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The Week #14

#InstaCrushes: The Week #14

Happy Friday to you all!

I am so relieved it is finally the weekend… gosh last week was one hell of a week between a work trip to Jeddah, another early (super early) one to Abu Dhabi and a couple of fashion events, I really needed the rest!!

1. As I mentioned last week, I went to Saudi Arabia for work on Sunday and Monday. This was my very first time in the Kingdom and I have to say it was definitively an experience! Obviously had to change and wear an abaya during our stay which was actually really cool! I love the fact that they are so flattering and comfortable! Sadly we did not get any time to go shopping or anything so next time maybe :)

2. My competition to win a Charlotte Reid bag is still on until midnight tonight! If you have not entered, please head over to the blog RIGHT NOW!

3. I received my SpaceNK order and I cannot wait to try these babies! I pierced the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser, the Nars ‘Narsissit’ Blush Palette  and the Oribe Cote d’Azur Hair Refresher. Will be of course blogging about these soon.

4. I attended the press launch of exquisite jewellery brand Babette Wasserman who is know for her (very cool!) cufflinks. Babette also has a fabulous collection of ladies’ jewellery and I cannot way tot check out her pop-up shot at Emirates Towers! Full blog post, coming soon on this too :)

5. The Spring/Summer 14 Collection at Lipsy is looking pretty cool too!! I attended the press preview and really liked some of the pieces, I event made a mental note to purchase one of the faux-leather pencil skirts from the Kim Kardashian Collection!! I really liked their accessories too and cannot wait for these to hit our stores…

Wishing you all a great weekend & week ahead!

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Forever Midnight - Collection

#BeautyCrush: Bath & Body Works Forever Midnight Collection

I am so excited to be blogging about this latest Beauty Crush!

If you’ve walked past a Bath & Body Works‘ store recently, you may have noticed a gorgeous, sultry & mysterious fragrance that just gave you this sense of warmth and sensuality… well that was most probably down to the new Forever Midnight collection products which are currently showcased!

Yours truly was fortunate enough to be attending the official press launch a couple of weeks ago at their store in The Dubai Mall. A complete Bath & Body Works virgin, I was super impressed to discover high quality, fabulous smelling and beautifully packaged products! The store is a ‘beautista’s’ heaven what with all the yummy candles, fragrances and bath beauty bits.

The Forever Midnight fragrance is the next chapter in the bestselling Forever fragrance range.

Forever Midnight - EDP

This new scent was created by master perfumers (IFF Perfumers Carlos Benaim, Jean Marc Chaillan, and Clemente Gavarry), and executed using only the rarest of ingredients (plum nectar, midnight jasmine, vanilla orchid & a rush of expensive camarel – YUM!) all exquisitely packaged up in stunning bottle! This one will ensure you do not go unnoticed ;)…

The collection includes an equally gorgeous smelling shower gel and super rich and creamy body cream (and the scent lasts forever!)!


Check out Bath & Body Works on Facebook or Twitter!

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Bliss GlamBox

#BeautyCrush: February GlamBox Review

Hands down guys, this month’s GlamBox has got to be one of the best ones I’ve ever received!! Why? Well because it a Bliss exclusive box! Yes, you heard me right, a box filled with Bliss beauty treats! Lovely!

There are 2 versions of the box. On contains the Lemon & Sage and the other one the Blood Orange & White Pepper products and that is the one I got.

I’ve actually just returned from a business trip for which I had packed my Bliss goodies. The small sized bottled made it perfect for me to sneak them all in my toiletry bag :).

And here is my feedback on them:

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash: I have mentioned this product in the past and liked it but, wasn’t sure I would re-purchase. Trying it again this time around, I think I just hadn’t given it its fair chance. I actually really really like this one! It just purifies your skin deeply and provides a daily gently exfoliation! Seriously considering this as a morning cleansing option. Fabulous indeed!

Bliss Triple Oxygen + C Energising Cream – A really lovely lightweight gel-cream formula packed full of vitamin C and Oxygen which just revives your skin and makes it look super energised!

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask – this mask is ubber cool! I’ve used it in the past and am very much a convert. You put it on, wait for it to ‘foam’ for 5 minutes, rinse it to reveal recharged, re-invigorated  looking skin! Quick & easy, perfect for when you’re in a rush…

Bliss That’s Incredi-Peel! – The box includes 2 sample sachets of the Incredi-peel. I haven’t tried these out yet but will do so over the weekend. These come in very handing little sachets which contain a single-step, no-rinse peel pad packed with soothing witch hazel and liquorice extract and hydrating glycerin for extra-gentle results.

Bliss Blood Orange & White Pepper Soapy Suds – Can a shower gel smell any more delicious?!! This stuff is amaze balls! The perfect ‘wake me up’ product. Thumbs up!

Bliss Blood Orange & White Pepper Body Butter  – To compliment the gorgeous smelling shower gel, the body butter is a rich, creamy and super hydrating balm which just melts into your skin leaving it re-energised and the fragrance lasts and lasts…. Love it!

If you are not subscribe to receive your monthly beauty goodie box, then you SHOULD DO IT NOW! Exclusive for the Glam Crush Chronicle‘ readers, you can get 20% discount on your subscription, using code: GlamCarine! Click here.

They’ve certainly set the bar high on this box… I cannot wait to see what GlamBox has in stored for us next month!

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Koton womenswear Cover Image

#FashionCrush: Koton SS14 Collection

I can pretty much describe Koton Spring/Summer 14 Collection in one single word. DOPE!

This edition will see a lot of Monochrome (suits everyone!), classy stripes & sharp prints, a more ‘Riviera’ type-collection with lots of blue, white and nudes embellished by rope detailing and anchors.

You’ll also find a drop of denim (thank God I can still wear my fave denim shirt for the next 2 seasons!) but also some safari & tribal prints to bring that wild fashionista in you out!

Add a bit of pastels, a pop of colour and some girly florals here & there and you have the most stylish, fresh & cool summer fashion

Check out some of my favourite pieces from the collection:

I can’t wait for pay day to come (another 5 loooong days) to hit my local Koton store! Will be sure to film a little ‘haul’ video 😉

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