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#MakeUpCrush: Put your best face forward

Us beauty/make-up/fashion bloggers live to try out different things be it skincare products, outfit styles but also make up looks! That’s just want we thrive on. However there are times when ‘experimenting’ with something new is just out of question. This could be an important work meeting/event, a night out with your bestie, a date etc… and on these occasions you wanna make sure you look your absolute BEST!

Well, I, too have my ‘perfect face kit’ and that’s the one I bring on when I need to be 100% confident that I look good.

So what’s in the kit? Let’s dive in:

– To make sure my foundation stays put all day/night, I use the Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Primer

– I find the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet gives me the best coverage yet looks so natural. I love love love it! Applied with my Inglot Pro Blending Sponge, it’s quick, easy and fool-proof

– To conver/brighten the under eye area, I like to apply a little Maybelline FitME Concealer

– I did prep my eyelids to make sure my shadow stays on and here I’ve used a sample of the Urban Decay Long-lasting Eyeshadow Primer and it is fab!

– Onto brows: Of course, it has got to be the Mac Eye Brows Pencil in ‘Spike’. This one I only use in the evening and I find it isn’t ‘natural-looking’ enough for daytime.

– On the eyes, I made up a quick smoky-look using my beloved Urban Decay Naked 2 palette: 1. Foxy all over the lid to prep and unify the base shade 2. YDK on the mobile part of the lid 3. Busted in the crease to give the eye definition and 4. Half Baked in the inner tear duck to brighten everything up

– Lashes were of course curled with my MAC Full Lash Curler and I applied 2 x coats of the Sephora Outrageous Volume mascara in black. I also like to apply a tiny bit of the Dior Addict It-Lash mascara in 872 (the flashy pink one!) at the end of the lashes to give the whole look a little ‘funky’ twist and add a touch of fun!

– I contoured my face (slightly!) with the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette. I especially love the blush

– Since I went for a bit of a dramatic eye look, I kept the lips natural and just carried my clear Labello Hydra Care balm.

And voila! The ‘perfect’ face kit, Carine’s way! The whole thing took me about 20 mins so not too bad!!

What are your fail-proof make-up items?!

#PerfumeCrushes: The Summer Fragrances Edit

Summer Fragrance Edit

And so the countdown to Summer has officially begun! Literally…. crossing days on my desk calendar et al! I’m now on D-95… seems like a far away ahead BUT that’s exactly 3 months. And these 3 months are going to be HECTIC ones.

For one, I need to try & get into some sort of shape, then I need to plan out all of my outfits (I’m limited to 23kgs of luggage so gotta make tough decisions!), I’ll also be planning out my ‘Holidays make-up kit’, my ‘Skincare kit’ and then of course my ‘Perfumes selection’… very important these… each Summer has it’s own special scent or combination of!

So, which perfumes have made the cut this Summer? 3 actually. 1 for daytime, 1 for evening and then another one for special occasions… yes I do realise this all sound a bit extreme but that’s the way I roll!

Daytime gorgeousness: Elie Saab L’Eau Couture

Evening sultriness: Benefit Cosmetics Under My Spell Noelle

Unforgettable scent: Chanel Coco Noir 

Obviously I do own quite a few more which I wear on a regular basis and I might do a little post on my current perfume collection if you’re interested! Just let me know in the comments :)

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#PerfumeCrush: My favourite fragrances

I just realised that I haven’t talked about perfume in ages which is strange since I never ever leave the house without a good spritz of one of my favourite fragrances!

In fact, I have 4 which I wear every day of week. All 4 perfumes are actually very different and so I wear them for different occasions.

Favorite Fragrances - September 2013

For everyday/work meetings, I usually reach for my Prose by Ajmal scent. It’s very light and fresh and just reminds me of when I was young! In fact, this fragrance is aimed at the 16 to 25 years old (OK, you may laugh here!) BUT in fairness, it smells deliciously fruity and why not?! I’m still very much 22 in my head so… whatever!

If I am out shopping or meeting friends up for lunch/brunch or spending a day out with Mr M, I reach for my La Petite Robe Noire from Guerlain. This one is a very girlie fragrance, with lovely floral notes but still light enough and fresh. It doesn’t last very long in this hot & humid weather so I do have to carry the bottle in my bag and apply regular top ups but I really like it :)

Now when I go out in the evening or have a more formal day-time function to attend, then it’s Candy by Prada! Now this one, I LOOOOVE! It’s super sweet (hence the name) and lasts for ever. A couple of spritz and you’re set.

Last but not least, Chanel Coco Noir. This one was quite an investment and so I reserve it for very special occasion or when I want to make a  bit more of a statement. This is my ‘grown-up’ perfume ;). It is just divine. Strong but not too strong it gives you a headache. Classy but not too classy like the original Coco. It is a sure way to make a long lasting impression!

