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#AccessoriesCrush: My top 10 make-up brushes

Before I begin, let me re-iterate the fact that I am NO professional make-up artist or anything! I just LOVE make-up and have managed to master a few key looks by researching my favorite blogs and watching tons & tons of Youtube tutorials!

The one thing they all have in common? Brushes. All of them recommend different ones from professional sets to drugstore cheaper options and after speaking to a few make-up artists I recently met, I’ve built myself a little ‘tool kit‘!

Here are my top 10 make-up brushes which I have used and trusted everyday for the past few months!

Eye Make-Up Brushes


1. MAC Brow Brush (FREE sample) – I got given this little eyebrow brush when I purchased a MAC Eyebrow pen! I use it to blend the colour into my brows for a very natural look

2. Sephora Pro Blending Brush (27) – I know ALL of the bloggers rave about the MAC 217 BUT these brushes are a little too pricey for my liking and since I am not that good of a make-up applier (does that make sense?) I opted for a cheaper yet good option. This one by the Sephora Pro range is great to apply and blend eye shadows!  I do however keep it for special occasion or when attempting to create a ‘smokey eye’ look.

3. Sephora All over Shadow Small Brush (23) – This little brush I use to apply a light shadow in the inner corner of my eyes to give it a brighter look. The small size of the brush makes it very easy to use

4. Sephora Pro Crease Brush (10)  ($20) –  This one was kind of a treat! I noticed a lot of the bloggers used a crease brush to create their smokey eye look and even though I don’t do that everyday I thought I’d treat myself to a special crease brush. Well, now that I’ve used it a few times, I must admit it does help a LOT! It somehow applies the shadow in the right spot and just make blending the pigments into the crease a lot easier so very very pleased with myself here!

5. Sephora All Over Shadow Brush (22) – I do have a few of these in case I’m using different colours.  They are just perfect to apply your everyday eye shadow all over the eye lid.

6. Sephora Smudge Brush (14) – Again, this is another one that was strongly recommended by the expert make-up bloggers & artists! When you line your eye pen over your lash line, you simply run the brush over and it smudges the colour for a more natural blended effect. I use this one most days actually and really like it.


Face Make-Up Brushes


1. The Body Shop Face & Body Brush – This one I recently got from The Body Shop when I bought a Bronzer there. I really like it actually, it just deposits your bronzer or face powder very lightly on the skin, allows you to build up the colour and is just super soft!

2. Sephora Pro Stippling Brush (44) – Look at me with all my Pro brushes?! Hehe! I picked up this one when I bought my eye shadow and crease brushes from Sephora. I kept on seeing a couple of my favourite bloggers using a Stippling brush to apply their foundations or BB creams and thought I’d do the same. Not saying I don’t like it BUT somehow I still find it easier to apply these with my fingers… I must give it another go this week and really learn how to use that one properly because it is said to give you a much lighter, even & natural coverage so….!

3. Yves Rocher Blusher Brush – I think this may have been one of the very first brush I bought! I’ve had it for years and got it from my local Yves Rocher store in France. They have these everywhere though so you can get yours from Sephora or any other make-up stores. The angled brush makes it easy to apply your blush and/or bronzer to contour your face.


Tip: Don’t forget to clean your brushes on a weekly basis to avoid bacteria build-up! You can either use a proper brush cleaning product (MAC and Sephora offer very good ones) or, like me, use water and a little hand-wash soap. Pat dry with a tissue, re-shape and leave them to dry out properly overnight.

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 PS: Si vous voulez cette poste en Francais, postez un petit commentaire! 😉


#AugustMakeUpCrush (the French Edit): Dans ma trousse #Aout13

Glamistas Bonsoir,

Pour le 2eme volet de mon French Edit du mois d’Aout, parlons maquillage, de facon a terminer l’ete sur une note …coloree!!

Pendant les vacances je suis passee en mode ‘chaud & brilliant’! Pourquoi pas? L’ete est une bonne occasion d’essayer de nouveaux looks.

Pour commencer, le teint. On lisse et prepare la peau avec un ‘primer’. Mon prefere c’est le Benefit POREfessional qui masque les ridules, reduit visiblement les pores et mattifie le tient.

Pour ce qui est de la couleur, ce mois-ci et pour gagner un peu de temps le matin, j’ai opte pour la Creme CC de l’Oreal – voir le produit.

Sur les joues, un peu de blush, rose ou peche selon les jours! Mes 2 preferes ce mois – ci sont


Sur les yeux, j’ai SUPER kiffee les nouveaux sticks longue tenue de KIKO (y’a un magazin KIKO dans la galerie d’Auchan a Beziers!). Mega facile a appliquer au pinceau ou directement, leur formule est bien pigmentee et dure vraiment toute une journee (et soiree)!


