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Bliss GlamBox

#BeautyCrush: February GlamBox Review

Hands down guys, this month’s GlamBox has got to be one of the best ones I’ve ever received!! Why? Well because it a Bliss exclusive box! Yes, you heard me right, a box filled with Bliss beauty treats! Lovely!

There are 2 versions of the box. On contains the Lemon & Sage and the other one the Blood Orange & White Pepper products and that is the one I got.

I’ve actually just returned from a business trip for which I had packed my Bliss goodies. The small sized bottled made it perfect for me to sneak them all in my toiletry bag :).

And here is my feedback on them:

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash: I have mentioned this product in the past and liked it but, wasn’t sure I would re-purchase. Trying it again this time around, I think I just hadn’t given it its fair chance. I actually really really like this one! It just purifies your skin deeply and provides a daily gently exfoliation! Seriously considering this as a morning cleansing option. Fabulous indeed!

Bliss Triple Oxygen + C Energising Cream – A really lovely lightweight gel-cream formula packed full of vitamin C and Oxygen which just revives your skin and makes it look super energised!

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask – this mask is ubber cool! I’ve used it in the past and am very much a convert. You put it on, wait for it to ‘foam’ for 5 minutes, rinse it to reveal recharged, re-invigorated  looking skin! Quick & easy, perfect for when you’re in a rush…

Bliss That’s Incredi-Peel! – The box includes 2 sample sachets of the Incredi-peel. I haven’t tried these out yet but will do so over the weekend. These come in very handing little sachets which contain a single-step, no-rinse peel pad packed with soothing witch hazel and liquorice extract and hydrating glycerin for extra-gentle results.

Bliss Blood Orange & White Pepper Soapy Suds – Can a shower gel smell any more delicious?!! This stuff is amaze balls! The perfect ‘wake me up’ product. Thumbs up!

Bliss Blood Orange & White Pepper Body Butter  – To compliment the gorgeous smelling shower gel, the body butter is a rich, creamy and super hydrating balm which just melts into your skin leaving it re-energised and the fragrance lasts and lasts…. Love it!

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They’ve certainly set the bar high on this box… I cannot wait to see what GlamBox has in stored for us next month!

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FEB 2014

#OfferCrush: 20% off GlamBox subscriptions for ALL my readers!

Happy Thursday to you all!

Today I bring you an amazing readers offer, just you know, cos we cool like that 😉

You heard rave about GlamBox every month, well now is your chance to sign up & receive your monthly box of beauty treats. What’s more? I have an exclusive 20% discount code for you ALL.

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Let me know if you do!!

Lots of love xxx

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#BeautyCrush: January GlamBox Review

Wanna hear something funny? The Aramex delivery guy & I are now on first name basis AND when he came to drop off my GlamBox he actually told ‘Hello Miss Carine, this is your GlamBox I think!’ ahaha HILARIOUS!

So I obviously received my January GlamBox a week or so ago and, as always, opened it to find some really exciting beauty & make-up bits!

Here is my low down on these:

Pond’s Flawless White Expert BB+ – I can hear you ask ‘What? Another BB cream?!’. I have got to admit that even I am kind of over the whole BB Cream thin’… or so I thought. I had never tried any of the Pond’s products and after trying on their BB cream here I am kind of really pleased with it! I was a little afraid the shade (medium) might be too light but nope, it went on super smooth, offered a light but lovely coverage and left me with a bit of a sheer glow… a really good’un! And at AED30, a real bargain too!

Repetto Paris – Love love love!! This perfume is delicious and the cute small sample-size bottle is perfect to carry around in my bag! This one is officially my February perfume.

Biokosma Hand Care Cream – Since I simply cannot live without washing my hands 50 times a day and therefore creaming them as many times, this one came in super handy! The small sized tube makes it perfect for me to carry it around in my purse. The texture is lovely, really moisturising without leaving that greasy film on your skin. The scent is quite strong at first but I soon got used to it and actually quite like it now!

Jergens Hydrating Coconut Milk – One word: YUMMY! I love everything coconut and this body lotion did not disappoint. I’ve already used it all up and wished the tube was a tad little bigger, but then again, at only AED13.90 for a full size bottle, it’ll definitively be in my shopping trolley next weekend!

NStyle Nail Polish – I got the shade ‘Fashion Dome’ which is such a ME colour! I haven’t tried this one yet as I am kind of giving my nails a break from coloured polishes but will try it out at the weekend so watch out for my next #NailCrush post on Instagram!

NStyle  ‘The Perfect Blow Dry’ Gift Voucher – this was a really nice surprise! I love a good blow dry especially when I have a big event to attend so this little voucher will come in handy very very soon!

