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#BeautyCrush: French Fancies Haul, part 2

YES, I’ve been at it again!

My friends at home really are starting to think I am completely obessed with shopping for beauty products…one of them actually suggested I seek help! AH!

Well, maybe I am a little ‘tubaholic’ but hey, to me, it’s a healthy passion!

So, what did I buy lately? Well this time I kind of looked for really cool shower gels and hair products.

Body Care:


I looooove Bourjois’ shower gels and we do get a few in the UAE, however, in France, we have LOADS more!! So that’s one thing I always make sure to bring back a little stach of! These 3 are new and so I got one of each to try them.

Bourjois Paris, Cagolez Moi, Lait de Fleur de Cerisier (EUR2.24) – This smells like Sherry Blossom and is the nourishing version (‘Cagolez Moi’ means ‘Pamper ME’!).

Bourjois Paris, Reveille Moi, Agrumes et Baies de Goji (EUR2.24) – ‘Reveille Moi’ meaning ‘Wake Me Up’ and so this citrus one is perfect for morning shower, when you need a little energy boost! It also has Goji Berry extracts!

Bourjois Paris, Rafraichis Moi, Fleur des Lagons (EUR2.24) – ‘Rafraichis Moi’ means ‘Refresh Me’ and so with it’s Lagoon flower smell, this one just freshen you up after a day at the beach or during the hot Summer weather…


Dop Douche Creme, Caramel a l’Ancienne (EUR2.30) – Now this one smells good enough to actually eat! It has the yummiest Toffee scent… it is a little weird and I’m not sure I actually feel ‘clean’ after using this, but if you’re craving for something sweet, just get in the shower…. and there’s no calories!


Hair Care:

Hair Care

Le Petit Marsaillais,  Huile Elixir Soin Avant-Shampoing (EUR8.50) – When I lived in France, I was a huge fan of ‘Le Petit Marsaillais’ products which are inspired by traditional mediterranean recipes. This ‘pre-shampoo’ oil which you apply 15 mins before washing your hair is a deep nourishing treatment which leaves your tresses soft and well, deeply nourished!

Garnier Ultra Doux, Shampoing Merveilleux, Huile d’Argan et Camelia (EUR2.80) – This shampoo contains Argan & Camelia oil, proven to treat your hair and leave them soft, smooth & shiny.

Garnier Ultra Doux, Baume Merveilleux, Huile d’Argan et Camelia (EUR2.87) – I will be using this Argan & Camelia oil conditionner to complete the whole ‘deep nourishing’ hair care regime.

Just talking about it has made me wanna to jump in the shower and I shall emerge smelling delicious with soft, hydrated & shiny locks!

Let’s see if anyone notices!

I’ll be back soon with part 3 (and my last, sadly) of my French Fancies Haul series…

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#BeautyCrush: French Fancies Haul, part 1

Hey you guys!

First off, let me apologise for the silent treatment. As you all know I’ve been on holidays and will be until the 27th August.

It is so nice to be home with my family and friends, I’ve been having a real blast! But the highlight of this week has to be my trip to the nearest big shopping centre, beauty shopping!!

I managed to stock up on all sort of different bits & pieces I can never find in the UAE and so couldn’t wait to share these with you lot!

So here is what I got so far!

DSC00195 - Copy

Skin Care:

Caudalie ‘Eau de Beaute‘ (EUR9.50) which you spritz all over your face at any time of the day for an instant refreshed & beautiful glow

L’Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream (EUR14.68) – in the universal shade. This one is said to correct skin tone to give you a healthy looking canvas that is radiant and lasts for 24hrs! Will try it out today!

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (EUR18.90) – I discovered this one in my last GlamBox and absolutely love it! It smells amazing, applies nicely on the skin without leaving a greasy film over it and just looks very glam!! You can use it to nourish your hair too!

Garnier Body ‘Huile Beaute Absolue’ (EUR7.98) – as you can probably tell, I really am into body oils at the mo! I just find them so easy to use and in this weather my skin tends to dry out a little so these are perfect to keep it super hydrated. I haven’t tried this one so will have to come to you on whether it beats the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse or not!

Hair Care:

L’Oreal EverRiche Shampoo (EUD7.98) – without sulfates this shampoo will nourish your (or my) keratin/botox treated hair.

L’Oreal EverLiss Conditionner (EUR7.58) – this conditionner will help tame any frizzy hair, perfect for this hot & humid weather


KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (EUR4.90). A #bblogger favorite, these are super pigmented yet easy to apply over your eye-lid. You just need to blend it out with your fingers for a super long lasting shimmery look!

I got the share 05 & 07!

L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Blush (EUR10.61), Another one of my fave bloggers recommendation! The tint adapts to your own skin tone so when applied on your cheek bone, the transparent gel transforms into this delicious pink glow that lasts for hours!

Maybelline New York Color Tattoo (EUR9.70). Haven’t tried this one out yet but the colour ’35- on and on bronze’ looks gorgeous for a summer evening look! These are said to last up to 24hrs so will have to test it out over the weekend!

Right, so that was Part 1 of my French Fancies Haul. I’ll be back with more beauty finds next week!

Any questions or suggestions as to which products I should look out for, let me know!

Until then…

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#BeautyCrush: Dream BB Creams

The question here isn’t “Have you heard of BB Creams?” but rather “Why aren’t you using them yet??”!!

BB Creams have now been around for a while, yet, some of my Glam Friends aren’t using them? OMG! You NEED to OK? They are the next best thing after hair straighteners & the Ipad!

BB Creams moisturize the skin, even out skin tone, fight wrinkles, imperfections & dullness, they even have an SPF! ALL in 1 single (albeit pretty) tube! They simply ROCK!

Not sure which one to buy or use? Well here is a review of my 3 absolute favorites! (There are thousands out there and I haven’t obviously tried them all BUT if you want more info on BB Creams check out this article from ‘Dailymakeover.com‘ and this review fromhudabeauty.com’)



Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector

This is actually the first one I ever bought and used it for a few weeks. The texture is fab and smooth on very easily. The shade (medium) is a good match to my natural skin tone and evens out the skin very well. It is however a little too ‘greasy’ for my liking but if your skin is normal to dry, this one is perfect for you!  This one also contains an SPF15.



Loreal nude magicL’Oreal Bare Skin Beautifier

I got this one a year ago at the Doha Airport Duty Free as it hadn’t launched over here in the UAE yet. I liked it immediately  The texture is a little different here… it feels a little ‘rough’ and the ‘grey-ish’ colour is can be off-putting at first BUT when applied, it transforms to match your skin colour, evens out your skin tone and give it a matte finish which I loved! It has an SPF12 which is a little light for the Middle Eastern sun so I would usually wear sunblock on top of it (Min. SPF20). Best for oily skins.


Dior Dior Hydra Life BB Cream

And there is my STAR BB Cream! This one is AMAZING! Albeit it is a little more expensive (AED290) BUT it is worth every single dirhams, trust me!

The texture offers more of a ‘full coverage’ than the others. It feels definitely more ‘luxurious’ and just blends perfectly. I am using the medium shade which works well with my skin tone! The best thing is, this BB cream has an SPF30!

A lot of the beauty bloggers have favored this one :)

Now, I can’t wait to try the new CC Creams!!! Will do a post/review of those soon I promise.


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