The Week #14

#InstaCrushes: The Week #14

Happy Friday to you all!

I am so relieved it is finally the weekend… gosh last week was one hell of a week between a work trip to Jeddah, another early (super early) one to Abu Dhabi and a couple of fashion events, I really needed the rest!!

1. As I mentioned last week, I went to Saudi Arabia for work on Sunday and Monday. This was my very first time in the Kingdom and I have to say it was definitively an experience! Obviously had to change and wear an abaya during our stay which was actually really cool! I love the fact that they are so flattering and comfortable! Sadly we did not get any time to go shopping or anything so next time maybe :)

2. My competition to win a Charlotte Reid bag is still on until midnight tonight! If you have not entered, please head over to the blog RIGHT NOW!

3. I received my SpaceNK order and I cannot wait to try these babies! I pierced the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser, the Nars ‘Narsissit’ Blush Palette  and the Oribe Cote d’Azur Hair Refresher. Will be of course blogging about these soon.

4. I attended the press launch of exquisite jewellery brand Babette Wasserman who is know for her (very cool!) cufflinks. Babette also has a fabulous collection of ladies’ jewellery and I cannot way tot check out her pop-up shot at Emirates Towers! Full blog post, coming soon on this too :)

5. The Spring/Summer 14 Collection at Lipsy is looking pretty cool too!! I attended the press preview and really liked some of the pieces, I event made a mental note to purchase one of the faux-leather pencil skirts from the Kim Kardashian Collection!! I really liked their accessories too and cannot wait for these to hit our stores…

Wishing you all a great weekend & week ahead!

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