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#NailCrush: LoveYourNails water& air permeable nail lacquer review

So you must have seem a few pics of the new LoveYourNails water/air permeable nail lacquer on my Instagram recently. I got a chance to try them out and am so excited to be sharing this review with you gals!!

First of all, let me just say that I am the worst at applying polish! No matter how many times I do my nails I always end up with one hand looking alright and the other looking well… a mess!!

When I applied my LYN lacquer however, I was quite impressed as to how easy it went on… the brush is just the perfect size and dispense the perfect amount of polish per stroke! I did 2 coats in 2 minutes and both hands look ‘salon-perfect’!! The coverage is also excellent. I deliberaly did not apply a base or a top coat and boy, they look completely opaque and glossy! It also dried pretty quickly…

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LYN (Love Your Nails) has managed to come up with a really cool formulation they call Ch2olor Complex which allows air and water to pass through the lacquer and reach your nails. This in turns means your nails can breathe, it keeps them clean AND they won’t get brittle or stained. Pretty cool hey?

The colour selection is also quite nice I must say :)

And after wearing the polish for 3 days it did start to come off a bit… only just because I am one of those weird people that wash their hands 50 times a day (which to be honest everyone kind of should do but that’s beside the point) so when it came to the big event I was hosting this week, I decided to take it all off and re-apply.

Removing it was super quick and easy! Much easier than your regular polish so that’s a big bonus cos I hate it when I have to rub that damn cotton pad for half an hour. Plus it did not stain my nails which regular polishes tend to do. Plus it just makes it so much more easier to re-apply or change colour 😉

It then lasted a good 3 days looking good!

Now I have had a few questions as to whether this polish is ‘halal‘ and can therefore be worn during prayer… I’m afraid I cannot answer that question as I certainly wouldn’t want to give out incorrect information.

LYN poster

Love Your Nails lacquers can be bought through their Facebook app (here) or Souq.com (here).

Price is AED49 per bottle (bargain!) and the set of 4 is for AED 196. 

Let me know if you’ve tried them and what you thought of these!
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