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Guess launches Evening Dresses Collection (2)

#FashionCrush: Guess & Marciano Limited Edition Dress Collection

The perfect evening dress is a must in any wardrobe and the GUESS and Marciano Limited edition collections are filled with gorgeous gowns that will make you look and feel incredible…

Guess launches Evening Dresses Collection (4)

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Guess & Marciano Limited Edition Dress Collection Launch and was wowed by the beautiful & style creations! Elegant & feminine silhouettes, rich details including brocade & lace, embellished bustiers etc….

Soft flowing dresses featuring cami and sleeveless tops are offered in red, black and electric blue, with refined leopard print or rich brocade details and trendy, hi-lo hemlines.

Guess launches Evening Dresses Collection (1)

The MARCIANO limited edition evening dress collection was just stunning! I am a huge fan of luxurious lace, which creates sophisticated & uber feminine pieces.

Guess launches Evening Dresses Collection (3)

These Limited Edition Evening Dress Collections from Guess and MARCIANO are available in select stores in the UAE from June, 2014.

Now, I hear you asking who, apart from those gorgeous models, can actually wear these?! I kind of asked myself that very same question… at the end of the day, I am not saying I would wear these dresses, I most certainly wouldn’t, unless I lost 20 kgs and grew 1ft or so BUT, I would say that there are always ways to adapt a trend!

Whenever I attend these events, I use them as ‘style inspiration boards‘!

And for those fashionistas on a budget, (and these include moi!), there are plenty of similar style dresses in stores such as Koton, Oasis, TopShop, H&M etc… in fact, I got a great white lace number in H&M for a mere AED159!

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#TreatmentCrush: Colour Therapy at Spa Dunya

I was recently invited by the lovely team at Spa Dunya to come in and try their very unique approach to well-being and beauty. As a Dubai resident I’d heard of their spa and their ‘colour therapy’ thing but never really got around to finding out what it was all about so when the call came I jumped at the chance.

2014-06-18 10.58.10

I was welcomed by Karima Nanji who in charge of the Marketing & the Spa’s holistic consultant. She took me around the Spa (which is beautiful by the way) and showed me their own brand of products, Altearah Bio.

And of we went for the 1st step into a whole new & better version of me! The ‘Colour’ consultation. Our moods are represented by colours. 14 different ones to be exact. The therapist asked me to select 4 without over thinking it of course. You have got pick the first ones that come to mind. And as much I thought I’d pick darker, more vivid colours, I surprised myself and actually went for:

1. Gold

2. Pink

3. Blue

4. Yellow

What? No red? no dark blue?!

The 1st colour you go for usually represent your current state of mind, what you most desire or long for. Gold symbolises confidence, radiance but also highlights a need for achievement, recognition and ambition. At that stage, I’m kind of impressed!

The 2nd & 3rd colours represent your deepest needs! Pink stands for tenderness (?!), comfort and pampering. Meaning, yours truly needs to open up a bit more to emotions (both outgoing & incoming), I guess at that point I must have been in need of a good old hug! Most importantly, I should take time out to nurture myself a bit more… expect to see me at the Spa at lot more often then!

Blue is for peace and calm. Something I very very rarely experience, being so hyper all the time & all! But yeah, this means, Carine SLOW DOWN and CHILL a bit!

Final colour, which represents where you’d like to be, was indeed Yellow and that’s for joy, spontaneity. It also highlights my really wanting to stop controlling everything and for things to go according to plan. It made think that I should just let go of all of the stress and worries and just enjoy the moment.

Quite a compelling analysis and a fairly accurate one at that. And believe me I am a hard nut to analyse. I even (try to) manipulate my answers to personality tests I’m that psycho!!

2014-06-18 10.57.29

So, now that we’d established my 4 mood colours, Karima proceeded to pick the corresponding ‘scents’. Each colour has a different perfume which is a blend of essential oils you spray into your hands, warm and inhale 3 or 4 times. One after the other. Each of these scents hits you where it’s needed… a very strange feeling I must admit, but you are left with a sense of calm which is rather nice.

