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#FitCrush: The 30-day Fitness Challenge Update #1

Hey you guys!

A week has gone by and so I thought I’d give you a quick update on my progresses with the famous #Bliss30dayfitnesschallenge!

Exercise-wise I’ve got to admit that I did not do as well as I hoped…. only because work, life etc… kind of got in the way. But I still fitted in a couple of gym sessions at the Pharaoh’s Club at Wafi, and 2 runs so it wasn’t too bad. You’ve gotta give it to these guys, their club is pretty amazing. I mean, the range of cardio & resistance machines available in the Ladies Gym is really good and truly allows you to mix and match different training routines.

On the diet front, I’ve actually been pretty good. I’ve not weighted myself as I try to only do so every 2 weeks… but I do feel  good and reenergise so it must be a good sign ;)!

And finally, I’ve been using the bliss Lean Machine together with my #FatGirlSlim cream and must say my skin defo looks a little firmer and smoother! This thing is AMAZING!! So easy to use and it damn bloody works. Really worth the investment.

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PS: I got hold of my #fatgirlslim lean machine by accepting the #bliss30daychallenge. If you are a #beautyblogger nominate yourself to be the next one to be picked, otherwise you can buy your personal #cellulite buster from @basharacare.