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#BeautyCrush: WOMF #4

Can you guys believe we’re already in November?! That’s just mad, where does time go!

And I can’t believe I am sitting here blogging about my fourth What’s On My Face feature either yet here I am.

And so here we are with the products I have been using AND loving lately!!

Neutrogena Visibly Clear® 2 in 1 Wash and Mask – a great great time-saver product!! You can use this amazing product as a daily face wash (quite an effective one at that) and as a weekly deep cleansing mask! Been using it for a few weeks now and really liking it so far….

La Roche- Posay Serozinc – I mentioned this product in a previous post and remember I wasn’t too sure about it… well, I have now been using it for a while and must say I actually really like it! It is a purifying yet soothing zinc sulfate solution which just adds that extra touch in your cleansing routine! All of my favorite bloggers keep on raving about it and I am starting to see why! I bought mine from France and not entirely sure we can actually find it here in the UAE… will defo investigate and let you know.

Dermalogica UltraCalming Serum Concentrate – since I’ve visited the Dermalogica spa and found out I had some sensitivities on my cheeks I’ve been using this calming & soothing serum twice a day after my toner and before my moisturiser. It has been over 2 weeks now and the redness has definitively gone down and my skin feels ‘repaired’ if that makes sense! Again, another amazing product from Dermalogica

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster – I did mention in my Dermalogica treatment review that my therapist had found my forehead and T-zone to be quite dehydrated which could eventually cause fine lines and so she recommended this genius little serum which I actually had a tube of at home! I have been applying it twice a day since! You’ve gotta keep those little lines at bay for as long as possible right?!

Dermalogica Soothing Eye Serum – OK, I know this is now the 3rd Dermalogica product but really, their stuff is pretty amazing! I was gifted the new Soothing Eye Serum a couple of months ago and been not only using it every evening but loving it too! The texture is a like an oil but it sinks right into your under eye skin and does not leave any greasy film at all! It reduces dark shadows and nourishes the very sensitive skin under your eyes…

Herbline Essentials Aloe Vera & Honey Under Eye Gel – I have mentioned this one too in a previous post and I am still very much using this amazing eye gel in the morning as I just love the refreshing and awakening effect it gives! It also hydrates and plumps up my under eye skin beautifully and makes for a great make-up base. Plus it’s organic and that’s just like a great bonus to me!

Elemis Pro-Collagene Marine Cream – I wrote a full review of this amazing moisturiser and so won’t go on about it here. Just check out my post here.

Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen – Same here with this SPF which has been a regular in my skin care routine for almost 6 months now and probably will be for a very very long time!! Full review here.

Herbline Essentials Apricot & Honey Face Scrub – Ladies, you’ve GOTTA exfoliate at least once a week to get rid of dry skin and impurities! And no, this is not up for a debate! I’ve been ‘scrubbing’ for years and my skin is very thankful for it. An excellent one is the new Apricot & Honey Face Scrub from one of my top skin care brands, Herbline EssentialsThis delicious smelling scrub has a deep moisturising effect whilst the apricot oil and fruit extracts work together to help remove blackheads, nourish dehydrated skin, exfoliate and even out the skin tone. 

Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub – I’ve got to confess to have been a smoker for many years (way too many in fact but I’m French yeah, that’s what we do!) and so have been suffering from dry lips ever since! I did quit the cancer sticks a while ago but still have very dry lips so really, discovering this genius little lip scrub was a revelation! You just rub it in, rinse and voila! Gorgeous soft & hydrated lips guaranteed! This one is from Lush’s Christmas collection and I also have the Pop Corn Lip Scrub which is yum!

Biorderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution – I discovered this genius little pink product in the Special Edition Tala Samman GlamBox back in June (read the full review) and have been using it to remove my eye make-up every night every since! As a contact lenses wearer I need to ensure I use a non-irritating eye make-up remover and this one is just perfect at both taking even the most stubborn mascara off and soothing my eyes at the same time. Defo a keeper!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s What’s On My Face post. If you have recently discovered a product you absolutely love (or hate) do share in the comments section!