Urban Male Lounge ‘The Cut’ Gift Voucher – Mr M was quite impressed with this one! He is always complaining that there never is anything for him in the box so on this occasion, there is and he shall try it out in the next week or so. Will be sure to share his feedback :)

I cannot wait for the next GlamBox!! Would be nice if it would include a ‘hair’ product…. let’s see!

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#BeautyCrush: December GlamBox Review

Oh dear, this time it is Christmas!! For real I mean… no because with GlamBox Middle East, Christmas knocks on your door every month! Oh and Santa wears an Aramex shirt!! Mind you, they are red… ahahah… lame I know!

Back to business… so I have received my December GlamBox yesterday and well, it is a nice one BUT not as exciting as the last couple of boxes so I do feel a little disappointed but the bits & bops in this edition are still good ones and I will use all of them so here is the low-down:

Eucerin Lip Balm: These always come in handy! I am one of those girls who always (ALWAYS) carry a lip balm in their hand bags and I’ve now used this one a few times and quite like it. It is very creamy and feel super nourishing so yeah, it’s a good’un!

Eucerin AQUAporin Active Eye Cream: I didn’t know Eucerin did eye cream! I like the fact that this one is fragrance free and suitable for contact lenses wearers (like moi!). The texture feels very light and has a refreshing kind of feel….I am still finishing up with my current eye cream but will be sure to try out this one next!

Nivea Smooth Sensation Body Lotion: I’ve used these in the past and they are excellent body lotions. This new one smells really nice and the cute sample size bottle will make it perfect for when I travel!

Inglot Freedom AMC Eye Shadow Square: Mine was in a lovely shimmery shade of light grey. I don’t usually wear grey BUT when doing a smokey eye, this one will look beautiful swiped along the lower lash line or to add a pop of lightening colour on the lid!

Lolita Lempika Elle L’aime Eau de Parfum: I love love love this perfume! And it is a very recent launch too so it is great to be kept up to date! A very very sweet fragrance with hints of coconut… the perfect thing to warm you up this winter!

If you’re not signed up to receive your monthly GlamBox, do so you will not regret it!! You can sign up online here.

Can’t wait for the next one!

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#BeautyCrush: Going Gaga for the November GlamBox!!

No no I’m serious, I am really really LOVING GlamBox right now?!

The November one arrived a couple of weeks ago and to my delight was another Make-Up filled box. The Swedish beauty brand IsaDora is one I had never tried so that’s like double the excitement!!

Here are my thoughts on the different treats included in the GBox!

BB Cream All in One Make-Up: I thought I had really had enough of trying out new BB creams but that was before I tried that one!! I simply love it! I find it suits my skin super well… I received the shade 03- Medium which is a really match. Now, this BB cream doesn’t quite have the coverage power of say the Dior Hydralife one for example (that’s the one I use as a foundation substitute for special occasions or when I need that extra covering effect)…. I would say it has a very similar consistency than a tinted moisturiser so if your skin is already pretty clear and even that one’s for you too as it’ll look very natural and sheer.
Perfect Moisture Lipstick: First, I love the cute packaging! Perfect to carry around in your handbag or clutch. I received the shade 78- Vivid Pink which is gorgeous (see below). The texture is super creamy and moisturising. The colour is actually quite well pigmented and when applied lasted a long time! I like the idea of a moisturing/conditioning formula combined with a highly pigmented long-lasting colour! This one is not leaving my handbag anytime soon :)

IsaDora Lipstick swatch


Build Up Mascara Extra Volume: Well look, this isn’t a bad product at all! I like the fact that it is formulated for sensitive yes and contact lens wearers (I am both!). The brush is very nice to apply the mascara with… very soft, grips the lashes fairly well. In terms of volume, it doesn’t quite compare with my beloved Outrageous Volume Mascara from Sephora but it still does a great job! I will keep it as my day time option as it stills gives my lashes a bit more of a dramatic look!

IsaDora Mascara

Wonder Nail Polish: I received the shade 182- Summer Red which is a rich red colour with orange under tone. I haven’t had a chance to try this one out yet but it does promise to last for about 4-5 days so I will be sure to put it to the test and report back to you gals soon!

Dynamic Lash Growth Serum/Mascara: I was so excited to discover this product and have very high hopes for it! I’ve been applying it every night for the past 10 days… it promises results in 30 so I guess I will have to let you know then!! I was about to try out the Revitalash serum BUT this one is only a fraction of the cost (AED138 compare to AED550!) and if it provides the same results then double BAM! Have you tried any of these? What do you think?