And then finally comes the treatment – The Colour Harmonizing Holistic Experience. 90 minutes of pure bliss. I mean, I have had some lovely body massage but this one?! I almost felt asleep! Which means that for an hour or so, I forgot about things, I stopped thinking and just went with the flow. I could have actually stayed there the whole day… wishful thinking! The treatment did also include a lovely facial massage.

2014-06-18 10.58.06

I left feeling so relaxed & rejuvenated! Pure bliss. I’d certainly recommend this treatment to anyone who’s going through a bit of a stressful period and just wants to get away from it all for an hour or so.

Check out their website for more info on all of their treatments and promotions and most importantly, go give the Colour Therapy a try! Oh and make sure you let me know if you do!

Exclusive to my readers, Spa Dunya is offering you guys a 20% discount on your first treatment!!

Just quote ‘Glam Crush Chronicle’ when you make a booking!!

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Summer Shoes Gif

#FashionCrush: The Summer Shoes Edit

How excited are we about this Summer?! Very? Thought so! Just the thought of packing for my upcoming holidays is making me wanna jump up & down!! Can you tell I’ve not been home for a while? 11 months to be precise!

Needless to remind everyone that I am a Compulsive Obsessive Serial Packer. Yep, that’s a condition and a serious one at that.

The main symptoms? Preparing a list of what to pack in each categories (clothes, shoes, make up, bags) months in advance!! Psycho I know.

So, today I thought I’d share the shoes I’ll be sporting during my much awaited Summer Vacay!

First you need a pair of comfortable, versatile shoes which you can wear with practically any outfits. I chose this pair of cool espadrilles from H&M. The most comfy flats ever made! They’ll look good with jeans, my trade-mark navy pants and even a casual denim dress/skirt…



Next is a pair of flowery ballet pump, also from H&M which I thought were so cute and will be my daytime go to shoes! Perfect with dresses, jeans etc…


Next up are sandals. You’ve gotta have a pair of fab sandals right?! I found these beauties in Aldo and absolutely love them. I’m well into rose gold this Summer… These can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.



And finally, for those special occasions or evenings out, you have got to pack a pair of (comfy-ish) heels. These are also from Aldo and they are super comfortable and stylish! (I may just get the beige ones too actually…. Oooops!)



And voila! That’s all you need to ensure your feet look glam & fab throughout the hotter months!

What shoes are you guys packing?!

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NARS Spring 2014 Color Collection

#MakeUpCrush: NARS is finally hitting our shores!

Be sure to mark 16th October in your calendars cos that is when the mother of all make-up brands will hit our sunny shores!

Yes you heard me right, NARS is re-launching in the Middle East and not a moment too soon if I may say.

Founded by François Nars, the brand is sophisticated, witty and effortlessly seductive! Bold and audacious, NARS makes its own rules and boldly goes where no other makeup brands have gone before; truly the lifestyle beauty brand for the modern independent woman (that’s us!)

I personally discovered NARS via one of my favourite youtubers, Lily Pebbles (here) who’s always raving about their products. I placed my first order for the Narssist Cheek Palette a few months ago and felt head over heels in love with the stuff!

It has to be my favourite make-up item EVER! It includes the very famous Laguna bronzer and of course, the Orgasm blush. These 2 are probably what made NARS so popular…. the colour, the texture, the finish on your skin are just… incredible! The highlighter is also beautiful… my only regret? To not have bought another 2 of these!! I got mine from the SpaceNK website.

What I also love about NARS is the packaging! Matt black, sleek, chic and just so sophisticated. They do tend to get a little dirty but they just look so cool on your make-up stand!

The press kit included a few bits & pieces for us to try out and here’s my feedback on those:


Nars Hot Sand Illuminator – A gorgeous light-reflecting liquid that glides on to refresh and enhance the complexion with shimmering incandescence. This fab little number can be applied all over the face or used as a highlighter or you can mix it with your foundation for added sheerness.

