#BeautyCrush: The ‘one-night stand’ Skincare Kit

Whenever I travel for work, it usually involves spending a night or so in a hotel so that I can be sure to look refreshed when hosting morning events/workshops – sadly I am not one of these people that can just wake up at 5am to catch the 1st flight out to Doha and then get on with their business as soon as they touch down!

I need my sleep, I need to wake up properly, take my time getting ready and only then can I function normally!

You’ll all remember I recently went over to Jeddah for a couple of days and had blogged about my ‘one-night stand’ make-up kit  – see the blog post here! 

Skincare wise however, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what goes inside my ‘one-night stand’ essentials kit!


Make-up remover: I’m actually skipping make-up remover  here in favour of one of my favourite products ever, Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse Oil. I got this little sample-size one when I purchased something from their store in the Dubai Mall and it is just perfect to take away when travelling. The oil breakdowns any make-up (however heavy!) and preps your skin for the next step(s).

Cleanser: I kept this genius little one from Bliss which I got with my January GlamBox and it is just perfect for travelling! It also helps that the Faboulous Foaming Face Wash is indeed a great cleanser which refreshes and exfoliates the skin in one go!

Toner: Something I always carry in my bag is a little spray bottle of Caudalie Beauty Elixir (here) which I love to spray on for a quick ‘pick-me’ up. I would also use it as a toner as it is a great hydrating and beautifying mist.

Moisturiser: Back to the Bliss GlamBox for this one too and Bliss’ moisturiser which is great at hydrating the skin but isn’t too heavy etc… perfect for when out & about!

IMG_0206 Body wash: I absolutely adore all of the Bath & Body Works (here) shower gels and body lotions! What I love even more is a good 3 for 2 promotion which seem to be running inside the stores on a regular basis. Last time I managed to stock up on these cute little tubs which are perfect for travelling and picked different scents to try out… my favourite so far is Paris

Body moisturiser: I will be bringing which ever one matches my shower gel. These also come in a very handy plastic tub.


Deodorant: I never go ANYWHERE without my very loyal deodorant which I’ve used for the past 8 years! The Sure Maximum Protection (here) I can only find it in the UK and usually have a stock for 4-5 bottles in advance just in case.


Shampoo & Conditioner: I went into my local Boots the other day and spotted their ‘travel’ section…. a quick browse through and I selected the Umberto Giannini Dazzling Shine shampoo & conditioner combo (here). I have used Umberto Giannini products and the past and remember liking them very much so thought I’d give this range a try… will report back 😉

Styling product: From the Boots travel section again, I picked up the mini version of the Mark Hill Get Gorgeous Fabulous Finish hair Spray (here) just because the bottle is so cute with it’s pink leopard print pattern!


And the whole lot fits nicely inside my new vanity case from Marks & Spencers (here) which I absolutely adore! It’s super kitsh yet very practical as it has a harder texture, perfect to prevent any squashing or spillage of your products!

What are your travel beauty essentials?!

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