Mon mascara phare du moment c’est le Outrageous Volume de Sephora (voir). Absolutment genial pour donner du volume aux cils longs.

Pour camouffler ses cernes on utilise le Bourjois Paris Stick Anticernes Correcteur en 73 – Beige Dore (Conseil: choisissez toujours une couleur plus claire que votre fond de teint!)

On sublime le tout en passant un peu de poudre ‘highlighting’ sur le haut des joues, le front, le nez et le menton pour un effet sublime! La ‘Glow All Out de Soap & Glory‘ est extraordinaire! Voir ici pour la commander en ligne (livraison en France disponible a partir du mois de Decembre – ENFIN!).


Et pour finir, une touche de Bourjois Paris Colour Boost en 02-Fuchsia Libre   !

Je vous dis a dans un mois pour un nouvel episode! Si vous avez des questions, des suggestions etc… n’hesitez-pas a commenter!

En attendnat, restez GLAM 😉

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#FashionCrush: Diesel Fall/Winter 13-14 Collection

For the FW13 womenswear collection Diesel started from the basics. Recalling the most successful pieces of the past two years, Diesel enhances the bold femininity of its woman by adding unexpected new styles. Based on the same belief, “I am who I am”, this collection is stronger than ever: luxurious yet relaxed and full of innovative textures.

The first theme of the collection is “Wild Camou” and its signature colour is Brave Red, inspired by the classic Diesel logo of the ‘80s. Our camou print features jackets and dresses.

Look out for a new interpretation of the duffle coat in bright colours, where leather sleeves add contrast with a touch of Diesel DNA. Knitwear pants, dresses and super-stretch skirts undergo the same camou treatment, as well as the jacquard and over-dyed red faux fur jacket.

The wild camou total look in black and white, it’s definitely a must. Dresses and dark blue shirts add mixed tensile denim to this first theme.



The second inspiration is expressed in “crack-o-dile” textures. Shifting towards Winter touches of grey, black and pop purple shine through the entire collection. Black boiled wool jackets combine with leather black pants or wild camou denim. Purple stands out as a “must” colour used for knitwear and leather jackets in crack-o-dile texture.

Black and grey remain the trait d’union of the collection and are enhanced by brilliant green at times mixed with purple for a very rock yet unique effect. Tencel denim shirts dyed in dark blue with a spray treatment or proposed in mixed tencel with distinctive frontal pockets and western joke details.



In the 5 pocket section the leading concept is “Mutation”. It is all about denim changing its skin, using multiple layering technologies to colour and de-colour the material. Whether it’s laser print, faded colour treatment, new coating technique or new generation of fabrics, the expertise of Diesel has clearly been applied to this new evolution of denim.

Five new washes for the Skinzee model and a new low-waist version, the Skinzee Low, are also presented. Myboy is another new fit, slim with strong treatments, usually reserved to male garments. Winter makes its appearance with dark shades of grey and black, combined with indigo and coated washes. Our new textures, wild camou and crack-o-dile also make their way into the denim range.



In the bags and shoes collection the Diesel approach is expressed through the use of brave red and black colours embellished by bold studs. The spiciest graphic of the season is the leopard print available in red and dark grey nylon. Wild camou prints are also declined in sneakers, while the iconic blue denim fabric with studs is used for décolleté, wedges and sporty proposals. Unlikely to be forgotten is the boot offer giving the Diesel woman a rocker feeling. Treated suede half boots in different colour options and vintage “Chelsea” boots are essential elements of her wardrobe.

The collection captures the essence of the Diesel woman: brave, creative and always surprising.

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#HandBagCrush: The Leather Satchel Co. now available in the Middle East!

Original Satchel-Styles For Fashion Freaks

The Leather Satchel Co. exclusively available at

A sartorial craving for handcrafted & gorgeous leather goods?, your online discovery destination for all things design, gives fashionistas across the Arab world the chance to emulate socialites and style icons, such as Alexa Chung, Zooey Deschanel and Dakota Fanning, with original satchel styles from The Leather Satchel Co. – which will be exclusively available on the site, for the very first time in the Middle East, from 18-29 August.

After starting out as a small-scale business, run by the Hanshaw family in Liverpool in the 1960’s, The Leather Satchel Co. has turned into a worldwide fashion phenomenon. From bags in black and brown, as the only two color options available back in the day, the selection has diversified to include day-glo, patent, all the way to pastels and neon.

