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#NailCrush: CND launches it’s Autumn Forbidden collection

I realised I hadn’t blogged about #nails in a while? Not that I don’t like all things nails! I mean I spent my Summer painting mine all shades of green, blue, yellow, coral & neon pink!

So, I thought I’d look at what this season brings in terms of colours, textures etc…I can tell you, it looks a LOT darker!

CND, the brand behind Shellac and Vinylux, just launched it’s Forbidden collection for Fall.

Now if you’re not quite familiar with these: Shellac is a bit like a polish BUT it dries instantly AND delivers mirror shine with absolutely no chipping, smudging or dullness! Vinylux is a weekly nail polish that uses no base coat and gets more durable with natural light exposure.

The Forbidden collection includes six ravishing colors named, Blue Rapture, Night Glimmer, Burnt Romance, Steel Gaze, Dark Dahlia and Tinted Love.  The new fall collection was inspired by CND’s top seasonal nail trend, Forbidden, a dark, dangerous, edgy look that encourages women to embrace their inner “femme fatale”.

The six intoxicating hues exude attitude, confidence and glamour!

These are available across leading spas and salons in UAE, CND Vinylux is priced at AED 51 (bargain!) and Shellac at AED 178.

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