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Guest blogger post: Trend Alert by Haya! The future is…. crystal clear.

Anything and everything that is see-through it HOT HOT HOT right now! 

And it’s not as tacky as it sounds! As seen on Savoir Flair.

If it’s elegant enough for Chanel, Hermes, Burberry, Valentino and Jenny Packham (Kate Middleton’s fave brand), then they must be on to something!



As much as the trend has been huge on the runways, we have seen very little of it on the High Street here and believe me we have looked everywhere! Still, we’ve managed to scout a couple of nice pairs of shoes and cute purses.

Here is how to ROCK the clear trend on a high street budget:

Clear Shoes



These ALDO beauties are so stylish and elegant, wear them to lunch or to the office and it is an instant update to your look!








These are from Berksha and both look stylish AND feel super comfy! Plus at AED425 it’s a steal!





Clear bags


I adooooore these cute little clutches from Zara!  Can’t quite decide whether to go for the green one OR the yellow one… would just add that glam pop of colour to an outfit!
But then again, at AED145 each, I might just get both of them!




Now this one is definitively my STAR buy!

Found it in Iconic for only AED100! PLUS I love the detail of the golden bird, gives it just the right amount of edge without going over board.

I really am loving this whole clear trend at the moment, such an amazing accessory for any outfit any day!

I’m off to scout the next cool trend for you guys! ‘Til next time….


Haya (Glam Crush Guest Blogger!)

Lace Image

Totally lusting over lace

Now how I can express the huge, MASSIVE, ginormous CRUSH I have on lacy things?! (trying to think of a word… it’ll come to me…)

Needless to say, I am super chuffed for lace is back again this spring/summer! Ouf… I kind of gambled during the Summer sales last year, buying a couple of lacy dresses & tops not really knowing if I would get to wear these again and well, I’m glad I did!

What can I say, there is something about lace.

Lace IS one of the most feminine & elegant fabrics alongside silk. It can be dressed up or down while maintaining an allure of classic style. Lace looks great on EVERYONE, no matter your style or body shape!! It is so versatile.

And it extends to accessories including bags, shoes, jewellery!

Just please, don’t go overboard and wear lace head to toe unless it’s a wedding gown!! No more than 1 item of clothing + 1 piece of accessory at a time!

Check these features/mood boards below for some glamorous lacy inspiration

Mood Board from Whimsical & feminine: delicate lace jewelry & elegant headpieces.

Whimsical & feminine: delicate lace jewelry & elegant headpieces

Here is a link to my Pinterest ‘Lace Trend’ Board for some more ideas! I’ve pinned loads of pretty things I though you might like :)

I’ve seen some really glam pieces in Oasis, Koton & Zara.


PS: Still haven’t found that word!

CC Stamp


Hair Products Crush!

My ‘can’t live without’ hair products

Following one of my previous post on the Dubai Hair Doctor’s tips to keep your locks healthy & shiny during the summer heat, here are my 3 absolute favorite hair products of ALL times!

I have very long hair which tend to dry at the ends. They can also get frizzy with humidity. I have tried tons of different products from drugstore brands to very expensive salon-exclusive brands and have finally found MY dream hair care regime!!


Elseve Etraordinary Oil

Elseve Extraordinary Oil

I discovered Elseve Extraordinay Oil last Summer in France. I had seen the ads for the Kerastase Elixir Ultime and thought I should give it a go… but then I saw this little beauty in my local HyperU Supermarket and obviously being much cheaper I decided to get a couple of bottles!

I started using the oil every night before bedtime, mainly on the length of my hair to hydrate and smooth them. The oil has a luxurious texture which absorbs immediately and smells delicious!

It is made up of 6 x precious Flower oils including Lotus, Camomille, Tiare flower, Matricaria and Flax oils which work together to intensively nourish the hair, boot shine and radiance but also protect them from dryness & heat.,

This product also makes for a super protective oil which I apply all over when I’m on the beach or before a blow-dry.

Kinks-free & smooth, shiny, healthy hair guaranteed!




ElviveElvive Total Repair (5): 1-minute Instant Miracle Cream  

Now this is 1 product I CANNOT live without!

When I wash my hair, now matter how much conditioner I put on, my hair always gets very tangled and feel ‘coarse’ when towel-dried.

This cream really is a miracle! I apply it on the lengths, leave it for a minute, run a wide-toothed comb, rinse and my hair is tangle-free and feels smooth!

For an extra nourishing boost, I wrap my hair in a warm towel,  leave it on for 15-20 mins and rinse.







Serious Beauty Crush!!


Initialiste Kerastase Kerastase Initialiste Scalp Serum

And my ‘Serious Beauty Crush’ goes to the new Kerastase Initialiste Scalp Serum!

