#MakeUpCrush: The ‘One-Night Stand’ Kit

I recently had to travel over to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a work event I was hosting in Jeddah. Since I didn’t want to check in a suitcase (which I ended up doing anyway as I was carrying my camera equipment) I tried to pack as efficiently as possible! I’ll share my ‘beauty/skincare’ travel essentials with you in the next few blog posts but today, I thought I would give you a sneak peek inside my ‘one-nighter’ make-up bag!

Now I wanted to use this opportunity to try a few new bits from Sephora‘s SS14 collection which just recently launched in Dubai, hence you’ll see a few items from the brand.


Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream (in Boots) – you can’t really go wrong with a BB cream which I find much easier to work with than a regular foundation. Saves tons of time AND space! I received this one in one of my GlamBoxes and am actually really liking it!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (in Boots) – Since I knew I might be a little tried from travelling and not sleeping in my own bed, I made sure to cary a brightening concealer in the form of my beloved Fit Me one, in the shade 10, to hide any dark circles, bags or even blemishes & redness.

Nars Blush Palette (see here)- I absolutely ADORE this genius palette which combine the perfect shade of bronzer ever (Nars Laguna) the perfect shade of blush even (Nars Orgasm) AND the most gorgeous highlighter ever! This little number really is all you need!


Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Quad (see here) – Just cos you know, sometimes you want to wear something a little more ‘luxurious’! Well on these occasions, the Charlotte Tilbury eye shadow quads are just what you need! And they last a whole day without bulging, perfect for when you’re out & about etc…

Sephora Long Lasting Brow Pencil – I can’t decide whether I prefer this one or my beloved Benefit Gimme Brow… tricky one! But since this one is new, I have been reaching for it on almost a daily basis and my brows are not complaining!

Sephora Waterproof Contour Eye Pencil – this little number gives my eye that fresh/awaken effect which, when you’r hosting an event at 9 in the morning is essential! Love it.

Sephora Upside Down Mascara – Again, the latest mascara addition to my stash. I’m actually quite pleased with what this super cool mascara delivers in terms of length & volume. It isn’t the easiest to apply but after a few tries (and a few smudges on my eye lid) I think I got it!


Sephora Rouge Infusion – on my lips I wanted something subtle but long lasting so that I didn’t have to worry about re-applying every half hour. The new Sephora Rouge Infusion lip tints are just the ticket! I still have to apply a little bit of lip balm over it as the formula is a little drying for my liking but they are long lasting and the colour range is fab.


Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply my BB creams/foundations with. Gives me a super even & dewy finish. This brush is AMAZING!

Real Techniques Blush Brush – I have been reaching for this one every single day since I received it! Love the way it applies just the right amount of blush and blends it in nicely…

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush – a great all rounder to apply just about anything on your eyes! I used it to create a bit of a day-time smokey looked and it is super easy to manoeuvre!

I’ll do a proper review of my new Real Techniques brushes which I got from but so far can tell you these are by far THE BEST brushes I’ve ever used!

Stay tuned for my ‘One-Night Stand’ skincare kit post!

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3 thoughts on “#MakeUpCrush: The ‘One-Night Stand’ Kit

  1. Nisha Bhat

    Super interesting! Where can you buy the Nars Blush palette from in Dubai though? That looks absolutely tempting :)

    1. The Glam Crusher Post author

      Well sadly, you can’t… at least for now! Gotta order it online OR have a lovely friend who’s travelling to the UK ;)! I ordered mine from SpaceNK and via Shop & Ship it took 5 days to get here….

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