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#BeautyCrush: the new Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser ROCKS!

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this before??!

I might be a little behind on this one but I’ve just discovered Nivea’s In-Shower Body Moisturiser when I got given  a sample of it at the recent Ladies Day Out event in Meydan. I tried it this morning for the first time and WOW it was like a revelation!!

This stuff is pretty amazing I must say, and I am not easily impressed.

You basically shower as normal and then once you have rinsed your shower gel or soap you rub a hand full of the In-Shower Body Moisturiser all over your body, rinse it off and that’s it! Your skin is just beautifully hydrated, no need to apply body lotion or anything, you are just good to go!

This will certainly saves me a lot of time in the morning!

Have you tried it?! Do tell :)

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#FashionCrush: Poupee Couture has the ‘IT’ Factor’!

Dubai based handbag brand Poupée Couture first received its ‘IT’ status when Vogue magazine recently named the bag as one of its “top 100 bags in the world”!

The brand has upped its ‘IT’ factor yet further after being featured on the hit television show, The Carrie Diaries! Check out these on-set pics:

Poupee Couture Pics


Designer Roula Ghalayini has been creating exciting handbags which have become a huge hit with fashion folks, and this latest celebration of her work is set to propel her further into the fashion stratosphere. Her designs are ubber cool and unique!

Here are some of the one I absolutely LOVE!!

Already receiving calls for the bags featured on the show, the brand has had to start a waitlist for the covetable arm candy!

Get on the list NOW at and

Don’t forget to give their Facebook page a like to keep up to date with Poupee Couture news etc… I know I’ll be getting a couple of these very soon!!

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Glambox Philosophy Box July 2013 (1mb)

#BeautyCrush: Flashback – The July ‘Philosophy’ GlamBox

I am finally catching up with all of my GlamBox products and spent the weekend checking out & testing the Philosophy goodies which came in my July box. The products were only just sample sachets so not much to work with BUT I still managed to get a feel for the brand which I must admit I had never tried before!

This is what I actually LOVE about Glambox! It has allowed me to discover AND try so many new brands!

Read on to find out what I thought of the following products:

Purity 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes

This one came in a little tube with enough product for me to use twice a day for a week. I didn’t dislike this cleanser, I just didn’t ‘love’ it. I didn’t quite get the ‘clean feel’ I would usually have after washing my face with my usual Neutrogena Deep Clean cleanser. Sorry to disappoint here but that is not one product I will be purchasing.

Take Shelter sunscreen and environmental shield

My sample was spf50 which is quite high for my skin but I tried it anyway and was quite happy with it. The texture sank into the skin and didn’t leave a greasy film, it actually had quite nice matte finish. This is definitely a good one. However at £22.50 a pop I won’t be replacing my very loyal Neutrogena Ultra-Sheet Dry Touch sunscreen anytime soon! ( and no, I am NOT sponsored by Neutrogena, they just happen to make excellent drugstore affordable products!)

Hope in a Jar original formula moisturizer

I actually tried this one out on a long haul flight where my skin usually gets very dehydrated and then for a couple of days (well until I ran out of the sample sachet). Again, not saying it wasn’t a nice moisturizer, I did the job but I just didn’t love it…

Be your Best skin perfecting BB cream

I tried out the BB cream a couple of times and actually quite liked it! I know, there is at least one product I got excited about…. the texture was quite nice, the shade (medium) a very good match to my skin tone, it went on very nicely and stayed put for a whole and an outdoor football training session (random I know but that is how I test all my make up!). I have loads of BB creams to go through over the next few weeks but when I ran out I might just get this one!!

Full of Promise treatment uplifting serum (day) + volumising serum (night)

I used the daytime uplifting serum a couple of times and it really kind of woke my skin up and left it super smooth and plump! I would certainly want to try it again although it is quite a luxury at $75 a pop! I didn’t like the night time one so much as it felt somehow too rich and I woke up with greasy skin somehow… my skin can be quite ‘temperamental’ so will give it another go in a few days and see if I get a different welcome!

