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#BeautyCrush: Dream BB Creams

The question here isn’t “Have you heard of BB Creams?” but rather “Why aren’t you using them yet??”!!

BB Creams have now been around for a while, yet, some of my Glam Friends aren’t using them? OMG! You NEED to OK? They are the next best thing after hair straighteners & the Ipad!

BB Creams moisturize the skin, even out skin tone, fight wrinkles, imperfections & dullness, they even have an SPF! ALL in 1 single (albeit pretty) tube! They simply ROCK!

Not sure which one to buy or use? Well here is a review of my 3 absolute favorites! (There are thousands out there and I haven’t obviously tried them all BUT if you want more info on BB Creams check out this article from ‘‘ and this review’)



Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector

This is actually the first one I ever bought and used it for a few weeks. The texture is fab and smooth on very easily. The shade (medium) is a good match to my natural skin tone and evens out the skin very well. It is however a little too ‘greasy’ for my liking but if your skin is normal to dry, this one is perfect for you!  This one also contains an SPF15.



Loreal nude magicL’Oreal Bare Skin Beautifier

I got this one a year ago at the Doha Airport Duty Free as it hadn’t launched over here in the UAE yet. I liked it immediately  The texture is a little different here… it feels a little ‘rough’ and the ‘grey-ish’ colour is can be off-putting at first BUT when applied, it transforms to match your skin colour, evens out your skin tone and give it a matte finish which I loved! It has an SPF12 which is a little light for the Middle Eastern sun so I would usually wear sunblock on top of it (Min. SPF20). Best for oily skins.


Dior Dior Hydra Life BB Cream

And there is my STAR BB Cream! This one is AMAZING! Albeit it is a little more expensive (AED290) BUT it is worth every single dirhams, trust me!

The texture offers more of a ‘full coverage’ than the others. It feels definitely more ‘luxurious’ and just blends perfectly. I am using the medium shade which works well with my skin tone! The best thing is, this BB cream has an SPF30!

A lot of the beauty bloggers have favored this one :)

Now, I can’t wait to try the new CC Creams!!! Will do a post/review of those soon I promise.


CC Stamp

Kcal 2

Healthy Food Crush under 300 calories… coming soon to The Dubai Mall!

Glam Foodies get ready for some tasty news!!

We all know Kcal? The healthy meal delivery service? Well, UAE born super brand Kcal Healthy Fast Food is coming to The Dubai Mall on May 5th.

Kcal 1

Founded by Andreas Borgmann and Mark Carroll in 2010, Kcal has been revolutionizing the fast food industry with its one of a kind concept where everything on the menu is under 300 calories!

From pasta-free lasagna, chocolate cakes and salads, to burgers (yeah you heard!), wraps, soups and smoothies, Kcal offers a variety of yummy dishes that keep you healthy and your wallet happy. I’ve actually tried their burger and it’s YUMMY!

With plans to have 8 outlets up and running by the end of the year and proposals for expansion into Abu Dhabi, Egypt and KSA, Kcal’s bringing a whole new meaning to the words Fast Food to hungry and healthy appetites across the Middle East.

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#BeautyCrush: Here’s the BEST skin care brand EVER!

Now let’s talk about beauty & skin care a little!

Another one of my (many) beauty crushes is skin care brand Dermalogica, which I’ve now been using for almost 6 years!

Rewind back to my early 20’s: all remember our 20’s? Shiny, spotty skin, bad (terrible) make-up (what were we thinking??), no money for facials or branded products? Remember now? Well, we’ve ALL been there! I still remember using Vitamine E cream from Superdrug!! Like who does that?!

And then one day, I decided to treat myself to a deep-cleaning facial! And so I go to my local beauty salon in East London and this is where I discovered Dermalogica! I remember thinking that the products smelled very ‘natural’, it didn’t irritate my skin at all and I left with a glow in my step, and a trial-size pack of Dermalogica goodies in my bag!

