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#BeautyCrush: July GlamBox Review

It’s GlamBox o’clock again! Whoo-hoo!

I know my June GlamBox review wasn’t the most positive but they certainly made up for it with this month’s box! Look at all these goodies!!!

Onto to the testing & reviewing:

Maxfactor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara – I was super excited to find this one in the box! I love mascara, it’s my number 1 essential make-up item. I’ve now tried it a couple of time and I have mixed feelings about this one…. the 1st step brush isn’t the greatest I’m afraid. The 2nd one however is a little better and does kind of give you a bit more volume & length so I would just skip the 1st one all together and just use the 2nd.

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex – I haven’t used that one yet as I’m trying to not try too many skincare products at once so will have to get back to you on that!

Olay Total Effects Stretch-n-Fit Cloth  – I loved these!! Never ever tried something like that before so very happy to have found these in my box. You just stretch the cloth over your face, relax for 15 minutes, massage it all in and voila! Soft, refreshed, plumped up skin revealed! I even used one on the mister who liked it too!

Pantene Hair Rescue Ampoules – I don’t know what I was expecting from these but they certainly delivered beyond any expect ions! From the very first use, my hair felt instantly smoother and looked shinier/healthier! And 1 ampoule was enough to cover my very long locks! Will for sure re-purchase.

Especially Escada Elixir (EDT) – Lovely fragrance! A little rich & sweet as I like them…. didn’t last as long I would like in this heat but a very nice scent never the less! We were only given a small sample which I’ve already used up :( but I did enjoy wearing it!

Lacoste Sensuelle (EDT) – That’s quite a nice perfume actually! I never thought of Lacoste fragrances so this one is a new discovery for me and a good one at that! I’ve used it a few times but now keeping what’s left of the little sample bottle to keep in my handbag for when I’m going on holidays!! Really like it!

Right, well that’s it for this month’s GlamBox. I will be away in August so probably won’t be receiving my box until I get back end of the month so until then take care you guys! xo

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#BeautyCrush: June GlamBox Review

Gosh sorry I’m a little late on this one! This month seems to have just flown by what with trying to wrap up a million things at work before the start of Ramadan/Summer, yeah it’s just been a bit mad.

So, back to my June GlamBox. I’ve gotta admit I was a little disappointed when opening this one. I mean, remember they had set the standards quite high with their previous ones and so the June box looked a bit… nah.

Look, like I’ve said before, this is the beauty of the whole concept of beauty boxes! Some are great, some aren’t as great! But I still LOVE receiving & discovering my monthly pink box of treats!

So what was in this month’s box?

1. Bioderma Sensibio H2O – a classic. One that I use every single day to remove my make-up with. The small/travel friendly bottle will be perfect for when I’m off to France! Love it.

2. Carita Beauty Diamond – Regenerating Midnight Concentrate – I’m afraid I haven’t given this one a try just yet as I’ve been on a missing to clear up my skin and had to take it all back to basics with skincare. Will keep it aside though and give it a try in a few weeks’ time. The sample is a little small so not quite sure it’ll be enough to forge a proper option….

3. Carita Perfect Serum – Again, I’ve not tried this one yet

4. Lolita Lempika Eau de Parfum – love the packaging this little sample bottle came in. Smells quite nice too actually and I will defo be using this one over the next few weeks.

5. Shea Mirrage – Pure Shea Butter – Not sure about this one. I know Shea butter is meant to be super good to moisturise your skin and your hair etc… but I’m just not a fan… I’ll use it to nourish my legs after sunbathing this Summer but don’t think I’ll re-purchase. Would have preferred coconut oil instead! (hint hint)

Voila. Hope my review was somewhat useful. If you’re still thinking of subscribing, I’d say GO FOR IT! It’s a lot of fun you’ll see. And you’ll get to discover great new brands & products, you’ll also get to re-visit some more classic ones and then of course, you will get products you won’t like but that’s fine cos you don’t know until you’ve tried right?!

Just check out their website for details here.

As I was finalising this article, the July GlamBox just dropped and it looks amazing! Check out my Instagram for a preview ;)!

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Benefit GlamBox May 2014 Final

#BeautyCrush: May GlamBox Review

Considering today is the 29th of May, I’m cutting it just fine with my May GlamBox Review!! A lot has been going on in the Dubai fashion & beauty scene over the past few weeks so have got a lot of posts to catch up on.

But the long awaited May Benefit Exclusive GlamBox dropped a couple of weeks ago and (again) it was a big hit! Some products we all know, some new releases… read on for more deets!

1. Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Mascara – One of my favourite mascaras of all time. This travel-friendly version is just perfect to take away on holidays or carry in your handbag! Makes your lashes longer, doesn’t clump at all… amazing stuff.

2. Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Push Up Liner – So that was the famous ‘mystery’ product!! One that Benefit just recently launched and we were all very lucky to have it included in this month’s box!

Now, I actually can’t quite give you my take on this new eye liner. The truth is I am absolutely rubbish at applying liner and although this one is meant to make it a whole lot easier, I haven’t quite mastered the process yet which is mainly down to me having 2 left hands as opposed to the product itself. So, let me have another try over the weekend before I state what I think of it!

3. Benefit ‘ Fake Up’ – I’ve been using Fake Up for a while now so this one wasn’t a discovery. I do like the concealer’s creamy texture and super convenient packaging. One that I use to cover any skin blemishes or very dark circles under my eyes. The coverage is fairly good and the colour medium a good match to my skin

4. Benefit Big Easy – Now this one was a fantastic discovery! Actually, more like a revelation!! Think of your favourite BB Cream… well this one is better! Perfect for oily skins it offers a smooth, cream to powder finish, gives good coverage and comes in 6 different shades. That’s my ‘Summer base’ sorted.