The Microdelivery triple-acid brightening peel

This one works a bit like the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel Pads whereby you rub the pad onto your skin until it dries and you’re good to go. Sadly I only got 1 pad in my box so only tried it once and can’t really say whether this product would be better than thr Dr Dennis Gross ones which I absolutely adore! Sorry!

I know this isn’t quite what you expected and I may not have been able to answer all of your questions re: Philosophy products! I am grateful to have been given a chance to try out some of their stuff but am afraid on this occasion, I probably won’t be trying or purchasing any more of those!

If you’ve tried some of their products and liked them, do let me know!

Oh well, I have plenty more products to try, test and review for you guys so stay tuned for my next post!!

Until then!

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GlamBox Benefit Box Aug 2013

#BeautyCrush: Flashback – the Benefit GlamBox

I know, I know I am super late reviewing my last few GlamBoxes BUT I was away in August and had to put my subscription on hold (super convenient!) so I then got my July and August boxes at the same time in September!

And to make matters even more confusing, I decided to start up with the August box, the Benefit Box! Just because I love Benefit Cosmetics and was super excited to try out some of their stuff.

So here is my low down on this box’s glam treasures!

Total Moisture Face Cream – I never really thought of Benefit as a ‘skincare brand’ and although I do know they offer a range of products including cleansers, toners & moisturisers, I had never tried them. Well you know what, I think I will now! I actually really liked this moisturising cream! It felt a little ‘heavy’ at first BUT it sank right into my skin and left it hydrated yet matte and looking great! I’ve kept the cute little pot for when I travel but I will definitely be checking out their other skincare stuff!

The POREfessional – When I first tried out this mattifying primer, I blogged about it and called that particular post ‘Where have you been all my life‘! I think that says it all! Check it out here.

Hello Flawless – Oxygen Wow Foundation – I don’t know what it is but foundations and I don’t ever agree! I have tried MANY different ones and always end up not liking the texture or the colour etc… so I had high hopes with Benefit’s newest foundation and well…. I didn’t like it :(. I found the texture too ‘thick’, it didn’t give me an even coverage and the colour (Champagne) had a slight yellow undertone which doesn’t suit my complexion at all.

ChaCha Tint – Now this is one which has been in my make-up bag for quite a while now and I absolutely love it! You can read my full review here.

They’re Real Mascara – My biggest #MakeUpCrush this year! What an amazing mascara! I mean, again, you read things, you hear things but my God this one didn’t disappoint!! I just love how it makes your lashes so much longer and voluminous, the brush is super practical and the colour very well pigmented! It doesn’t rival with my Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara for ‘drama’ but this is a very very good day-time option which I shall re-purchase when I’ve used up this little sample tube!

I have started to try out the Philosophy goodies from my July GlamBox and will be sure to post a complete review very soon!

Until then….


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#FashionCrush: Tamara Al Gabbani ArabiAna A/W13 Collection

Good morning to you all!

I am so super exited to be back after a whole week of ‘digital detox’! I do have lots of fashion & beauty posts to catch up on but thought I’d share one of my fave local designers’ new A/W Collection today!

Since spending the Eid holidays over in Algeria with my in-laws, wearing mostly jalabiyas, I really got to appreciate how comfy, yet stylish these Arabic dresses are!

This is the one I wore for Eid, which is more of a ‘evening/party’ jalabiya. I got it from a tiny little shop in a very dodgy looking shopping center in Algiers but hey, I tell you, this is where you find THE BEST stuff! Morrocan kaftans, kanduras, babouches, and they are super mega cheap! Next time I travel back to Algiers, I will be sure to go with an (half) empty suitcase!!

2013-10-15 09.13.34

For a bit more of a ‘luxe’ take on jalabiyas, Tamara Al Gabbani ArabiAna Collection really hits the mark when it comes to mixing modern designs & traditional pieces! Her new collection includes prints inspired from Islamic art and combining them with grecian geometric paterns.

Her pieces are made of the finest silk crepe and embedded with crystals. The finishing touch comes in the form of silk tassel belts. What I like most about Tamara’s pieces? They are affordable! From AED1,900….

Check out some of the pieces:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All items & collections are available to order from her website here.

I’ll be back soon with more #Glam updates ;)!

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