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The Week #20

#InstaCrushes: The Week #20

And here we are! Week 20! Can’t even believe it’s been 20 weeks since I first started this little #InstaCrushes series :)

In case you aren’t yet following me on Instagram please do (@theglamcrushchronicle)! Now I am not the most ‘active’ but I promise you to try my best to post at least 1 photo a day!!

So, let’s take a look back at the weekend and week that was :)

1. I finally posted my review of the famous Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm… check it out here.

2. No, I am not taking radomn photos of hands… well actually tell a lie, I do when I’ve had my nails done but that wasn’t what this one was about! See that cute little ring?! Well, it is a fab pressie from my friend Maryam from the blog StyleMEJournal! I absolutely love it!!

3. I went off to Qatar last week for work but of course couldn’t help myself but have a little look around the duty free make up counters! I therefore picked these pieces which I’ll be trying and reviewing soon :). So far, I am loving the L’Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur! A great great drugstore primer!

4. I’m so sad Fashion Forward is over :(. I had an amazing time watching some of the shows, attending some of the Fashion Talks and catching yup with a few gal friends! Can’t wait for the next one!

Can’t wait to kick this week off! I’m off to Qatar again for a few days but will be sure to get Instagraming/Tweeting etc.. etc..

Wishing you all an amazing week ahead!

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#ProductCrush: Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm Review

Hey there you guys!

So I know I’ve kind been off line for the past week or so and you must be wondering what the heck is going on! Well, nothing exciting really… just been swamped with work and just haven’t had a minute to myself!

I’m foreseen the next few weeks to be as equally packed so bare with me ok?!

Still, I had promised to post a review of the infamous Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm (a bit of mouthful I know!) and so, here I am with my take on this bloggers’ favourite!

You’ve all ready many reviews on this gorgeous smelling, rich textured, melting balm so I’m not going to go on about it… here’s a snap of what the stuff looks like when you open it:



Now, I would really like to tell you whether I love it, or hate it. Matter of the fact is, I’m not sure! I know this isn’t the most helpful statement here but I really really cannot make my mind up about it!

Applying the balm is a delight, it melts into your skin, dissolving all of your make-up with it, washes off very nicely with a soft muslin face cloth (I use the Human+Kind ones which are great – you can get them from the Change Initiative store on Sheikh Zayed).


It leaves your skin nourished yet deeply cleansed.. I mean, I really can’t say it doesn’t do the job, it does. For GBP36 it better do! I ordered it from SpaceNK since you cannot find it here in the UAE….

My combination/oily skin didn’t mind it at all, although I made sure to only use it at night as to not ‘nourish’ it too much. It did feel a little more ‘greasy’ when I woke up on the morning which kind of scared me a little but I persevered and used it for a couple of weeks…

I’m almost done with the pot and don’t think I’ll re-purchase just because it is a super pricey product and there are plenty of other cleansers that are equally great at deep cleaning your skin for a fraction of the price. If however, money is not object, then by all means, go for it!

Have you tried it? What do you think?!

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F Deep R4

#TreatmentCrush: Nimue Purifying Facial Treatment at The Cure

I don’t know if it is the change in season/temperature, stress or what, but for the past couple of months my skin has been all over the place!! Damn right moody and disobedient. Full on cray cray actually!! I’ve had the lot: breakouts, blackheads, oiliness, dry patches…. YUK!

So when the opportunity to try out a Nimue Purifying Facial at The Cure (see their website here) came about I jumped at the chance! And well, 2 weeks later, I can say, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! This thing saved my skin (and my sanity!)!


The Cure is such a hidden gem of  a salon, located in the BBC Worldwide building in Media City. When I went in, I was very warmly welcomed into the foyer area and offered a refreshing cold towel and a drink.

I was then made to fill up a questionnaire on my skin concerns, current skincare routine etc… My therapist, Flore (she’s FAB!) then took me inside the treatment room where I laid down on a super comfy bed…

And then the real work started!

First off, Flore removed any trace of make up from my face, followed by cleaning it with Nimue’s cleansing gel. Next, she applied an exfoliating enzyme which felt a bit tingly but that’s cool, it just means it is eating away at those dead cells! I then had steam blown over my face to open those nasty little pores. Then comes the not so fun part but the most useful one, the extraction! OK nothing glam here and it actually is a little painful but hey, beauty IS pain!

The pores are then closed up with a high frequency electric machine… out of this world this thing! Calmed all of the redness down by magic!

The Cure E

Flore then executed a super relaxing facial massage to get that blood flowing and applied a purifying mask. Whilst the mask rested, I was treated to a head, neck, shoulders & arms massage. Pure bliss.

