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Bling Post

#AccessoriesCrush: The ‘Bling’ Edit

2 things about me you didn’t know (or maybe you did actually but hey I’ll say it anyway!). A. I am all for the ‘chic & classy’ look. B. I do love a bit of bling too.

And these are my favourite pieces. They only come out at the weekend since I work in a fairly corporate environment but when the bling comes out, you know there’s going to be partying & dancing involved!

OK so these aren’t expensive pieces at all. In fact, investing in jewellery isn’t my thing at all and I would much rather have loads of options so my favourite points of call in the bling department are H&M, New Look and River Island!

Love hoop earrings (the bigger, the better), love the whole rapper – gold chain thing and I do also like the more girlie/flowery look.

Wanna show me your bling?! (did that sound a bit dodgy?) Tag me in your post!


#FashionCrush: The Green Pencil Skirt by M&S

Another week, another outfit post!! (Oh and there’s plenty more heading your way cos I did go a bit cray with the whole ‘Summer shopping thin’!).

Now we all know pencil skirts are my thing. I’ve tried them all, A-line, midi, maxi…. for me the shape of a pencil skirt just works. Channelling my inner Kim-K here hehe!

But I usually pick ‘safe’ colours such as black, navy-blue, grey which can look a bit ‘corporate’, so when I saw this one in M&S, I thought, why the hell not!! This way, I get to add a pop of colour and create a super cool look!

I paired it with a denim shirt in keeping with the casual theme, a pair of flowery flats and a little leather clutch!




Pencil skirt from M&S, Denim shirt from Dorothy Perkins, Ballet pumps from H&M, Clutch from GAP.

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Summer Shoes Gif

#FashionCrush: The Summer Shoes Edit

How excited are we about this Summer?! Very? Thought so! Just the thought of packing for my upcoming holidays is making me wanna jump up & down!! Can you tell I’ve not been home for a while? 11 months to be precise!

Needless to remind everyone that I am a Compulsive Obsessive Serial Packer. Yep, that’s a condition and a serious one at that.

The main symptoms? Preparing a list of what to pack in each categories (clothes, shoes, make up, bags) months in advance!! Psycho I know.

So, today I thought I’d share the shoes I’ll be sporting during my much awaited Summer Vacay!

First you need a pair of comfortable, versatile shoes which you can wear with practically any outfits. I chose this pair of cool espadrilles from H&M. The most comfy flats ever made! They’ll look good with jeans, my trade-mark navy pants and even a casual denim dress/skirt…



Next is a pair of flowery ballet pump, also from H&M which I thought were so cute and will be my daytime go to shoes! Perfect with dresses, jeans etc…


Next up are sandals. You’ve gotta have a pair of fab sandals right?! I found these beauties in Aldo and absolutely love them. I’m well into rose gold this Summer… These can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.



And finally, for those special occasions or evenings out, you have got to pack a pair of (comfy-ish) heels. These are also from Aldo and they are super comfortable and stylish! (I may just get the beige ones too actually…. Oooops!)



And voila! That’s all you need to ensure your feet look glam & fab throughout the hotter months!

What shoes are you guys packing?!

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NL Logo - Eng - 2013

#AccessoriesCrush: I’m a NEW LOOK accessories junkie!

Over the weekend, one of my friends asked me where I get all of my fashion accessories seeing as 1. I have so many, 2. she always compliments me on how cool/cute/funky they look, 3. she’d like some of it!

And so, I thought to reveal my secret! NEW LOOK of course!

They are THE best at bringing all of the latest accessories trends as seeing on the catwalk, but for a fraction of the price!

Neon, spikes, tribal, Gastby-inspired pieces, you name it, they have it!

Check out their latest collection here:

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See you at New Look store soon :)


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Koton Logo

#FashionCrush: Exclusive preview of Kotton’s Ramadan & Eid Collections!

MAJOR fashion crush alert!!!

Glamorous, yet understated and modest enough for Iftars and Suhoors, the Koton Ramadan and Eid collections have a beautiful variety of flowing maxi skirts, glittering maxi dresses and soft, feminine frills and detailing. Flattering and feminine, the collection ensures that modesty and elegance is maintained.

The Ramadan collection is floaty and feminine, consisting of lace trimmed maxi skirts, beautifully embellished, softly frilled dresses, elegant blouses and lace shift dresses adding perfect final touches to your occasions wardrobe.

Preview the collection:

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The Eid party collection includes structured peplum dresses embellished with on-trend gems, The Great Gatsby inspired lace blouses and party dresses and tailored trousers to ensure that your Eid wardrobe has never looked so chic.

Preview the collection:

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The rich colour palettes of both collections include warm reds and purples, decadent, shimmering golds and metallics and bright pinks and turquoise ensuring that those wearing the pieces will stand out from the crowds in an elegant, understated way.

Koton’s Ramadan and Eid collections will be launched during the festive Ramadan season, just in time to make sure that you are beautifully and suitably dressed for every occasion.


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