NARS The Multiple in Copacabana – a really lovely highlighter/blusher/Eye shadow that comes in a super hand stick form. Not too shiny but enough that it captures the light and bring your best features forwards. A sweep of this creamy formal over your cheek bones and below the brow gives you that instant ‘glow’. Can also be used as an eyeshadow and on the lips! Hence the name…


NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Yu – I’m not one to usually wear such bold colours on the lips but I’ve gotta admit to really liking this one! Paired with a simply cost of black mascara, it’s instant chic in under a minute! Perfect for those lazy days!

NARS Lip Gloss in Pricilla – WOW! And I mean WOW! This has got to the the most pigmented lipgloss I have ever tried. Such a rich colour and beautiful formula. Doesn’t stick, stays put for hours, makes your lips look delish… a keeper!


NARS Du0 Eye Shadow in Kauai– Again, WOW! Seriously guys, these eyeshadows are buttery smooth when you apply them and they stay put for hours on end!! They have a kind of wet-to-dry finish which looks amazing. Again, never thought I’d use these colours but I have been reaching for them almost everyday recently! You can apply a light layer of it or built them up to a more full-on smokey look for an evening out!


NARS Eye Paint in Baalbek – A super intense & rich gel-type formula which can be used to line, highlight, shade or define the eyes. A wicked 18-hour wear makes it a long day (or night)’s perfect companion. Probably the one I won’t be using so much as the colour is a little too dark for me and I’m actually pretty scared of using it! I will however try it out as an eye liner and report back to you gals!

So when can you gals get your hands on NARS products? Well, you’re going to have a little while as they will officially launch in Sephora at The Dubai Mall on 16th October.

And if you really cannot wait until then, check out SpaceNK‘s website or for my French ladies, or!

I promise you it is well worth the wait!

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See you there :)

#FashionCrush: Look “Beach Chic” with Chantelle!

Summer is just around the corner ladies!! And you all know what that means…. bikini shopping time!

Don’t know about you but bikini shopping used to be my least favourite. Only because I never knew which style to buy, what the trends were, which shape would suit my body type  etc… But over the years and after hours spent reading blogs & articles, I think I have worked out who should wear what when it comes to swim suits…

SO, when I received the deets on luxury French brand Chantelle swimwear collection (yes they do swim suits too!!), I thought this would be a perfect time to share my inside secrets! For those of you who don’t know Chantelle, it is just an amazing brand, their underwear are beautifully made and are designed to flatter your feminine form PLUS they offer a wide range of sizes which is great!

So, which bikini should you look for to suit your shape? Well here it goes:


Lucky gals! You lot can pretty much wear any style you like! If you want to highlight your chest, go for an alter neck top with added details to draw attention to your curves! Bottom-wise you can actually get away with any style! I’d stay away from the boy-shorts type of thing as they can look at little… well boyish! Here’s a little inspiration:



For the more ‘voluptuous’ of gals (I fit in that category too so know what it’s like, believe me!) I’d go with high waisted bottoms and under-wired bra. The high waisted bottom will be sure to keep your curves in check whilst smoothing out any bumps & lumps around the hips. The structured bra will give you that extra bit of support and be sure to have you looking smokin’ hot!! Just make sure to get yours properly fitted!

You can also try a one-piece swimsuit which are super chic this Summer! Personally, one-pieces just don’t fit me. I always find they hide my hourglass shape but you can try it out, you might be surprised!

Here are some ideas:



Now you athletic gals may wanna add a bit of definition around your waist and create a more ‘curvy’ silhouette! How do you do that? Well, you highly your chest with a fab alter neck top and get a pair of tie-up bottoms! So feminine & fab!

You can check out  Chantelle beachwear range  at Galeries Lafayette in Dubai – UAE, and K-Lynn stores in Beirut – Lebanon!

Now you’ll excuse me but I’ve gotta go pick my summer hols bikini… see you on the beach… looking chic of course!

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