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#FitCrush: The 30-day Fitness Challenge Update #1

Hey you guys!

A week has gone by and so I thought I’d give you a quick update on my progresses with the famous #Bliss30dayfitnesschallenge!

Exercise-wise I’ve got to admit that I did not do as well as I hoped…. only because work, life etc… kind of got in the way. But I still fitted in a couple of gym sessions at the Pharaoh’s Club at Wafi, and 2 runs so it wasn’t too bad. You’ve gotta give it to these guys, their club is pretty amazing. I mean, the range of cardio & resistance machines available in the Ladies Gym is really good and truly allows you to mix and match different training routines.

On the diet front, I’ve actually been pretty good. I’ve not weighted myself as I try to only do so every 2 weeks… but I do feel  good and reenergise so it must be a good sign ;)!

And finally, I’ve been using the bliss Lean Machine together with my #FatGirlSlim cream and must say my skin defo looks a little firmer and smoother! This thing is AMAZING!! So easy to use and it damn bloody works. Really worth the investment.

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You can also search for #bliss30daychallenge and #fatgirlslim on social media platforms icon wink #FitCrush: The 30 day Fitness Challenge with Bliss Middle East, BasharaCare & Pharaohs Club at Wafi.

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PS: I got hold of my #fatgirlslim lean machine by accepting the #bliss30daychallenge. If you are a #beautyblogger nominate yourself to be the next one to be picked, otherwise you can buy your personal #cellulite buster from @basharacare.


#LingerieCrush: Nayomi 2014 Winter Collection

I do think I kind of have an obsession with all things lingerie! I was checking out Nayomi’s 2014 Winter Collection and OMG! I could already picture myself as this Snow Queen living in beautiful luxurious surroundings wearing these fabulous numbers!

Also love the way their shot their products which just make me wanna go get them all… which I actually might! Here are my top picks from the collection:






The Winter ’14 collection will be available across Nayomi’s 185 stores in the GCC.

For additional information, please visit:

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Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 8.33.03 AM

#FitCrush: The 30-day Fitness Challenge with Bliss Middle East, BasharaCare & Pharaoh’s Club at Wafi

I’m so excited to finally be able to share a new & exciting project I’m working on!! If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably gathered I was up to no good with my blog-sister Liouaa from Jam the Glam cos hey, that’s how WE roll!

So a couple of weeks ago, Liouaa & I were offered the amazing opportunity to embark on a 30-day fitness challenge with Bliss Middle East and Pharaoh’s Club at Wafi and

bliss recently introduced their hugely popular anti-cellulite cream, fatgirlslim, in UAE which used in conjunction with fatgirlslim lean machine, can make a huge difference on your cellulite. Of course, to maximise its results, it’s important that you also work out hard AND eat clean. They partnered up with Pharaoh’s Club at Wafi Mall and together, we will be working hard (very hard!) to kick start mine and Liouaa’s new fit & healthy selves!

1st step was the fit test –  Sue, our lovely personal trainer, took us to the ladies-only section of the club (how cool is that?! It just felt so much more confortable!) and, after an in-depth body analysis,  bossed us around a series of exercise to asses our current fitness level… the results were… how can I put it… let’s just say there is room (a lot of it!) for improvements. Which in a way, is great.

2014-09-20 09.58.59

2nd step – the individual workout session – Based on the above results, Sue was able to put together a personalised program targeting my very own areas of concerns. The workout is about 45 mins long and includes a warm up followed by a series of targeted exercises using the various cardio & resistance machines and free weights in the gym.  This one should be done 3 or 4 times a week, on top of which I should add another 2 x 45 mins cardio workouts… if I’ve not lost at least 5kgs at the end of it, there will be murder! (Sue, if you’re reading this, I’m just kidding! But still…)

3rd step – the diet – No point in bursting your butt off at the gym 5 times a week if you’re gonna grab a croissant and a fat latte after each session. It is tempting though. The whole effort = reward thing does look appealing. But one must resist (trying to convince myself here). A program I followed in the past is the Dukan Diet.

Now I hear you already thinking it’s just another fad diet, it doesn’t work etc… well, I am not one that can just ‘control’ my portion sizes, or have ‘a little bit of everything’. See, I’m a ALL or NOTHING kind of gal and this plan works for me. It’s simple, doesn’t require a lot of preparing and it works. Check out this website for more details or, if you’d like, I’ll write a post on the diet!

2014-09-21 14.45.37

4th step – the lean machine – Every day for the next 30 days, I will be diligently applying my new bliss fatgirlslim cream and massaging it with the lean machine. It only takes a few minutes. I’ve now used it a couple of times and getting the hang of it. It’s not easy at first I must say and takes getting used to moving it up & down your legs (will go into more details at a latter stage).

So there you have it, the low-down on my new Fitness Challenge! Expect to see weekly updates and then of course don’t forget to look me up on Instagram and Twitter to follow my daily actives (beware there will be the odd sweaty/red/bothered selfie!).

You can also search for #bliss30daychallenge and #fatgirlslim on social media platforms 😉

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PS: I got hold of my #fatgirlslim lean machine by accepting the #bliss30daychallenge. If you are a #beautyblogger nominate yourself to be the next one to be picked, otherwise you can buy your personal #cellulite buster from @basharacare.

M&S AW'14 (7)

#FashionCrush: Marks & Spencer A/W14 Catwalk Show

Oh how I love a good fashion show! The excitement whilst waiting to get in that room, mingling with all of my fellow fashionistas, bumping into some of my favourite bloggers sipping a drink or 2 (diet coke only of course!)….

And the Marks & Spencer show did not disappoint. I got to hang out with one of Dubai’s top fashion & lifestyle blogger, Paul Ramos, aka Dapper Man (check out his blog here) and his lovely friend/photographer, Mark, thanks to whom I can proudly display some great pictures!

As for the show itself, well, in true M&S style, it was classy, elegant, sharp… My kind of stuff. I am a very (very) loyal customer and spotted a few pieces which again, might well be hanging in my wardrobe soon…

But for now, enjoy a few pics of the evening’s top looks and well some of me & the fashion crew…

I’m of course wearing my favourite M&S pencil skirt (love the length), M&S cropped top, Dune shoes and See by Chloe clutch.



M&S AW 14 LOOKS (7)

M&S AW 14 LOOKS (5)


M&S AW 14 LOOKS (4)


M&S AW 14 LOOKS (1)



Photo credit to Mark Ross Argana



Photo credit to Mark Ross Argana


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Koton Women 12

#FashionCrush: Koton A/W14 Collection

We’ve established I was a Koton-addict a long ago, haven’t we? Well, I checked out their new collection for Autumn/Winter 14 and it’s a little different than usual.

The key theme this season is Brit Look with lots of 60s & 70s punk influences. Some Western Bohemian prints and quite a neutral colour palettes…

Not my favourite trends but I still picked out a few pieces which might well end up hanging in my ever-expending wardrobe soon!!

Yes I do like my classy, elegant & most importantly black pieces! :)

Koton - AED 149 (2)Koton - AED 149 (5)Koton - AED 249 (1)Koton - AED 279 (1)Koton - AED 279 (4)Koton - AED 299 (1)Koton - AED 149 (5) Koton - AED 149 (2) Koton - AED 299 (1) Koton - AED 279 (4) Koton - AED 279 (1) Koton - AED 249 (1)

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