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#BeautyCrush: The Battle of the Body Oils

Body Oils are definitely a staple in mine and many other beauty bloggers’ bathrooms! But for me this is quite a recent thing as up until the day I received a mini sample of the Nuxe Body Oil in one of my GlamBox, I very much was a body lotion kindda gal…

But hey, as a beauty blogger, it is my duty to try out different things so that I can share my thoughts on the same with you girls so here I have put 3 body oils I have personally tried out to the test and the results are… well… not that surprising!

Read on to find out more!

Garnier Body Dry Perfecting Oil  (AED 45) – view here:

The cheapest of the bunch AND, surprisingly the nicest smelling one! That’s kind of where the compliments stop. The texture isn’t as nice as the other 2, much ‘oilier’… which may sound weird for a dry oil I know. But no one wants to feel/look ‘greasy’ right?

The packaging isn’t the most practical either and just ends up looking a little worse for wear as you can see in the photograph…

Applying this oil is quiet messy as it tends to stick to the plastic bottle and thus making it hard to handle… If you’re using this one make sure to put a towel on the floor or risk breaking your neck next time you walk into your bathroom… I can tell you cos it almost happened to me!

Final mark: 5/10

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (AED110) – view here

The most famous of all body oil, the Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe is a cult product. And rightly so!

It smells delicious, has a lovely texture although again, a little on the ‘oily’ side, the packaging looks good (the one in the photo was a limited edition but is super cute), and the application process is fairly easy…

A really good product that fits into most beautistas’ budget!

Final mark: 8/10

Caudalie Divine Oil (AED165 ) – view here:

The most luxurious of the 3 has got to be the Divine Oil by Caudalie which I discovered only recently. And what an amazing product! This one really is the ticket.

The packaging looks fabulous & the fragrance is deliciously fresh & rich. The spray-on bottle makes it super easy to apply.

The texture is perfect! Not to oily but hydrating enough, it leaves a nice subtle sheer on the skin which will make you look ‘glowy’ as opposed to ‘greasy’

Only downer here is the price tag which is a tad higher than the others but honestly, as much as I love a good bargain, I also appreciate that sometimes you have got to pay a little more to get that exceptional quality.

Final mark: 10/10

Have you tried any other body oils? Let me know what you think of them!

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Origins Drink Up Mask

#ProductCrush: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Hello hello!

So on the menu today, I thought I would serve a bit of a product review. Just like that! I don’t do many of these and should really because when you come across a product that you absolutely adore, you should share with the world don’t you think?

Well this one certainly fits the bill!

As you can imagine, I read A LOT of beauty products reviews and occasionally allow myself to be tempted into trying some based on the amazing reviews they receive from bloggers, editors etc… The Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask was one of them.

I had never tried anything from Origins but boy am I am glad I did!

This stuff is absolutely amazing! My skin is very dehydrated which is a bit of a nightmare because if I use a moisturiser that’s too rich it gets oily and breaks out. I then have to ‘treat’ it which dries the skin out… a never ending cycle! That was until I tried this mask…

You basically apply it over your face 2 or 3 times a week but unlike any other face masks, you leave it on ALL night! You can pat the excess with a tissue but the idea is that your skin will drink up the mask and you will wake up to beautifully hydrated skin.

Which you will! I have used it for a couple of weeks and just LOVE LOVE LOVE the way my skin feels AND looks when I wake up.

An amazing amazing product which I highly recommend!

One of my favourite blogger uses is when she flies long haul to keep her skin fed… since the texture is clear, no one will suspect you’re wearing face mask… I shall try this out soon! 😉

Check the product out here:

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The Brow & Lips - Jan 2014

#MakeUpCrush: Part 2 – The ‘Brows & Lips’ Products

Evening all!

Following on from my last #MakeUpCrush post on my favorite complexion make-up products (see it here), here is Part 2 of the Make Up Edit, focusing this time on Brows & Lips this time… saving Eye Products for last as there are SO many and I want to make sure I take some nice pics of my favourite palettes, shadows etc…

Right, so here is the low-down on the products I used and loved to keep my (very) unruly eyebrows in place and my lips hydrated and looking plump!

The brows

I exaggerated a little, my eyebrows aren’t too bad actually! They are dark obviously so I do have to keep them ‘clean’ at all time. They are however getting thinner and I find the need to fill in the gaps a little just to give me that ‘framed’ expressive eyes! My everyday go-to product is the Benefit one which comes as a mini mascara and is so easy to use!

For a more ‘dramatic’ look or a special event, I use my MAC Eyebrows pencil which is amazing and lasts for hours on end without bulging! You do need to be careful when applying this one as it is quite pigmented and it might end up looking not-so natural!

Benefit Cosmetics ‘Gimme Brow’ in light/medium  – view here

MAC Eyebrows pencil in Spiked – view here

Kissable Lips


I have TONS of lipsticks, glosses and balms but here I selected the ones I use on an almost daily basis! The creme of the crop.

