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#HairTreatmentCrush: Sebastian Cellophane Treatment at De La Mer Spa

So last week I was invited to try out the new Sebastian Cellophane Treatment at one of my favourite beauty spot in Dubai, De La Mer Spa.

‘Cello-what?’ I hear you ask! Let me break it down for you right now!  Your hair can be put under a lot of pressure at times what with regular colouring and blow-drying, heat & sun exposure and well, this results is your locks looking a little worse for wear.

The Sebastian Cellophane Treatment is basically THE treatment which will put life back into your tresses, give your colour a boost and adding shine & glossiness to them!

Now, see this one as a semi-permanent colour treatment. There are different shades although it washes off in a couple of weeks, so the first step is to find one that’s the closest to your current colour OR, you can choose to opt for the ‘clear’ one which is great and fits everyone!

The lovely hairdresser, Gulya (PS: She is just AMAZING!!), chose to actually mix 2 shades to get as close to my current hair colour as poss. The mixture is then applied similarly to any other colour treatment.

Off your head goes under the heater for 20 mins et voila! Hair is rinsed and blow-dried to reveal a shiny, silky-smooth, colour-boosted texture!

What a great treatment! Check out the photo above where I tried to capture how shiny they were in the sun… are you sold?! Well if you are, below are some more info on prices and how to book:

Short Hair: 200dhs
Medium Hair: 250 dhs
Long Hair: 300 dhs

Duration: 45 minutes / 1 hour

For more information contact: 04 328 2775 or

Let me know if you try it and if you do, please say Hi to the fabulous Gulya for me :)!

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