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#TreatmentCrush: Guinot Hydrating Facial at Glow Spa & Salon

Another month, another treatment! This time I tried out the Guinot Hydradermie Hydration Treatment at Glow Spa & Salon in Jumeirah (Opposite Sunset Mall).

Being French I am of course familiar with Guinot‘s skincare products but gotta admit I had never tried their actual treatments so was glad to a. renew with the brand and b. try out one of their facial.

I can tell you, I was not disappointed!

_36A2014First of all, the spa. WOW! I loved the decor, loved the atmosphere and the team was super duper lovely & welcoming. It’s the little thing I know!!

My therapist, Ellen, took me on a tour of the facilities. They really have it all covered from the hair stations, nail room & treatment cabins, this is truly a one-stop shop for all your beauty requirements! You could actually spend a whole in there easy!!

The facial treatment itself was your usual (but super efficient) formula: double cleanse/exfoliation/extraction/cleanse/mask/conditioning.

But what I felt was different it the extraction… now I know this isn’t the most glamorous part of the treatment however I’m afraid to say it is the most efficient! And my therapist was amazing, removed all of those nasty little black-heard and my skin has now been super clear ever since!

The Guinot products are pretty amazing too. Smelled and felt great AND my skin didn’t turn all red for hours. Bonus!

For more info on the actual treatment and products used click here.

Make sure you visit Glow Salon & Spa, I promise you a super warm and relaxed environment and of course, all of your beauty needs cared for under one single roof!!



#TreatmentCrush: Diamond Magnetic Treatment at The Spa, The Address Downtown

OK so this treatment is literally out of this world!! During the National Day break I got to try out the Diamond Magnetic Body Treatment at the beautiful Spa in The Address DownTown and oh my god, I LOVED IT!!

The Spa signage_D3X4981

Completely different to any body treatments I tried before, this one is a 90-minute all over body exfoliating, rejuvenating and relaxing treat.

I first went into the steam room for a few minutes to open the skin’s pores… I’d forgotten how lovely it was to feel all of those toxins steaming away!

To exfoliate the skin, my lovely therapist, Purwati, applied a mix of real crushed diamonds which is then removed using a Neodymium magnets (no washing it off with water!). That left my skin so smooth! The whole thing is then followed by a relaxing, lifting & contouring massage – amazing!

I was left with glowing skin and a completely relaxed mind – thanks Purwati for getting rid of ALL those nasty little stress knots in my neck & shoulders!! 😉

The Spa itself is just sooo beautifully appointed! The relaxing area looks over the Dubai Fountain and you can even chill on the small balconies whilst sipping detoxing green tea.

BeFunky_Spa Lounge Fountain View.jpg The Spa female relaxing area_D3X4952

If you’d like to try it out check out their website here.


The Spa 20101124

#TreatmentCrush: Shiffa Arabian Gold Ritual at The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall

If you’re in serious need (and I mean serious!) of de-connecting from your everyday stresses and escape to the land of dreams, then THIS is the treatment you need to try!

I had the immense pleasure of experiencing the 2-hour long Shiffa Arabian Gold Ritual at the beautiful Spa at the Address Dubai Mall over the weekend and I cannot express how amazing the whole thing was! I came in after a few weeks of craziness at work and let me tell you, I was not at all relaxed. By the end of it, I felt completely rid of all of my worries! Really. I kid you not! And for those of you who know me a little, I very very rarely relax!

My therapist (her name is Cindy – she’s amazing!!) took me to this lovely and peaceful treatment room and proceeded with the treatment.

First off, a full body scrub. On dry skin. Cos it works better at getting rid of dry skin AND detoxing/improving blood flow. She used a mix of lavender and refreshing spearmint… smelt delicious!

I then washed it all of in the shower cabin… which, by the way, was the size of my living room! A real treat!

We moved on to a full body mask! A mix of detoxing clay was applied all-over and I was then wrapped into plastic (weird but in a cool way!), and lots of fluffy towels to keep me warm.

Once the mask was over, I went back in the shower to rinse it all off… (never felt so clean!)

She followed with the most relaxing full body massage ever. Yep, even got rid of those nasty knots on my shoulders & neck! Total bliss.

I was then treated to a mini-facial which instantly gave me the glow I had lost many moons (and long working days) ago!

Whilst waiting for the face mask to work its magic into my skin, she gave me a well needed scalp and hair massage using the Shiffa Dubai Invigorating Hair Oil which includes grape seed, jojoba oil, wild mint blend, rosemary and calendula to moisturise, stimulate, revive and invigorate the scalp as well as nourish the hair. What a luxurious treat!

Photo 10-30-14, 11 16 46 AM

Once we were done with the treatment, Cindy took me to the relaxation room where I sipped on green tea and laid on a super comfy rest chair until I was ready to get dressed and step back out into the real world!

The Spa 20101125

These were the most amazing 2hrs of my week…hell of my month!!!

I really do recommend this treatment and I will certainly do it again in a few week’s time! More details on the Hotel, the Spa and their various treatments etc… can be found here.

