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#FashionCrush: That C.Nicol ‘Pippa’ Oversized Clutch

Happy Sunday everybody!

Today’s post is an outfit I wore last week to a work event and one I felt I looked good in. Now the star of the show here is my new C.Nicol Pippa oversized clutch bag which I absolutely adore! C.Nicol is an uber cool up & coming British accessories designer (and friend!) and I’m so pleased to be one of the first ones to be sporting one of her bags.

I love everything about that clutch. The colour which just adds that pop of colour to any outfits. It’s big enough to carry a notebook/Ipad/everyday essentials. Looks SO chic and sophisticated yet is still quirky.

Check out C.Nicol‘s Facebook page here.


C.Nicol Pippa Clutch

C.Nicol Pippa Clutch

C.Nicol Pippa Clutch

C.Nicol Pippa Clutch

The dress is from ASOS (here) and the belt from Moschino (here). Glasses from Gucci.

Moschino Belt

Moschino Belt


#FashionCrush: Armani Exchange Summer 2015 Collection

You know what? I never went into an Armani Exchange store. Nope. Never. I’m not really sure why. I guess I never thought their style was mine. Well, looking at the look book for their new Summer 2015 Collection, I must put both of my hands up and admit that I was completely wrong. Yeah, that happens too! Not too often so don’t get used it 😉

When I was sent news & images of the new collection I almost dismissed it and filed the email under ‘Other brands’. But then I got my uber cool, bright coral Armani Exchange tote bag (here) and I thought I’d give it a chance. To my surprise I discovered a really chic, effortless and clean style. I am now a complete convert and in fact cannot wait to go check out their store in Dubai Mall!

Sharing some of my favourite looks below:

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2015-05-18 15.36.34-1

#FashionCrush: Out & about in London

As you may know if you follow me on Instagram, last week I was in London for a couple of days. I was attending the infamous SABRE Awards for which MEPRA (Middle East PR Association) – which I manage, was shortlisted. We lost (boohoo!) but I had an amazing amazing time! Had forgotten how much I loved this city…

Of course when I landed, I froze on the spot, it was 9C and I only had a little jacket so my first stop was Primark where I got a lovely coat and a few pieces of jewelry for a mere 30 Pounds. Bargain! Love Primarni (that’s what I used to call it back in the days)!

Here is the outfit:

2015-05-18 17.34.33

Coat & pashmina: Primark ** Jeans: Promod ** Kicks: Dune ** Bling: Bimbo & Lola, Hermes

2015-05-18 17.41.14

On the 2nd day I attended the Sabre Gala Awards and wore my beloved gala dress from Debenhams! Felt so ‘Sicilian’!!

2015-05-19 22.48.54-2

Forgot to mention this fab leather shoulder bag from up & coming British accessories label C.Nicol? The colour is amazing and you can wear it both as a shoulder bag or cross-body which is so convenient. Flats are from New Look.

2015-05-21 15.25.03I’ve of course brought a few bits of make-up and skincare which I’ll share in another post 😉



Bling Post

#AccessoriesCrush: The ‘Bling’ Edit

2 things about me you didn’t know (or maybe you did actually but hey I’ll say it anyway!). A. I am all for the ‘chic & classy’ look. B. I do love a bit of bling too.

And these are my favourite pieces. They only come out at the weekend since I work in a fairly corporate environment but when the bling comes out, you know there’s going to be partying & dancing involved!

OK so these aren’t expensive pieces at all. In fact, investing in jewellery isn’t my thing at all and I would much rather have loads of options so my favourite points of call in the bling department are H&M, New Look and River Island!

Love hoop earrings (the bigger, the better), love the whole rapper – gold chain thing and I do also like the more girlie/flowery look.

Wanna show me your bling?! (did that sound a bit dodgy?) Tag me in your post!

2015-01-24 15.58.20

#FashionCrush: The GAP knit that made my Winter hols all the more warmer

Of course in Dubai, Winter really means, Summer, only just a little chillier. But in Europe, in France in particular it means Winter. I spent a couple of weeks home in the South of France over the Christmas Holidays and because I hadn’t had a proper Winter in 2 years, I made sure I was prepared to face the minus temperatures.

A quick look around the shops and I ended up in Gap where I found this beautiful grey wholly jumper which felt warm and cosy! And it did not disappoint! I probably wore it every day (or almost!) and, paired with a little thermal vest top, it kept me warm throughout!

I also picked up a couple of pair of winter socks in Gap which, again, I wore to death as they really kept my feet snug inside my boots.

I still managed to catch a terrible cold and a bit of a bronchitis BUT all looking stylish!