Monthly Archives: April 2015



It’s now been a month and a bit since I last posted on my blog and well, my last post wasn’t a very exciting one wasn’t it?! I owe you all a bit of an apology for the silent treatment. Those past few months have been, well, a bit crazy.

I had kind of lost my mojo there and just didn’t feel I could dedicate myself to create interesting and blog-worthy content so opted to take a bit of a blogging vacay.

But that’s all over now and you Glam Crush Gal is back in the game and ready to roll (blog)!!

So what’s to come? Well, I’ve got some skincare updates to share, some recent purchases (make-up, bling, shoes) and you know what?! MORE fashion. Yes more outfit posts, more hauls etc…

I can’t wait to start posting again!