Creativity is essential for a company that caters to high-class customers and celebrities and over the years, The Leather Satchel Co. has had some pretty unusual requests.

From clogs for Freddy Mercury, to matching satchels and guitar straps for AC/DC, The Leather Satchel Co. made sure to style-up their patrons, with the highest quality saddler leather that is made to last for years.

Check out some of their items! Loving the bright colours!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Celebrity or not, the original handmade design is what any fashion victim wants, so get your hands on your very own bag from The Leather Satchel Co., exclusively available at from 18-29 August, starting from AED 585.



#AugustBeautyCrush (the French Edit): Produits Soin Visage #Aout13

Bonjour a toutes mes ‘glamistas‘!

Vous me l’avez reclamez, je vous donne donc mon ‘BeautyCrush‘ du mois d’Aout, tout en Francais! Un petit resume de tous les produits qui m’ont fait completement craquer ce mois-ci!

Avant de commencer, je m’excuse pour les petites fautes d’orthographe (mon editeur WordPress est en Anglais) et le manque de ponctuation (pas d’accent sur nos claviers!).

Vous etez pretes? Yallah, c’est parti.

Je vais d’abord commencer par les produits visages que j’ai decouver & utiliser ces derniers temps:

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Gel Moussant Purifiant – l’etape la plus importante de votre routine ‘visage’ c’est le nettoyage! Si, tout comme moi, vous avez tendance a y’aller un peu fort sur la peinture de guerre, va vous falloir un gel moussant suffisament puissant pour dissoudre votre maquillage et nettoyer la peau, tout en douceur… celui-la est un tres bon choix et si en plus vous avez la peau un peu capricieuse, l’eau de la Roche-Posay a des qualites appaisantes. Est on se lave le visage 2 fois. Toujours! La premiere fois pour eliminer le maquillage et les impurete, la deuxieme pour nettoyer la peau en profondeur.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc – pour parfaire votre nettoyage, on applique une lotion tonique! Apres avoir lu tant de commentaires positifs sur le spray Serozinc, j’ai decide de l’essayer et en suis ravie! Cette solution contient du sulfate de zinc, qui calme et corrige les imperfections. On la spray directement sur son visage ou sur un coton et le tour est joue!

Herbline Essentials Aloe Vera &  Honey Eye Gel – en ce qui concerne la creme pour les yeux, et pour repondre aux questions qui m’ont recemment ete posees, malheureusement, il n’y a pas UNE solution miracle. Il faut parfois en essayer plusieurs avant de trouver celle qui nous correspond. La creme pour les yeux s’utilise 2 fois par jour et ce des l’age de 25ans. OUI, 25! Il vaut mieux prevenir que guerrir.

Le gel que j’utilise en ce moment est absolument GENIAL! La marque Herbline Essentials, n’utilise que des produits naturels, organiques et sans paraben (tres important pour la peau super fine & fragile du dessous des yeux). Ce gel a l’Aloe Verra et au Miel nourrit, revitalise et reduit les cernes tout en protegeant la peau des mefaits du soleil!

Pour plus d’info ou pour le commander en ligne, visiter

Neutrogena UltraSheer Sunscreen – SPF30 – Si vous ne voulez pas ressembler a un vieux raisin sec avec plein de taches de soleil dans 10ans,  il vous faut penser a proteger votre peau du soleil et ce, toute l’annee, meme quand il pleut! (OUI les UVB attaquent aussi par temps gris).

Ma creme de protection solaire preferee est la Neutrogena UltraSheer, SPF 30 qui a une texture non-grasse et resiste a l’eau et a la transpiration (important quand on vit dans un pays aussi chaud que le mien).

L’Occitane Creme de Beaute Sublime – et pour finir on applique une creme hydratante OU comme moi, une creme BB qui fera aussi office de fond de teint! Parfais si vous etes un peu pressee le matin. La derniere BB de l’Occitane est divine! Elle hydrate formidablement la peau, la couleur s’adapte tres bien a votre ton naturel pour un effet ‘peau parfaite’ immediat! Et elle contient un indice de protection 30… bonus!

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (voir le produit)- le soir quand la peau est enfin au repos on en profite pour appliquer un soin plus riche et/ou traitant! J’ai recemment decouver la formidable creme Elemis Pro-Collagene Marine qui nourrit la peau en profondeur et la raffermie! Des resultats visibles en moins de 2 semaines!

Je reviens tres vite avec le second volet de mon ‘French Edit‘ et le contenu de ma trousse a maquillage!

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