Did you know? You can make your very own fragrance at Ajmal Perfumes stores! How cool is that? Watch out for my next #PerfumeCrush post on the subject … 😉

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In-flight beauty essentials

#beautycrush: Come fly with me…

So tomorrow you all know (I’ve been facebooking my daily count-down!) I’ll be jetting off home to the South of France for a much much needed holiday!

I’ve already blogged about my Summer Holiday Capsule Make-Up Bag

Now I wanted to share with you my ‘In-Flight Beauty Essentials‘… yes, I do have a little beauty kit for when I fly long-haul… as you do!

No need to remind you that when in an airplane, your skin gets completely dried-out by the air-con and, if you’re wearing make-up, well it probably will end up down your face by the time you land. SO, here are a few tips on how to emerge on that tarmac looking fab & glam (or at least, fairly refreshed!).

First off girls, please do me a favor and TAKE OFF that make-up before take-off (if that makes sense)! There. Sorted.

Now, before you doze off, take a wipe and clean up your face. I use the Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Wipes.

Spritz a little ‘mineral water mist’ to complete the cleansing process. I really like the Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray.

Pat dry with a clean tissue.

Then, apply a rich moisturizer (you should re-apply every couple of hours to keep the moisture locked in throughout). I’ll be using the L’Occitane Immortelle Creme Precieuse (the night one) which encourages cell renewal and regeneration! Beauty sleep in a jar (or, in my case, a handy little sachet)

Keep a lip balm close-by too,  as your lips might get dehydrated! I’ll be of course carrying my Figs & Rouge one!

About 30 mins before you land, clean up again with a fresh wipe, pat dry, re-apply some moisturizer, sweep a little bronzer all over your face (I’m using the Body Shop Honey Bronzer), add a couple of coats of mascara (I’m SO in love with Le Volume from Chanel) and you’re good to disembark, looking GREAT!!

Careful, you might turn a few (envious) heads!

Fly safe :)

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The Luxury Closet_High Res Logo

#AccessoriesCrush: Luxury in the Shade Sunglasses, now available at The Luxury Closet!

If you’ve not heard of the Luxury Closet, you need to get onto their website & sign up NOW!

A first of its kind in the GCC region, TheLuxuryCloset.com is a fast growing online market platform that buys, sells, and consigns luxury bags, mostly pre-owned, at a discounted price. All items can be shipped worldwide, with cash on delivery available in the UAE.

Among other things, they are now selling designer sunglasses! YAY!

The right pair of shades can do wonders for your style, your outfit and your personality. From Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe to Rihanna, the most photographed women in the world have sported designer sunglasses inspiring fashion for decades.

So, the good news this summer is that ‘The Luxury Closet’, famed for its designer bags and more recently shoes and watches, is now selling designer sunglasses. Yes, simply visit www.theluxurycloset.com and shop for real, authentic shades, available to you at up to 70% off the original price!

Keep your cool with the Gucci Black/Blue Heart Crest Sunglasses  (AED 650). For a classic movie star look of large dark shades that make your face appear dainty, the blue and black plastic frames feature black temples with silver Gucci engraved heart crests.


Blue Heart Crest Sunglasses (1)

For the glamour gal, Chanel is her best friend. So, flatter your face while protecting your precious eyes with these stylish Chanel 4144 Sunglasses (AED 770) that wrap around your face. Made with a gold wrap around the metal frames and printed tortoiseshell temples, the iconic Chanel logo is also accented in gold. The beach has never looked more glorious!

Chanel 4144 Sunglasses (3)

For a very contemporary look with large frames, keep cool in the shade by wearing the Prada Black and White Two Tone Sunglasses (AED 640). Made from acetate square frames, they feature two tone black and white Prada silver logo temples and of course, come in the original Prada box.

Prada Black and White Two Tone Sunglasses (1)

And for the complete celebrity look, get plenty of attention whilst parading around wearing the Chanel Red Oversized CC Logo Sunglasses (AED 1000). Made from a blend of red colours and acetate square frames, the temples are accentuated with the dazzling ‘CC logo. You had better start practicing your autograph!

Chanel Red Oversized CC Logo Sunglasses_B

A team of experts work to distinguish the “wannabe” from the “real deal”. Only 100% authentic items are eligible to be sold on the site, with The Luxury Closet guaranteeing the authenticity of every purchase, or a full refund including all shipping costs across the world will be given. And remember, all items are pre-owned, giving you the opportunity not just to buy, but sell your own luxury items too.

So, enjoy the sun by staying in the shade… the designer shade! Only at The Luxury Closet.

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