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#Make-UpCrush: The fork liner by Bassam Fattouh

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I don’t know about you BUT since I’ve been in this region, I’ve been noticing how women wear lots and lots of eyeliner to make their eyes look deeper, more mysterious. Sadly, as much as I have tried (and I have tried again and again) I’ve never been able to re-create that sleek, flicked line on my eyes  :(. I’ve assumed I had just had 2 left hands and this just wasn’t for me… so I left it at that.

Then came Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics! Or rather, I attended an event at Debenhams, Mall of the Emirates and spotted Bassam Fattouh’s make-up stand and thought… hum… there is a brand I don’t know!

I spotted this little beauty and asked the Sales Assistant, what it was… she told me this was Bassam’s newest creation: the ‘Fork Liner’! An eye line with a little fork-looking brush, which is supposedly easier to use.

A little perplex, I decided to give it one last shot and bought myself one (AED110). I decided to try it that same evening and OMG! Another revelation (can’t remember which one was the last one…) It was so easy to use!! For the first time in my life, I managed to apply eyeliner and it looked great! And on both eyes!

So this beauty is now my number one #EyelinerCrush!!

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