lasting manicure!


How to color nails like a professional manicurist? First, wipe any excess polish from the brush onto the inner rim of the bottle. Then hold the brush midcap, not at the top: you’ll have more control. Now paint a stripe down the center of your nail, followed by one on either side. Finish with a thin strip across the very tip.

  • Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear for healthy nails with an exclusive Micro-Shine complex for a nail-hardening manicure.

Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Nail Enamels

Xtreme shine & wear will last you up to 7 days! Here is to a salon worthy manicure :)

Don’t forget to check out Sally Hansen Facebook page here.

Oh and here are a few SH products I, myself picked up from Carrefour at Mall of the Emirates! Love the pastel & bold Summer shades!! 

Sally Hansen Manicure Kit

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