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#BeautyCrush: WOMF #3

Hope y’all had an excellent weekend! Mine just flew by really… doesn’t it always! Still, I found time to blog about my current skin care routine and here are the products I’ve been using over the past few weeks including a couple of newbies!


Eau Precieuse

Now this is one of those cult beauty products which I remember my grand-mother AND my mother using! The Eau Precieuse (Precious Water in English) was in fact created in France back in 1890! This miscellar water is known to fight imperfections & black heads. During my recent holidays at home, I was chatting all things beauty (of course) with my mates and one of them mentioned she was not only still using Eau Precieuse but loving it too. She has fantastic skin so it must work!!

Off I went to my local pharmacy & picked one up. I’ve been using all over my face to remove my make-up & as a pre-wash in the morning and so far, not complaining!

Neutrogena Deep Clean cleansing gel

Yes, I have gone back to my 1st love when it comes to cleanser and been again using my favorite one EVER! I’ve blogged about this amazing face wash a few times already but got to admit it is still the best at removing my make-up and preparing my skin for the rest of my routine.

L’Oreal Eclat Sublime Tonique Clarifiant

I mentioned this toner in one of my ‘French Fancies Beauty Haul‘ posts back from when I was on holidays. I’ve actually been using it for a few weeks now and really like it! It is very fresh and just wakes your skin up in the morning. It contains Vitamin C for an added ‘glowy‘ effect. Not sure you can get this one in the UAE just yet but if you are travelling to Europe I strongly recommend you pick up a bottle!

L’Oreal Sublimist Serum

And another one of my ‘French Fancies‘! I picked up this serum from the new L’Oreal Sublimist range and been using it every morning since then. It is said to give you that ‘perfect skin’ effect and although I can’t see any major difference, I do find it adds a little more ‘glow’ to it if that makes sense? It acts a bit as a primer and smooth out any fine lines or blemishes which then allows my BB cream to just glide onto my skin. Will keep on using it for the next few weeks and report back on any improvements!

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 30

Nothing new here. I am still using AND loving my good old Neutrogena sunscreen. I did try the Clinique one for a few days but really, this one is my favorite one. I just love the fact that the texture is so light and non-greasy and it’s an absolute bargain.

L’Occitane Sublime Beauty Cream

I’ve talked about this one too in the past but really been using it on a regular basis since I went on holidays. Must say, of all the BB creams I have tried, this one is probably my favorite one. The texture is light & sheer but provide excellent coverage. The colour (medium) is just a superb match to my skin tone.

Dermalogica Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum

OK, I am being a little ‘unfaithful’ to my beloved Herbline Essentials Aloe Vera & Honey Under Eye Gel BUT, I do have to try different things don’t I?! I just recently discovered the Dermalogica Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum and been using it for over 2 weeks now. The oil-like texture is pretty amazing actually! It just melts into your under eye skin and kind of smooth it out… I’ve gotta say it is a pretty damn good product! It doesn’t have the ‘refreshing effect’ the Herbline Essentials gel gives but it seems to be excellent at filling up those little lines (damn these!) and makes a perfect primer for your concealer… I can’t really tell which one I prefer, I like them both and will probably use the Herbline Essentials gel in the morning and use the Dermalogica in the evening as it feels a little more ‘nourishing’.

Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub

I started using Lush’s lip scrubs a couple of months ago and absolutely adore the Pop Corn one. I tried the Santa’s Lip Scrub the other day and loved it too! You just rub it onto your lips, rinse it off and your pout is baby-soft & rid of any dry skin… amazing!

Well there you have it, this month’s low down on my skin care routine. I shall be back soon with some hair products I’ve recently been using so watch this space!


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#BeautyCrush: loving Herbline Essentials right now!

Since trying Herbline EssentialsCucumber & Rose Water Toner and the Aloe Vera & Honey Eye Gel, I’ve kind of been a fan of H E all-natural products and so when I got invited to check out their new branding and products I was SUPER excited!

Let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. I posted a little preview of the new branding a couple of days ago and I hope you’ll agree, the products look really nice!