5. Benefit The POREFessional – Again, another one I’ve had in my make-up stash for a very long time and one that I love love love! As far as primers go, this one does a great job of smoothing out pores, imperfections & fine lines. The texture is a bit ‘silicon-y’ but my make-up does stay put (and shine-free) for longer when I wear it so…

6. Benefit Brow Bar Tint Voucher – I’ve not used the voucher yet but will be sure to report back when I do!

If you’re not subscribed to receive your monthly box of beauty goodies, check out their website or Facebook page as they currently have an offer whereby you sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months and get an additional month for free! Use the code GLAMBIRD at checkout!

Can’t wait for the June box 😉

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#BeautyCrush: April GlamBox Review

Now THIS is what I call a DOPE BOX! I received the April’s GlamBox a little early this time around as a ‘blogger exclusive‘ treat and it revealed some pretty cool gems…

Without further a due, this month’s box included:

1. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sun lotion: funnily enough I had never tried that particular brand… not sure why but I now wish I did! This one smells delicious enough to lick off your arm AND it hydrates your skin as well as of course, protecting it from sun damage with its SPF30. What more can you ask from your sunscreen?

2. Dove Purely Pampering Body Cream: An old favourite of mine which I have used many times in the past but hadn’t purchased in a while. Glad to have re-discovered such an amazing, yet affordable, body moisturiser which just sinks into your skin leaving it deeply moisturised and glowy. This newer version contains shea butter and warm vanilla. Gorgeous!

3. Inglot Eye Shadow: Mine came in a shade of Silver which I must admit isn’t quite within my colour palette BUT applied in the tear duct area I can use it as a brightener/highlighter…. the texture is so buttery and lasts for ages… I really should get myself down my local Inglot store and explore this brand a bit more as I am so impressed with this shadow… perhaps a little ‘haul’ is coming up?!

4. Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream: this came in this super cute and handy little tube which I’m defo keeping in my handbag to re-hydrate my hands on the go. Smells devine too…

5. Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid: I gave this one a try this morning actually and although it is suitable for all skin types, I found it to not be hydrating enough for my parched skin… Then again, my skin has been a bit rebellious lately so I might just leave it alone and try this one again in a few days…

6. Herbline Essentials Aloe Vera and Honey Hydra 5 Gel: the box included 2 little samples of it. I’ve not tried these yet but the handy little sachet will be perfect for me to slip inside my beach bag this weekend! Will try them & out let you know how it goes… be sure to follow me on Instagram!!

Bonus vouchers! 

20% off any treatment at De La Mer Day Spa (had THE best experience there and tried one of their Organic Body Treatment and had an amazing hair treatment – see my review here)

Complimentary polish change at NStyle Nail Lounge

AED500 off Laser Treatment or Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment at Wellbeing Medical Centre

What an amazing box this month!! GlamBox did really spoil us!

A little bird tells me the May box should also be pretty darn amazing so if you’ve not subscribed to receive yours, DO IT!!

They always have great offers too so be sure to check out to sign up.

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#BeautyCrush: March GlamBox Review

Yes it is that time again when I review the latest GlamBox to have dropped on my door step!

This month saw a Nivea themed box which is great since I don’t really ever purchase products from the brand so I’m pleased to have the chance to kind of re-discover Nivea.

The box included  4 full size products which I have now tried & tested so read on to find out what I thought of each one!

Nivea Invisible Deodorant for Black & White – what a great concept! A deodorant that does not stain your black clothes nor your white ones, in this country, I say that’s a pretty good deal! I have now used it for a week or so and can confirm it did not leave any white marks on my dark tops. As for not leaving any yellow-y marks on my white ones I don’t know really! Sorry I know that’s not very helpful but I’ve not worn anything white often enough… will give it another try & report back later 😉

Nivea Waterlily & Oil Shower Gel – I’ve had this one in the past so was already familiar with it. Very easy-going, lovely smelling shower gel. Nothing too exciting but nothing to dislike either!

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion – I love this!! Saves me an extra couple of minutes in the morning which, believe me, is always a good thing!! You basically shower, apply it all over your body, rinse it all off and step out of the shower. You dry as normal and voila! Moisturised skin. Done.

Nivea Face Cream – This one’s a classic. I can still remember my mother using it 30 years ago! However, I’m afraid this face cream is way too rich for my combination/oily skin. My man however loves it and has been happily using it for a couple of weeks!

Nivea Natural Fairness Face Cream – I’ve actually not tried the little sample that was included in the box yet as I’m saving these for when I travel so will report back when I do!

Now I know this particular box did spark a bit of a debate amongst subscribers & bloggers alike, as to the value of the monthly boxes and I will say this: No, it isn’t the most exciting box I have received BUT, I have been a subscriber for over a year now and I absolutely love it! Some boxes will be amazing and I will love all of the products included, some won’t and that’s OK you know!

I still believe the subscription fees are great value and it’s really a fun way to discover new brands or re-discover more classic ones! And you’ve gotta accept that you just won’t always like some of the products.

I was fortunate enough to receive the April GlamBox in advance and I can tell you it is DOPE!! I’ll post some more info soon.

So for those of you still thinking about it, DO IT NOW!! They have an amazing offer at mo where you only pay for the shipping & handling fees!!

Check out: using promo code: GBFREE

And as GlamBox Beauty Expert Emilie always says  “Stay Glamorous‘!!

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