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#PerfumeCrushes: The Summer Fragrances Edit

Summer Fragrance Edit

And so the countdown to Summer has officially begun! Literally…. crossing days on my desk calendar et al! I’m now on D-95… seems like a far away ahead BUT that’s exactly 3 months. And these 3 months are going to be HECTIC ones.

For one, I need to try & get into some sort of shape, then I need to plan out all of my outfits (I’m limited to 23kgs of luggage so gotta make tough decisions!), I’ll also be planning out my ‘Holidays make-up kit’, my ‘Skincare kit’ and then of course my ‘Perfumes selection’… very important these… each Summer has it’s own special scent or combination of!

So, which perfumes have made the cut this Summer? 3 actually. 1 for daytime, 1 for evening and then another one for special occasions… yes I do realise this all sound a bit extreme but that’s the way I roll!

Daytime gorgeousness: Elie Saab L’Eau Couture

Evening sultriness: Benefit Cosmetics Under My Spell Noelle

Unforgettable scent: Chanel Coco Noir 

Obviously I do own quite a few more which I wear on a regular basis and I might do a little post on my current perfume collection if you’re interested! Just let me know in the comments :)

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#BeautyCrush: April GlamBox Review

Now THIS is what I call a DOPE BOX! I received the April’s GlamBox a little early this time around as a ‘blogger exclusive‘ treat and it revealed some pretty cool gems…

Without further a due, this month’s box included:

1. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sun lotion: funnily enough I had never tried that particular brand… not sure why but I now wish I did! This one smells delicious enough to lick off your arm AND it hydrates your skin as well as of course, protecting it from sun damage with its SPF30. What more can you ask from your sunscreen?

2. Dove Purely Pampering Body Cream: An old favourite of mine which I have used many times in the past but hadn’t purchased in a while. Glad to have re-discovered such an amazing, yet affordable, body moisturiser which just sinks into your skin leaving it deeply moisturised and glowy. This newer version contains shea butter and warm vanilla. Gorgeous!

3. Inglot Eye Shadow: Mine came in a shade of Silver which I must admit isn’t quite within my colour palette BUT applied in the tear duct area I can use it as a brightener/highlighter…. the texture is so buttery and lasts for ages… I really should get myself down my local Inglot store and explore this brand a bit more as I am so impressed with this shadow… perhaps a little ‘haul’ is coming up?!

4. Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream: this came in this super cute and handy little tube which I’m defo keeping in my handbag to re-hydrate my hands on the go. Smells devine too…

5. Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid: I gave this one a try this morning actually and although it is suitable for all skin types, I found it to not be hydrating enough for my parched skin… Then again, my skin has been a bit rebellious lately so I might just leave it alone and try this one again in a few days…

6. Herbline Essentials Aloe Vera and Honey Hydra 5 Gel: the box included 2 little samples of it. I’ve not tried these yet but the handy little sachet will be perfect for me to slip inside my beach bag this weekend! Will try them & out let you know how it goes… be sure to follow me on Instagram!!

Bonus vouchers! 

20% off any treatment at De La Mer Day Spa (had THE best experience there and tried one of their Organic Body Treatment and had an amazing hair treatment – see my review here)

Complimentary polish change at NStyle Nail Lounge

AED500 off Laser Treatment or Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment at Wellbeing Medical Centre

What an amazing box this month!! GlamBox did really spoil us!

A little bird tells me the May box should also be pretty darn amazing so if you’ve not subscribed to receive yours, DO IT!!

They always have great offers too so be sure to check out to sign up.

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The Week #21

#InstaCrushes: The Week #21

Can’t quite believe it’s already Saturday and the weekend is almost over! Gosh, where has this week gone?! Mind you it was quite a full on one between work and the blog!

Check out what I’ve been up to lately:

1. My skincare routine has changed quite a bit since the last time I blogged about it (see here) and so I am due for a Skincare Routine Update blog post in the next few days… I’ve included some really great products and so far been really happy with the results. Can’t wait to share these with you :)

2 &  4. I did get quite a few questions on the products I use for my eyes and so blogged about my eye care routine last week. Check it out here. I’ve included the skincare products I use everyday but also the make-up ones.

