#RandomCrush: The ‘Creative Space’

Here a lil’ look at where the magic really happens!

You might not know this but I actually work from home. Working from home was very new to me when I first joined my current organisation and I have to admit it took me a few months to adjust and to get organised.

I’ve now been doing it for over 2 years and I love it! Working from home allows a lot of flexibility. I am usually at my desk by 7am (and as soon as I’ve made myself a coffee). So by the time everyone else get to their offices, I’ve already done a couple of hours of work, uninterrupted. I do believe you get a lot more done when there are no distractions around you.

Sometimes though, it is nice to just get out and see people! Thankfully my job also gives me the opportunity to do just that.. plenty in fact!

At first I would sit at the dining table but soon had to get myself a proper desk where I could store all my files and get organised.

And here is what my little ‘Creative Space‘ looks like!

Creative Space 1


The desk itself is from Ikea and has plenty of compartments to store files and books and all my CD’s etc…

I also make sure to keep a little ‘beauty corner‘ with a stack of hand creams and lip balm, cuticule oil etc…

Desk side beauty bits


I also LOOOOVE to have a few good books and colourful notepads handy… a good mix of PR related & beauty reads. I do have one on ‘How to Start your own hair salon and spa‘… just because it is a dream of mine to one day (inch’allah) open my own little beauty heaven and this book has all of the info needed!

Brainy Reads


This also where I do all of my blogging! I usually write up my blog posts in the evening or over the weekend and make sure to schedule them to get published throughout the week. I love to write and so can very easily find myself blogging until all hours! But it’s all good fun :)

Voila, a little look inside my ‘Zone‘!

CC Stamp

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    1. Carine Chamekh Post author

      I do! I manage the Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA) which is a non-profit trade association that represents the PR industry in the region. (www.mepra.org) :)


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