Make-UpCrush: M.A.C Autumn/Winter 2013 Make Up Trends by Kathryn

The Autumn/Winter ’13 trends are moody, mysterious and haunting. Last season we saw beautiful minimalist makeup, but now the trend is pushing away from pretty and towards rebellion.

This time it’s got attitude; it’s fierce, and it’s imperfect on purpose. Gothicism is back in a big way as we see models looking ghostly and haunted, and we also see a very strong punk influence. Grunge inspires the messed-up makeup looks, and more and more we begin to see the different subcultures being brought to the foreground and celebrated in makeup, fashion and hair.

The makeup this season is angular, artistic and unfinished as it’s all about celebrating the imperfections. MAC’s Senior Makeup Artist, Vimi Joshi, sums the trends up as being ‘beautifully flawed’.


A/W 13 Makeup Trends from left to right: Perspex-tive, Au-currant, Spiritual-eyes & Reb-elle


With grunge and punk being the main trend influencers, this is the anti-glamour makeup that celebrates the walk of shame. Make it beautiful and then roughly smudge it out; it’s all about deconstructing beauty. The focus is never on perfection; it is quite the opposite, and it’s more about bringing out the flaws that we don’t necessarily label as pretty. This is a movement I’ve been waiting for and it’s certainly refreshing to see this trend embrace both the features and flaws of real women, regardless of whether or not they conform to conventional beauty.



I love it when makeup tells a story and that’s exactly what this trend does; showing the inner demons of a strong woman. It’s mysterious and haunted but full of attitude; contrasting the external fragility of a woman against her inner strength. Gareth Pugh interpreted this trend as a woman running from a fire, while Altuzarra described it as a woman burning from the inside. We see greys, gun metals and charcoals being used not only on the eyes, but on the contouring and lip shading as well; and these are often accompanied by copper colours to give that raw, burned impression.



The vampiric trend that rules the runway this A/W is inspired by films such as The Hunger, portraying dark and intense lip shades against matte and paled skin. This trend uses deep reds, currents, purples and blacks on the lips, which Vimi Joshi explains should look ‘eaten and beaten’. The eyes are either left bare, or they are contoured with an orange or red-based shadow that echos the haunting looks we see in the Spiritual-eyes trend.



Shining like Barbie dolls, the high planes of the face (forehead, cheekbones, nose) are shined to the maximum using lip gloss. The trend uses creamy textures and contrasts areas of matte skin against the zones of high shine. To tone down this look for everyday use, simply apply a cream or liquid highlight and built it up as desired to increase the shine intensity. Opt for a healthy peach-pink lip shade and blush, flick out your eyeliner and elongate your eyebrows.



So feel free to experiment with your makeup this A/W and shake up your normal look because it really doesn’t have to be perfect – this is one of those rare times when the more messed up your makeup is, the trendier it is! Take full advantage of that. If you need tips on any of the above trends, please feel free to leave a comment.

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