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#BeautyCrush: The ‘Eye’ Products

I’ve been receiving a few questions on my eye care routine and the products I use to keep those little lines and dark circles at bay… so I thought I’d share it all in one single post!

I am quite lucky that I don’t suffer from dark circles and puffiness a lot. Well unless I’ve only had a few hours sleep! But hey, I am 33 after all and I do see little lines under my eyes and they can sometimes make me a look a little older and/or tired…

I’ve actually been using eye cream since I was 25… had read somewhere this was when you should start to prevent ageing of the very thin and sensitive under eye skin. I used a drugstore cream (Vitamin E from Superdrug in the UK) for years and it was fine… until I turned 30. I then felt it was time to take out the big guns and, using a combination of products, I am now fairly satisfied with this routine.

Here is how it goes:

Morning – I’ve used the Caudalie Premier Cru – The Eye Cream for a while now and I LOVE IT! It has a little tint to it and is a bit shimmery to brighten up the eye contour and counter balance any redness or darkness….

I then apply a little concealer to further brighten the area. I’m currently loving the following 3 products which I use alternatively, depending on the day:

Maybelline FIT Me Concealer (I use shade 10)

Benefit Cosmetic Fake Up (in 02 Medium)

Sephora 10hr Fix & Correct Concealer (in shade 29) – this one has 2 ends, a large one to cover larger areas and a small one for to mask any pimples or small blemishes… genius!


Evening – I like to give my eye a bit more of a deep moisturising/conditioning treatment at night so been using the Dermalogica UltraSmoothing Eye Serum

For a more ‘refreshing’/cooling effect when I’ve had a long day staring at my computer screen, I use the Herbline Essential Aloe Vera and Honey Under Eye Gel which I sometimes even pop on throughout the day for an instant boost! I’ve actually just ran out of my last tube and must re-purchase asap!!

Before I go to bed, I’ve been applying the IsaDora Dynamic Lash Growth Serum which is meant to strengthen and lengthen your lashes in 30 days. Well it has been about 20 and I swear my lashes are longer! I’m not imagining things I promise, I can see if in my bottom lashes!! This thing is amazing AND so affordable!! (You can find it in Boots, Mall of the Emirates)

Feel free to share and recommend your favourite products! I love to try out next things so…. 😉

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