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#BlogCrush: How to start your own fashion blog via

Morning you all!

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I certainly did and spent most of it sorting out my wardrobe before I pack for my Winter holidays in France! Which in turn didn’t leave me much time for blogging.

Still, I came across this great article by Anja from on how to start your own fashion/beauty blog and I thought I’d share it in case some of you were thinking of taking the plunge! It’s got some really great tips & ressources!

Check it out here and let me know what you think!

New posts coming your way very very soon I promise :)



Happy Blog Anniversary!!

I am SO SO happy to be posting this today! My blog just turned 1 year old! I cannot believe it!

I can still remember having a coffee with a very dear friend (Cathleen that’s you babe!) telling her all about this crazy idea I’d just had to start a blog and brainstorming names… fast forward a year later, here we are!

Well what a journey this has been! An exciting one actually where I have learned a lot about a lot of things (if that makes sense). I certainly have learned a lot about skincare, make-up, fashion, the business of blogging, photography etc.. etc.. but I’ve also learned a lot about myself and I think that is the most important part of this journey!

I’ve learned that it is so important to pursue your ideas, even the craziest because when you do something you love, whether it requires a lot of time/works/money it is always worth it in the end.

My blog started purely as a hobby, a way to escape from the day-to-day work worries and it turned into a passion! I went for 3 friends reading my posts to now a few hundreds. I know this doesn’t quite equal to the thousands of followers some of the more advanced bloggers pull every month but it’s a start and it is all thanks to YOU!

Yes, YOU who read my posts, comments on them, follow me on my social media platforms etc… thanks to you who keep me going, who make me wanna to publish better content.

I am so so grateful to you guys. I hope y’all be carrying on this journey with me and support me in taking The Glam Crush Chronicle even further!

All my love :) xxx

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BlogLovin' Post

#BloggersCrush: My daily dose of Bloglovin’

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that as a beauty & fashion blogger I am completely addicted to actually reading blogs! And I do so every single day in fact. I have a (ever expanding) list of ‘favourites’ which I check out on a daily basis.

Some inspire me, others push me to raise my game, some simply re-assure me… whatever the case, if I don’t check these for a few days I literally experience “Bloglovin’ withdrawal symptoms“!!

I thought I’d share my favourites of the favourites so that you too can check these and perhaps add them to your reading list! I’ve split them into 3 categories including the locally based bloggers, the blogs that are in English and then the ones that are in French.

Now, let me assure you that I read a LOT more blogs than that and just because I can’t quite list them all I selected the ones I prefer, the ones that are the most relevant to the type of content I’m interested in!

Here is what my bookmarked list looks like  and it goes on and on and on…. 😉

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Do share your blog rolls with me! I love to discover new blogs!! ☆☆☆

Local bloggers I ♥

Huda Beauty 

Expat Beauty Addict

The Beauty Residence 

Buy Now, Blog Later

Simone Loves Make-up

Style Drifter 

Angel’s Corner

Beauty Banker

And there are SO many other Dubai-based blogs I read on a regular basis and even though I can’t list them all, I’d like to give a special shout out to the following fabulous bloggers and friends who have been with me and supported me from the get go. I know  how you’ll work hard on your blogs!

Maryam from Style ME Journal, Sara from Sara in Dubai, Neelofer from Keeping Up with N, Liouaa from Jam The Glam, Clare Elise from Clare Elise Sparkles, Anna from The Sarpkling Blueberry, Natasha from Red Lips & Lace & many more! Am probably forgetting some so please forgive me! Love you all girls!

Fashion & Beauty Blogs in English I ♥

Man Repeller

Gary Pepper Girl 

Ring my Bell

Caroline Hirons

Lilly Pebbles

Tanya Burr

Viviana Does Make-Up

Liana Beauty

Fleur de Force

Michelle Phan

Nouvelle Daily

Blogs en Francais que j’♥

Mon Blog de Fille 

Beaute Blog

Sananas Blog

These are kind of top ones but again, there are a lot more blogs to my reading list so will be sure to post an updated one very soon!

If you are not familiar with Bloglovin’, it’s a fantastic app which displays all of the posts from all of our favourite blogs in one place!

Check me out and follow me on there:!


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#FeatureCrush: My weekly Ramadan Fashion & Beauty lowdown on



Remember I told you guys I was working on a very exciting project?! Well here it is!!

I’m very pleased to let you know that I’ll be ‘Guest Blogging’ on, giving readers across the Region my lowdown on Ramadan Fashion & Beauty!

My first post will go up on the website tomorrow so be sure to check in! Now I’ve gotta warn you, the content is entirely in Arabic!

BUT I will post out the English edit here on the blog so watch this space.

In the meantime, check out my interview on!! Click here.

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Blog Crushes

#Blogger’sCrush: Fashion & Beauty blogroll

Hey Glam Gals!

A few of you have asked me which blogs do I personally follow and so I thought to post out a list of my top 10 Fashion & Beauty Blogs.

I love browsing through them! I also read a lot of fashion/beauty websites as well as magazines such Glamour, Harpers Bazaar etc…

When I see what my fellow #BBloggers come up with, it gives me so much inspiration and motivates me to work harder at mine (a lot of evenings on the laptop involved!) which isn’t always easy but it certainly gives me that buzz!

Check’em out and let which ones you like! Do also share your favorites blogs or e-zines!

The Glam Crush Top 10 Blogs:

Huda Beauty

The Fierce Diaries

My FashDiary

Viviana does make-up

My Small Obsessions

Flutter & Sparkles

Liana Beauty

Shamim Scene

Make Up by Amira

Sheikha’s Secrets



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