However, what’s really important here, is that the products are just AMAZING! They are all organic and made with the highest quality ingredients. All are paraben and paraffin free.

Herbline Essentials is also enrolled in PETA’s “Beauty Without Bunnies” program as a cruelty free brand!

I’ve recently been using their SPF 40 Sun Screen Lotion and have since added not only their Apricot & Honey Face Scrub but also their Aloe Vera & Honey Body Moisturiser to my beauty regimen!

AND I cannot wait to try out more from their skin & hair care range!

Check the products out:

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The Herbline Essentials range of products is currently available at leading pharmacies in the UAE, including Boots, Bin Sina, Health First and United Pharmacies, including the Dubai Duty Free pharmacies at Dubai International Airport.

Herbline Essentials is alsos etting off on an exciting new journey across the Middle East region and beyond, bringing its organic message and wholesome products,based on the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, to discerning consumers in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, South Africa and several western and central European markets.

To find out more about Herbline Essentials’ all-natural approach to beauty and their products, visit www.herbline-essentials.com and don’t forget to give a ‘Like’ to their Facebook page!

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#BeautyCrush: a little preview of Herbline Essentials new product range!


What an exciting night yesterday, event-hoping with my fellow fashion & beauty bloggers! One I was really looking forward to was the unveiling of Herbline Essentials new branding & product release.

It didn’t disappoint! Whilst I will compile a more detailed post over the weekend (I actually got to meet & talk beauty products with Aly Rahimtoola, the man behind the brand – how amazing!), I thought I’d share a little preview of one of the new products I shall be trying out this very morning!! (How glam is their new packaging?!!)

Herbline Essentials Apricot & Honey Face Scrub (AED129)

 Apricot & Honey Face Scrub

This delicious smelling scrub has a deep moisturising effect whilst the apricot oil and fruit extracts work together to help remove blackheads, nourish dehydrated skin, exfoliate and even out the skin tone.

Used regularly, the scrub will transform the skin, leaving it beautifully smooth, fresh and baby soft, resulting in a glowing and flawless complexion.

This one can also be used as a face mask for a deeper cleansing effect. I am SO sold!

You can find Herbline Essentials products in your local Boots or pharmacy. Check out their website for details or to order online.

I will be back with more exciting #beauty news later so stay tuned!

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#BeautyCrush: WOMF #2

Hey gals!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer as much as I am. I’ve now been home for a week and really enjoying myself. Minus the couple of heavy showers  & storms we’ve had last week, the weather has been gorgeous with a nice & cool 28c!

Onto my current skin care routine… here is a little LOOK inside the products I’ve been using lately:


Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

I’ve been using this one for over a week and really liking it! The scent is very summery and I like the fact that it also exfoliates your skin gently. I still prefer my Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser though as I find this ones doesn’t get rid of all my make-up as easily…. Still a very strong contender.

Herbline Essentials Cucumber & Rose Water Skin Tonic

Don’t think I need to tell you, again, why I love this toner! Mind you, I’ve heard raving reviews of the La Roche-Posay Ser0zinc which I need to get my hands on next week….

Herbline Essentials Aloe Vera & Honey Under eye Gel

Again another favorite of mine! I like the way the gel cools your skin and refreshes your eyes leaving the very fragile skin underneath hydrated & smooth,

L’Occitane Essence Sublime Serum

Now, I’ve been using this Serum for just over 2 weeks now and still not quite sure what to say about it. I haven’t noticed any real difference on my skin either way… I will say that it’s not quite worth the AED265 and will probably have to go on a hunt for a new Serum soon!

Clarins Sun Care Cream SPF 20

Yes, I’ve been unfaithful to my usual Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen but that’s only because I got given a few little mini samples of this one and thought they would be easier to pack! However, I still very much prefer the Neutrogena as I find the Clarins Sun Cream to be a little too rich for my skin.

L’Occitane Creme de Beaute Sublime BB Cream

Still very much liking the L’Occitane BB Cream! It just leaves my skin hydrated, smooth and not greasy! The colour is also a really good fit to my skin tone. This one is defo a winner!

Let me know if you guys have recently tried a new product which you love or not!!

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