Once the mask came off, she applied a lovely moisturiser, followed by a little sunblock and off I went home with ‘smooth like a baby bottom’ skin!

And like I said in my intro, this treatment just sorted my skin and 2 weeks later it still looks AND feels amazing!

A HUGE MASSIVE thank you to Flore and The Cure!!

In fact, I’ve already booked my appointment for the next one in 6 weeks’ time, so I guess I’ll see you then :)

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The Week #19

#InstaCrushes: The Week #19

How’s everyone on this beautiful weekend?! Not only the weather is absolutely amazing but it’s Fashion Forward weekend! What more do you want?!!

I thought I’d take a quick ‘Blog break’ and post my past week’s Instagram top snaps:

1. I was invited by RIRA Gallery in DIFC who partnered up with Mercedes Benz to test drive one of their newest cars. I chose the SL500 which is a fierce little convertible coupe and boy it roars!! I went around the DIFC block twice and felt like i was on top of the world! Short lived but hey, it was amazing!! I still love my G-wheels though… bless my little Golf 😉

2. Just earlier today I attended one of the Fashion Forward talks on ‘The Shoe Business’ and it was super interesting to see how the Director and Head Buyer at Level Shoe District select and match international designers together with local emerging ones to create a unique concept which is the only one in the world!

3. Another favourite beauty brand of mine launched 2 new products this week! Neutrogena introduced their new Visibly Clear Pore & Shine daily wash and daily scrub to a room full of beautistas and I cannot wait to give them both a test run. Review on the blog soon.

4 & 6. And again, another brand I absolutely adore formally launched in the region! French skincare brand Caudalie hosted a bloggers event at the Conrad Hotel and showcased some of their cult and latest products. I am currently using these and will be reporting back to you next week with my feedback so stay tuned! Had a blast at the even though with fellow beauty bloggers Jam the Glam and Bonnie Garner aka ‘The Trouble Threesome’!

My #OOTD was a tale of 2 high streets brands! Kimono blouse, top, shoes and bag were from New Look. Trouvers was from Promod!

5. My weekend manicure kit! I went for a gorgeous shade of turquoise/green from Barry M Gel polish range which is so summery and just puts a smile on your face when you look at it! A happy colour!

Voila, a little peek at the week that was.

Back to those fashion show now…

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#BeautyCrush: March GlamBox Review

Yes it is that time again when I review the latest GlamBox to have dropped on my door step!

This month saw a Nivea themed box which is great since I don’t really ever purchase products from the brand so I’m pleased to have the chance to kind of re-discover Nivea.

The box included  4 full size products which I have now tried & tested so read on to find out what I thought of each one!

Nivea Invisible Deodorant for Black & White – what a great concept! A deodorant that does not stain your black clothes nor your white ones, in this country, I say that’s a pretty good deal! I have now used it for a week or so and can confirm it did not leave any white marks on my dark tops. As for not leaving any yellow-y marks on my white ones I don’t know really! Sorry I know that’s not very helpful but I’ve not worn anything white often enough… will give it another try & report back later 😉

Nivea Waterlily & Oil Shower Gel – I’ve had this one in the past so was already familiar with it. Very easy-going, lovely smelling shower gel. Nothing too exciting but nothing to dislike either!

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion – I love this!! Saves me an extra couple of minutes in the morning which, believe me, is always a good thing!! You basically shower, apply it all over your body, rinse it all off and step out of the shower. You dry as normal and voila! Moisturised skin. Done.

Nivea Face Cream – This one’s a classic. I can still remember my mother using it 30 years ago! However, I’m afraid this face cream is way too rich for my combination/oily skin. My man however loves it and has been happily using it for a couple of weeks!

Nivea Natural Fairness Face Cream – I’ve actually not tried the little sample that was included in the box yet as I’m saving these for when I travel so will report back when I do!

Now I know this particular box did spark a bit of a debate amongst subscribers & bloggers alike, as to the value of the monthly boxes and I will say this: No, it isn’t the most exciting box I have received BUT, I have been a subscriber for over a year now and I absolutely love it! Some boxes will be amazing and I will love all of the products included, some won’t and that’s OK you know!

I still believe the subscription fees are great value and it’s really a fun way to discover new brands or re-discover more classic ones! And you’ve gotta accept that you just won’t always like some of the products.

I was fortunate enough to receive the April GlamBox in advance and I can tell you it is DOPE!! I’ll post some more info soon.

So for those of you still thinking about it, DO IT NOW!! They have an amazing offer at mo where you only pay for the shipping & handling fees!!

Check out: using promo code: GBFREE

And as GlamBox Beauty Expert Emilie always says  “Stay Glamorous‘!!

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