3. Never thought I’d say this but ‘I baked cookies‘!! OMG!! And they were pretty yummy too! For those of you who know me, you’ll know I don’t cook. I can’t even make an omelette. BUT, I stumbled upon an easy-peasy recipe on Tanya Burr‘s blog (here) and thought I’d give it a try!!

5. I have to admit that I can be a bit of an ‘organisation’ freak! And it is especially true when I travel so when I was in France last summer I brought this cute little pouch, which is in fact to keep all of your papers/receipts safe in your bag but I use it to store all of my telephone/laptop charger, clicker, usb’s etc… plus it looks really cool!

6. Loving the new Twitter layout! I know a lot of people commented that it looked a bit too much like Facebook but I actually liked it. I updated mine and thought to encourage you all to follow me if you aren’t already! I am not the most ‘active’ on Twitter but will try to be a bit more! I promise :)

7. Last but not least, here’s a little pic of me with the lovely Victoria from Twitter and Maha who works with me. The three of us travelled to Qatar to run a Social Media Breakfast event on Thursday and had an amazing time! Thank you girls :)

What have you guys been up to lately?! Here’s the new week!

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#VLOGFIT Challenge Update

Welcome to my #VLOGFIT Challenge Update which, I have to admit is long long due! Oh I hear someone (little sparkly bird called Clare Elise) saying an unconvinced ‘huh huh’!!).

Alright alright, I know I have not really focussed as much as I should have and for that, I owe all of my #VLOGFIT sisters out there a huge apology!!

Considering I started this whole thing at the beginning of February, 3 months later, where am I at?! Well, I did loose a couple of kilos and I’ve not put them back on but I’ve not persevered and lost any more either…

I do go out for a run or 2 each week and I do try to not go overboard with the eating but really, I have not made much of an effort.

Anyways, no point in dwelling on what I haven’t done. I now need to just get back on track and move forwards with the plan!

SO, as of this weekend, it is #VLOGFIT Challenge – the Return! And I mean it, I really do!!

Oh and I will commit to posting an update weekly. I won’t promise a video just because I don’t always have the time, but a blog post FOR SURE!


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#BeautyCrush: The ‘Eye’ Products

I’ve been receiving a few questions on my eye care routine and the products I use to keep those little lines and dark circles at bay… so I thought I’d share it all in one single post!

I am quite lucky that I don’t suffer from dark circles and puffiness a lot. Well unless I’ve only had a few hours sleep! But hey, I am 33 after all and I do see little lines under my eyes and they can sometimes make me a look a little older and/or tired…

I’ve actually been using eye cream since I was 25… had read somewhere this was when you should start to prevent ageing of the very thin and sensitive under eye skin. I used a drugstore cream (Vitamin E from Superdrug in the UK) for years and it was fine… until I turned 30. I then felt it was time to take out the big guns and, using a combination of products, I am now fairly satisfied with this routine.

Here is how it goes:

Morning – I’ve used the Caudalie Premier Cru – The Eye Cream for a while now and I LOVE IT! It has a little tint to it and is a bit shimmery to brighten up the eye contour and counter balance any redness or darkness….

I then apply a little concealer to further brighten the area. I’m currently loving the following 3 products which I use alternatively, depending on the day:

Maybelline FIT Me Concealer (I use shade 10)

Benefit Cosmetic Fake Up (in 02 Medium)

Sephora 10hr Fix & Correct Concealer (in shade 29) – this one has 2 ends, a large one to cover larger areas and a small one for to mask any pimples or small blemishes… genius!


Evening – I like to give my eye a bit more of a deep moisturising/conditioning treatment at night so been using the Dermalogica UltraSmoothing Eye Serum

For a more ‘refreshing’/cooling effect when I’ve had a long day staring at my computer screen, I use the Herbline Essential Aloe Vera and Honey Under Eye Gel which I sometimes even pop on throughout the day for an instant boost! I’ve actually just ran out of my last tube and must re-purchase asap!!

Before I go to bed, I’ve been applying the IsaDora Dynamic Lash Growth Serum which is meant to strengthen and lengthen your lashes in 30 days. Well it has been about 20 and I swear my lashes are longer! I’m not imagining things I promise, I can see if in my bottom lashes!! This thing is amazing AND so affordable!! (You can find it in Boots, Mall of the Emirates)

Feel free to share and recommend your favourite products! I love to try out next things so…. 😉

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