I’ve never looked back and have used this stuff ever since! The products are a little expensive although still reasonable compare to other brands, but most importantly they will last you for months.

Here is what my daytime skin care routine looks like:



Step 1: Cleanse your face with Special Cleansing Gel, suitable for ALL skin types (AED150)

Now this one I absolutely ADORE! Melts away all of your make-up, even waterproof mascara, gets rid of all that yuk to leave a perfect, cleaned canvas. Another one which is great is the Bioderma Sebium Foaming gel 200 (see).

Step 2: Spritz on the Multi-Active Toner (AED150)

I’ve tried many many different toners including the Clinique n2 and this one has to be the best. It doesn’t irritate the skin, lasts for EVER and really hydrate the skin allowing the follow up products to really penetrate.

Step 3: Smooth on Hydrating Booster (AED280)

You don’t have to use a ‘booster’ or ‘serum’. My skin gets very dehydrated and as a results tends to break out. THIS is the only thing that has given me results! Just spread a thin layer over your skin, followed by your moisturizer.

Step 4: Apply Active Moist all over (AED230)

I looooove that moisturizer. Massive CRUSH on this one. Non-greasy but still rich enough to properly moisturize the skin. Feels gorgeous on and really prepare your skin for make-up. Only downside is that it doesn’t not have an SPF so I would usually make sure my BB creams or foundation has one. We will talk about SPF in another post.

So there you have it, the Glam Crush Girl‘s everyday skin care routine! I hear you asking ‘But what about eye cream??’! Well, I can’t give up all my glam secrets at once now can I? 😉

What are your favorite products!! Want me to review a particular one for you?

Now spread the glamour! 


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Splendours Summer Make-up Collection 2013 ModelR

Clarins Splendours Summer Make-up: Loving the Bronze Goddess Trend!!

Hey lovelies!

Summer really is just around the corner!! I LOVE Summer! Summer is FABULOUS! It means renewing your wardrobe with bright colour & fun pieces, it means buying a new bikini (OK that one isn’t the most enjoyable of experience but still…), the smell of sun cream and cocktails!

And it also means, BRAND NEW make-up! Searching for inspiration, I was let in on a glamorous secret 😉 – Clarin’s NEW Summer Splendours Collection and was pleased to find that BRONZE is back baby!!

I cannot wait to get my hands on their body oil, bronzer and eye shadows!

Here’s a pre-view of my favorite items and my tips on how to use them. Glowing sun-kissed goddess effect GUARANTEED!

Main Photo

Sunshine into Gold
Travel to faraway lands, to the heart of an ancient people…and discover the splendours of a pre-Columbian civilization that worshiped the sun.
Gold, a rich cultural symbol, is the highlight of this summer make-up collection.
Sprinkle it on the eyes, neck and lips. Jade, sapphire, ruby and tourmaline appear
as crystalline gemstones and illuminate this elegant sun-kissed collection.

Glam Crush Tips:

Use the Eye Palette to create mesmerizing eyes! The lighter shades are just perfect for a glowy day-time look and the darker ones for a more smokey-looking dramatic version. Make sure to coat your lashes with a waterproof, heat-resistant mascara (2 coats)! (my personal fav: Diorshow Black Out)

I absolutely adore the moisturizing  yummy smelling Shimmer Body Oil (this one’s actually very subtle) which you can apply on your arms, decollete & shoulders for an extra glow and on your legs to make them look thinner (apply the shimmering oil along the shin bone.

The Bronzing Powder will warm your skin nicely and make it look radiant! Use a large brush to mix all the shades & blend over your face for an instant sun-kissed effect OR with a smaller brush, apply the gold colour to highlight your cheek bones & eyes!

I’ve recently met a lovely make-up artist and so will be working with her on a few tutorials. Let me know what you Glam Gals would like to know!! I’m thinking smokey eye, contouring, eyeliner, red lip etc…

Until next time…

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