Let me know if you try it out!! xo

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Spa Zen

#TreatmentCrush: Slimming and Firming Massage at SpaZen

Another week, another treatment review! That’s how I’m rolling lately ya know!

The team at Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai invited me to visit their Spa and try one of their massages. I had attended the launch event a couple of months ago and was super impressed with the facilities and the types of treatments on offer so of course I said yes!

Spa Zen (2)

I chose the Slimming & Firming 1hr Massage. Super appropriate ahead of the dreaded bikini season!

When I got to the spa, I was warmly welcomed by the team, offered a loverly copy of tea whilst filling up the usual consolation form and then led into a beautiful & tranquil treatment room with the lovely Pearl, my therapist for the day.

I loved the fact that each treatment room is equipped with an adjacent changing room. Nice little bonus!

Spa Zen (4)

Pearl used a blend of coffee oil to deeply massage into the body and thus kick all those fat cells’ butt a little! The whole thing felt super relaxing, a bit like a sports massage after a long work out. At one point I even drifted off a little I was so getting into a zone!

Now other than smelling delicious, coffee oil has detoxifying, draining & re-energising properties. My skin was left smooth & soft. Pearl advised me to not shower until the morning to allow for the nourishing ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin….

It certainly was an enjoyable experience. I did feel my muscles relax, and those wobbly bits being worked hard but I guess to see any real difference i.e: actual inch loss, you’d have to complete a course of 8 to 10 sessions.

I would still recommend this massage just because you’ll feel so much lighter afterwards and that coffee oil is just gorge!

Spa Zen - Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai

Price for the treatment: 1hr – AED425 or 1hr30 – AED550

To book, call +971 (0) 4 308 0531 ext 5531

Let me know if you try it out!

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#TreatmentCrush: Colour Therapy at Spa Dunya

I was recently invited by the lovely team at Spa Dunya to come in and try their very unique approach to well-being and beauty. As a Dubai resident I’d heard of their spa and their ‘colour therapy’ thing but never really got around to finding out what it was all about so when the call came I jumped at the chance.

2014-06-18 10.58.10

I was welcomed by Karima Nanji who in charge of the Marketing & the Spa’s holistic consultant. She took me around the Spa (which is beautiful by the way) and showed me their own brand of products, Altearah Bio.

And of we went for the 1st step into a whole new & better version of me! The ‘Colour’ consultation. Our moods are represented by colours. 14 different ones to be exact. The therapist asked me to select 4 without over thinking it of course. You have got pick the first ones that come to mind. And as much I thought I’d pick darker, more vivid colours, I surprised myself and actually went for:

1. Gold

2. Pink

3. Blue

4. Yellow

What? No red? no dark blue?!

The 1st colour you go for usually represent your current state of mind, what you most desire or long for. Gold symbolises confidence, radiance but also highlights a need for achievement, recognition and ambition. At that stage, I’m kind of impressed!

The 2nd & 3rd colours represent your deepest needs! Pink stands for tenderness (?!), comfort and pampering. Meaning, yours truly needs to open up a bit more to emotions (both outgoing & incoming), I guess at that point I must have been in need of a good old hug! Most importantly, I should take time out to nurture myself a bit more… expect to see me at the Spa at lot more often then!

Blue is for peace and calm. Something I very very rarely experience, being so hyper all the time & all! But yeah, this means, Carine SLOW DOWN and CHILL a bit!

Final colour, which represents where you’d like to be, was indeed Yellow and that’s for joy, spontaneity. It also highlights my really wanting to stop controlling everything and for things to go according to plan. It made think that I should just let go of all of the stress and worries and just enjoy the moment.

Quite a compelling analysis and a fairly accurate one at that. And believe me I am a hard nut to analyse. I even (try to) manipulate my answers to personality tests I’m that psycho!!

2014-06-18 10.57.29

So, now that we’d established my 4 mood colours, Karima proceeded to pick the corresponding ‘scents’. Each colour has a different perfume which is a blend of essential oils you spray into your hands, warm and inhale 3 or 4 times. One after the other. Each of these scents hits you where it’s needed… a very strange feeling I must admit, but you are left with a sense of calm which is rather nice.

And then finally comes the treatment – The Colour Harmonizing Holistic Experience. 90 minutes of pure bliss. I mean, I have had some lovely body massage but this one?! I almost felt asleep! Which means that for an hour or so, I forgot about things, I stopped thinking and just went with the flow. I could have actually stayed there the whole day… wishful thinking! The treatment did also include a lovely facial massage.

2014-06-18 10.58.06

I left feeling so relaxed & rejuvenated! Pure bliss. I’d certainly recommend this treatment to anyone who’s going through a bit of a stressful period and just wants to get away from it all for an hour or so.

Check out their website for more info on all of their treatments and promotions and most importantly, go give the Colour Therapy a try! Oh and make sure you let me know if you do!

Exclusive to my readers, Spa Dunya is offering you guys a 20% discount on your first treatment!!

Just quote ‘Glam Crush Chronicle’ when you make a booking!!

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