The ‘gloss’

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in 255 – Kiss Me Coral – view here

The ‘nudes’

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick in 315 – view here

Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition Lipstick in 02  – view here: This one is my favourite of the two and one that I carry with my every single day! I just love the shade, the buttery texture and the super fly looking packaging! Not saying because I’m French I swear but Bourjois ROCKS!

The ‘pinks’

Bourjois Paris Shine Edition Lipstick in 23 – view here

Jane Iredale PureMoist Lipstick in Lucy – view here

Benefit Cosmetics Lip Color in Frisky Business – view herethis one is my favourite of the bunch! The colour looks so natural and stays on for a long time. The formula is also very hydrating and just lovely to wear…

The ‘tints’

Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Transferproof Lip Tint + Balm in 100 – Endless Blossom and 310 – Long Live Lilac – view here
I particularly love these 2! They stay on for quite a while and the colour somehow adapts to your skin tone.. the attached balm helps keep the lips hydrated as the tint bit can be a bit drying…

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I will be back with my ‘Eye Make-Up’ Products in no time!

Until then….

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Week #8

#InstaCrushes: The Week #8

Hey you guys! I am so so sorry I’ve not updated the blog over the past couple of days. My loyal (but old) Toshiba laptop has finally given up on me and I was left with no means to access my WordPress account this weekend. I’ve finally got hold of a spare one (until I buy a new laptop) and so here I am!

Last week was a bit of a quiet week on the ‘beauty & fashion‘ front I must say… hasn’t been quiet on the work front however which explains it all!

Couple of bits & pieces still:

1. My challenge of changing my nails every week is still very much going strong! This week was ‘blue’ – gotta experiment a little! The CND Vinylux polishes are amazing. Not the easiest to apply as the brush is pretty small but they do last a while without chipping and offer a good range of colours.

2. Did you catch my last Skin Care Chat video on my YouTube Channel? No? WHAT?!! I’m really enjoying filming these although this is all very new to me and still needs improving (a lot in fact!) but I’m getting there and your support means the world to me! I promise you better videos in future!

3. A new fragrance has made its way to my stach! Under my Spell Noelle by Benefit Cosmetics is just the sweetest and most delicious scent I’ve tried in a long long time! Perfect for warming you up in Winter!

4. And a new skin care wonder made its way to my bathroom stand! The Caudalie Broad Spectrum Radiance Day Cream is just an amazing little gem! It is a moisturiser/BB cream/balm/radiance in a tube miracle, which nourishes, illuminates and protects while combating wrinkles and lack of firmness.

Right well I better off to a more exciting week on which I shall report next Friday!

Have a great week you all :)

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#MakeUpCrush: Part 1 – The ‘Face’ Products

Welcome to a bit of a new type of post on the CGG!

I get a lot of questions from my friends on what make up I use on my face, what mascara, etc, etc… Well I thought I would share with you all the different make-up bits I use on an almost everyday bases.

Because there’s quite a lot of products, I have split this series into 4 parts. Part 1 will be The Face Products. Part 2 will focus on The Eye Products and then Part 3 will include The Brow & Lips Products. Finally, Part 4 will be dedicated to The Nails Bits & Pieces.

Let’s get started with Part 1!



There are 2 primers I regularly use and love although I just got the Benefit 15 Hour Primer so this list might change in the next few weeks!

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional – view here 

Bourjois Paris Happy Light Matte Serum Primer – view here

Foundations & BB’s

I don’t actually wear foundation that often and usually just make do with a BB cream if I do need a little more coverage. Here are the 3 products I reach for most:

Dior HydraLife BB Cream in Medium- view here: I use this one a bit more in Winter as it is a bit a heavier than the L’Occitane BB Cream.

L’Occitane Sublime Beauty Cream in 02-Medium – view here

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC41 – view here


Bronzer & Blushes

I discovered the whole ‘contouring’ thing not so long ago so still very much buffing up my technique here. I do however found it fairly easy to do using the Honey Bronzer from The Body Shop which came highly recommended by one of my favourite beauty blogger! I do also have a ‘thing’ for blushers, hence the extensive list here! I just rotate between them….

The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder in 03 – view here

Bourjois Paris Blush in 33 Lilas d’Or – view here

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape – view here

Nars Blush from the Guy Bourdin Collection, in Coeur Battant – view here

Benefit Cosmetics The Rockateur – view here


I love applying a little highlighter on top of my cheek bones, bridge of my noise and eye brow bone! It makes such a huge different and just illuminates your whole face. Plus it works well in photos… an everyday must!

Soap & Glory Glow All Out – view here

Collection Shimmer Shades in 1- Way to glow – view here

Have you guys tried any of these products? Any more I should check out? Let me know!

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