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#ProductCrush: The Foreo Luna Mini

Hey all!

Before I go on hols, I thought I would sneak in one last little video! This one’s been requested a few times so here it is. A review of the Foreo Luna Mini!

Check it out below:

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See you very  soon xo CC Stamp

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#MakeUpCrush: What’s in my Summer Holidays Make-Up Bag?

I’m off on holidays! Yaaaaay! Whoo-hoop! (can you tell how excited I am?!)

I’ve been ‘preparing’ for this vacay for weeks and have started putting things together – outfits, shoes, bags and then of course beauty bits!

Here I am sharing which make-up products made the cut and went into my holidays stash. Check it out!

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#FashionCrush: The Green Pencil Skirt by M&S

Another week, another outfit post!! (Oh and there’s plenty more heading your way cos I did go a bit cray with the whole ‘Summer shopping thin’!).

Now we all know pencil skirts are my thing. I’ve tried them all, A-line, midi, maxi…. for me the shape of a pencil skirt just works. Channelling my inner Kim-K here hehe!

But I usually pick ‘safe’ colours such as black, navy-blue, grey which can look a bit ‘corporate’, so when I saw this one in M&S, I thought, why the hell not!! This way, I get to add a pop of colour and create a super cool look!

I paired it with a denim shirt in keeping with the casual theme, a pair of flowery flats and a little leather clutch!




Pencil skirt from M&S, Denim shirt from Dorothy Perkins, Ballet pumps from H&M, Clutch from GAP.

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#SkinCareCrush: The Summer Edit – Cleansers

As promised I am back with an updated Skin Care Routine post and I am super excited because this is the very routine with has helped me get rid of my hormonal breakouts and one that is here to stay (well for a while at least!).

And it’s not as ‘fancy’ as you may thing. It’s actually pretty basic, with a new discovery, and old buddy and a staple. Oh and a new toy!

If you remember I mentioned I was experiencing some breakouts (hormonal ones – the most annoying kind!), especially on my right cheek & chin area, and I therefore decided to literally stop all of the products I was using and go back to a more basic routine, using products I knew weren’t going to make things worse.


A cleanser that always kind of did the trick for me is the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel. I mean, you just cannot go wrong with this one, especially if you have oily/acne prone skin that’s also sensitive. I started by using this twice a day. A few weeks later I felt my skin was ready to try something different. I contemplated my Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse Oil, which I love, but before I reached for the bottle, I spotted my Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm which I’d kind of forgotten about and thought ‘Why not?!’. I started using it as my 1st cleanser, every evening, massaging it into my skin then adding some water and just rinsing it off with warm water… (sorry I can’t be bothered with the whole hot cloth thing!). I follow it up with my 2nd cleanser (the La Roche-Posay one) and voila! Super squeaky clean skin!).


In the morning, I started using the Diptyque Radiance Boosting Powder which, as mentioned in my recent review (here) is so gentle yet cleanse your skin perfectly. You just pour a little of the powder in your hand, run the little sponge under water and work the powder into a creamy foam which you then use as a regular cleanser.

But there’s a twist! I recently attended an event where I was given a chance to try out the new Foreo Luna Mini. Well I now use it every single morning to work my cleaner deeply into my skin and it has made such a huge difference it’s unreal! I’ll do a separate review of it soon – don’t worry!

So there you have it, my new & improved skin cleansing routine! I do have to mention that I have been taking Evening Primerose Oil twice a day for a month now and I am convinced this has also helped clear out my skin A LOT! I owe a HUGE massive thank you to my mate Bonnie from who recommended that I try! MERCI BEAUCOUP!!

I will be back with the toners & moisturisers in the next few days….

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#BeautyCrush: July GlamBox Review

It’s GlamBox o’clock again! Whoo-hoo!

I know my June GlamBox review wasn’t the most positive but they certainly made up for it with this month’s box! Look at all these goodies!!!

Onto to the testing & reviewing:

Maxfactor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara – I was super excited to find this one in the box! I love mascara, it’s my number 1 essential make-up item. I’ve now tried it a couple of time and I have mixed feelings about this one…. the 1st step brush isn’t the greatest I’m afraid. The 2nd one however is a little better and does kind of give you a bit more volume & length so I would just skip the 1st one all together and just use the 2nd.

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex – I haven’t used that one yet as I’m trying to not try too many skincare products at once so will have to get back to you on that!

Olay Total Effects Stretch-n-Fit Cloth  – I loved these!! Never ever tried something like that before so very happy to have found these in my box. You just stretch the cloth over your face, relax for 15 minutes, massage it all in and voila! Soft, refreshed, plumped up skin revealed! I even used one on the mister who liked it too!

Pantene Hair Rescue Ampoules – I don’t know what I was expecting from these but they certainly delivered beyond any expect ions! From the very first use, my hair felt instantly smoother and looked shinier/healthier! And 1 ampoule was enough to cover my very long locks! Will for sure re-purchase.

Especially Escada Elixir (EDT) – Lovely fragrance! A little rich & sweet as I like them…. didn’t last as long I would like in this heat but a very nice scent never the less! We were only given a small sample which I’ve already used up :( but I did enjoy wearing it!

Lacoste Sensuelle (EDT) – That’s quite a nice perfume actually! I never thought of Lacoste fragrances so this one is a new discovery for me and a good one at that! I’ve used it a few times but now keeping what’s left of the little sample bottle to keep in my handbag for when I’m going on holidays!! Really like it!

Right, well that’s it for this month’s GlamBox. I will be away in August so probably won’t be receiving my box until I get back end of the month so until then take care you guys! xo

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