This stuff is AMAZING! Now, this one is what I consider a ‘long-term investment’ buy! The tube costs around AED290 so a little on the expensive side BUT it will last you for ever! About 2-3 months depending on how thick your hair is.

I first heard of Initialiste on Huda Beauty‘s website (here) and thought it all sounded pretty good so decided to have a go. The product only launched in Dubai a few months ago and so I had to wait until I could get my hands on it.

You simply need to apply it directly onto your scalp after washing your hair, massage it through and wait for the magic to work!

Kerastase claims that after 4 weeks of using it:

Hair thickness feels boosted and is lusciously soft

Hair has a lustrous-looking shine

Hair is more resistant – up to 93% less breakage*

I’ve only used it for a couple of weeks now so will be sure to report again on results! So far, I can see a little less breakage and my hair definitively feels smoother! I’ll keep on using it and see what happens! Watch this space…

As for shampoo & conditioner, I use Dove for colour-treated hair although thinking of investing in some good Kerastase stuff (I’m a fan!). Will have to review these soon!

CC Stamp

S*uce Gifts Store Opening Pics

On Wednesday I attended the Launch Party for the new S*uce Gifts Store on Al Wasl Square. The store looks really cool and house loads of cute little things!

They really do have all sorts of fab knick-knacks from quirky candles, lampshades, fashion artwork pieces, arabic-type coffee tables, boudoir tea sets, funny note pads, jewellery and so much more!

If you’re looking to buy a present for one of your glam girlfriend (hint hint!) then this is the place you wanna check out!

I battled through the crowd to take some pics of my favorite pieces.

You should also check out Emirates Womans website for more shots of the event…:


Sauce Gift Launch Party- CarineRe






















I’ll be sure to go back to the store what with Summer holidays coming up & having to get a few pressies for friends & family!

CC Stamp















Tips from the Dubai Hair Doctor: Keep your hair healthy in the Dubai heat!

Dubai Hair Doctor

Morning Glam Dolls!

I don’t know you but my hair has never been so dry than since I’ve moved here! Exposure to the sun, extreme heat, air-conditioning all resulting in my hair being very very de-hydrated!

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to keep your hair healthy, shiny & strong during the Summer months. Hair Expert & dear Friend, the Dubai Hair Doctor (check out his website) recommends the following:

HAIR ACCESSORIES: Try not to use uncovered elastic bands. Instead, use ones with a fabric covering. Uncovered elastic can cut into your hair shaft resulting in breakage & can also pull your hair out when removed.

NUTRITION: The energy to form hair cells drops 4 hours after eating a meal. Have a healthy snack, such as fruit, raw vegetables or wholegrain bread/crackers, between meals to boost energy levels to your follicles. Carbohydrates are a good between-meal snack as the energy they produce is quickly & easily absorbed by your body.

HYDRATION: Make sure to keep hydrated throughout the day. Not only can dehydration dry out your skin, but it can dry your scalp. Water is best, but decaffeinated beverages, such as herbal teas and fresh juices, are also good options.

BLEACHING/HIGHLIGHTING: Bleached/highlighted hair is more prone to problems such as split ends, breakage and dullness. But it can look wonderful when it’s healthy and hydrated. To improve the condition of bleached hair and to keep it looking its best, use a weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatment. This will help prevent & repair damage, strengthen your hair and add shine.

SHAMPOOING: Before shampooing, gently run a wide tooth comb through your hair from tip to root. If you start off with tangles, you’ll end up with more tangles! Hair is most vulnerable when wet, so you certainly don’t want large knots to contend with after washing, as this can cause damage and breakage.

BLOWDRYING: Correct blow-drying doesn’t damage your hair.  It’s blow-drying and applying heat to already dried hair that causes damage – so turn the power off when your hair is just dry! If you use straighteners on already dried hair, apply a heat protective serum, to help minimize damage.

STRESS: Stress is sometimes blamed for extra hair fall and also dandruff. This is not a myth. Stress, through a convoluted route, can produce more androgens, the male hormones that can be responsible for hair thinning. Stress can also exacerbate dandruff. You can help lower your stress levels by meditation, yoga, or an afternoon nap. If you are experiencing dandruff, you can use products such as those from the Clear Shampoo range  to sooth your scalp and clear up irritation/flaking. It’s extremely important to wash your hair regularly if you have a flaky/itchy scalp to keep the flakes from building up!

In the next few days, I’ll be reviewing MY ‘can’t leave without’ hair products so watch out for this one!

What are YOUR secrets/tips to healthy & shiny locks?

Hair Web

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