Glambox Philosophy Box July 2013 (1mb)

#BeautyCrush: Flashback – The July ‘Philosophy’ GlamBox

I am finally catching up with all of my GlamBox products and spent the weekend checking out & testing the Philosophy goodies which came in my July box. The products were only just sample sachets so not much to work with BUT I still managed to get a feel for the brand which I must admit I had never tried before!

This is what I actually LOVE about Glambox! It has allowed me to discover AND try so many new brands!

Read on to find out what I thought of the following products:

Purity 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes

This one came in a little tube with enough product for me to use twice a day for a week. I didn’t dislike this cleanser, I just didn’t ‘love’ it. I didn’t quite get the ‘clean feel’ I would usually have after washing my face with my usual Neutrogena Deep Clean cleanser. Sorry to disappoint here but that is not one product I will be purchasing.

Take Shelter sunscreen and environmental shield

My sample was spf50 which is quite high for my skin but I tried it anyway and was quite happy with it. The texture sank into the skin and didn’t leave a greasy film, it actually had quite nice matte finish. This is definitely a good one. However at £22.50 a pop I won’t be replacing my very loyal Neutrogena Ultra-Sheet Dry Touch sunscreen anytime soon! ( and no, I am NOT sponsored by Neutrogena, they just happen to make excellent drugstore affordable products!)

Hope in a Jar original formula moisturizer

I actually tried this one out on a long haul flight where my skin usually gets very dehydrated and then for a couple of days (well until I ran out of the sample sachet). Again, not saying it wasn’t a nice moisturizer, I did the job but I just didn’t love it…

Be your Best skin perfecting BB cream

I tried out the BB cream a couple of times and actually quite liked it! I know, there is at least one product I got excited about…. the texture was quite nice, the shade (medium) a very good match to my skin tone, it went on very nicely and stayed put for a whole and an outdoor football training session (random I know but that is how I test all my make up!). I have loads of BB creams to go through over the next few weeks but when I ran out I might just get this one!!

Full of Promise treatment uplifting serum (day) + volumising serum (night)

I used the daytime uplifting serum a couple of times and it really kind of woke my skin up and left it super smooth and plump! I would certainly want to try it again although it is quite a luxury at $75 a pop! I didn’t like the night time one so much as it felt somehow too rich and I woke up with greasy skin somehow… my skin can be quite ‘temperamental’ so will give it another go in a few days and see if I get a different welcome!

The Microdelivery triple-acid brightening peel

This one works a bit like the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel Pads whereby you rub the pad onto your skin until it dries and you’re good to go. Sadly I only got 1 pad in my box so only tried it once and can’t really say whether this product would be better than thr Dr Dennis Gross ones which I absolutely adore! Sorry!

I know this isn’t quite what you expected and I may not have been able to answer all of your questions re: Philosophy products! I am grateful to have been given a chance to try out some of their stuff but am afraid on this occasion, I probably won’t be trying or purchasing any more of those!

If you’ve tried some of their products and liked them, do let me know!

Oh well, I have plenty more products to try, test and review for you guys so stay tuned for my next post!!

Until then!

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